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Cut and fold zine printing for Zines of Resistance by Soofiya

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A2 folded to A5 leaflets
Full colour double sided
onto 100gsm Uncoated FSC

Cut and folded to size

Cut and Fold Zine: A Case Study in Folded Leaflet Printing. Zines of Resistance by Soofiya

In the world of print, there’s nothing quite as versatile and impactful as a well-designed zine. When it comes to folded leaflet printing, the “Zines of Resistance” by Soofiya is a prime example of how creativity and craftsmanship can come together to create a powerful piece of print. This case study will delve into the details of this project, highlighting the unique aspects of its design and production, and how Ex Why Zed played a crucial role in bringing it to life.

The Power of Zines: A Brief Overview

Zines, short for magazines, are self-published, non-commercial print works that are typically produced in small quantities. They have been used as a medium for self-expression and activism, and have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. The “Zines of Resistance” by Soofiya is a testament to the power of zines as a tool for communication and activism. The zine is a collection of stories and illustrations that highlight intersectional feminist activism, and it’s a perfect example of how zines can be used to spread powerful messages.

The Project: Zines of Resistance by Soofiya

The “Zines of Resistance” project was a collaboration between Soofiya, a talented illustrator and activist, and Ex Why Zed, a leading provider of folded leaflet printing services. The zine was printed as an A2 sheet that was then cut and folded into an A5 leaflet. The design was printed in full colour on both sides onto 100gsm Uncoated paper, providing a high-quality finish that perfectly showcased Soofiya’s vibrant illustrations.

The zine was designed to be easily assembled, with a simple cut and fold process that transformed a single sheet of paper into an 8-page zine. This innovative approach to zine printing not only made the zine easy to produce, but also added an interactive element that engaged the reader in the assembly process.

Soofiya is a super cool and talented illustrator. Her work has been featured in various outlets like Creative ReviewThe GuardianMetro and The Independent. Soofiya’s art, publications and work have been showcased at institutions globally including Tate Modern and Tate Britain in the UK, Parsons School of Design in New York and muca-Roma in Mexico City. Selected pieces of work have also been archived by the the Marriott Library in Utah, The National Poetry Library in London as well as other archives and libraries across the UK and internationally.

To sign Soofiya up for your next project get in touch on https://www.soofiya.com/filter/zine

How to Create a Cut and Fold Zine

Create an 8 page zine from one sheet of paper by cutting through the centre and folding the pages in to discover the finished 8 page zine. Like a booklet, but made from one sheet…Magic!

Put away the scissors and move away from the photocopier and we’ll do all the work for you at Ex Why Zed.

Activism Zines ✊

The “Zines of Resistance” project was more than just a creative endeavour; it was a powerful tool for activism. The zine was filled with stories and illustrations that highlighted intersectional feminist activism, providing a platform for voices that are often marginalised. The zine was distributed widely, reaching a diverse audience and sparking important conversations about intersectionality and activism.

Nothing quite rebels against the authorities than a zine. Is it a magazine? No. Is it a folded leaflet? No. We’ll do what we want and we’ll challenge convention.

Expertise in Folded Leaflet Printing

Ex Why Zed played a crucial role in the success of the “Zines of Resistance” project. With our expertise in folded leaflet printing and creative industry printing, we were able to bring Soofiya’s vision to life. We provided high-quality printing services that ensured the zine was produced to the highest standards, with vibrant colours and a professional finish.

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The “Zines of Resistance” project is a testament to the power of print in activism. Through the medium of a zine, Soofiya was able to share powerful messages about intersectional feminist activism, reaching a wide audience and sparking important conversations. At Ex Why Zed, we’re proud to have played a part in this project, providing our expertise in folded leaflet printing to bring Soofiya’s vision to life.

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