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Postcard Printing

High-quality, full colour postcard printing to promote your upcoming art exhibition or degree show.
We Are Here to Help.
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Now is the time to get some postcards printed to promote yourself

At Ex Why Zed we can print you a single postcard, a set of different designs, a collection for a wider group’s work or even a super cool perforated, concertina set which folds out to an impressive width.
We tend to print our postcards onto either a chunky 400gsm Uncoated for a smooth, matt finish or 350gsm Silk with matt or gloss lamination to one side. Both are good solutions and which you choose is down to personal preference.
• Fast lead times at the best prices
• A6 and A5 Postcards
• Split your order between multiple designs
• Super chunky, thick card
• Discounts for multiple orders
• Delivery throughout the UK
Concertina postcard sets

If you have a set of postcard designs, then why not print them as a perforated concertina. They form a zig zag when folded and your recipients can tear off one at a time to enjoy, display or send out to friends.

The most cost-effective size for printing perforated Postcards is a maximum width of 700mm.

Print spec:

20pp Leaflets
150x1000mm concertina folded to 150x100mm
Full colour front, black reverse
Trimmed, creased and folded to size
onto 280gsm One Sided Chromocard
(gloss front, uncoated reverse)
Perforation on each fold.

Please note: The set-up costs mean these are better for 250 copies or more rather than small print runs.


Show the world your talents!

With your virtual art exhibition or final degree show just round the corner, a set of postcards will form the perfect accompaniment for you to post to ‘attendees’ as a reminder of your talent. Showcase some of your artwork on the front and include your contact details on the reverse so potential buyers and employers can get in touch.

Submit your postcard files early and we’ll deliver before the exhibition.


Good deals for group orders

Our postcards are very reasonably priced and the more you order, the cheaper the unit price gets.

We offer significant discounts if there are a few people ordering together.

In the last few years we are proud to have regularly printed postcards to showcase the talent of students from Central St Martins, Camberwell College of Arts, UCA Epsom and Rochester, Chelsea, Goldsmiths, Kingston University, Leeds Met, Nottingham Trent Photography, Bournemouth, Glasgow School of Architecture and Cambridge University.


Setting up your artwork

Postcards are relatively easy to set up for print. Simply supply us with a two page pdf file – page 1 is the front, page 2 the reverse.

To go ahead we’ll need hi res pdfs please saved as PDF X/1a (choose this from the top drop down menu when you export to pdf) and then in the Marks and Bleeds menu tick crop marks and add ‘3mm’ into the four bleed boxes. Easy!

Follow the tips on our file set up guide if you need any further pointers.

Planning borders on your postcards

If you go for a white border please can you make it at least 5mm, but ideally bigger still.  A border looks great on screen but when it comes to trimming they are notoriously hard to get even.  We have a 1mm tolerance on our printing and trimming, which is small but for example if the artwork had a 3mm border and there is a fraction of a mm movement then you might end up with 2mm on one side and 4mm on the opposite rather than 3mm, which then looks like a clear mistake.  5mm+ means any movement is less obvious.

Get your print quote
Me and EU Postcard sets

With your creativity positively spilling out on the page, you might want to print more than one design of your postcard.  Sam and Nathan had just such an idea and challenged UK creatives to depict Brexit, post-vote, as a double-sided postcard.

The results form a formidable and inspirational collection of work that is in equal measures witty, informative and thoughtful.

The set comprises:

A6 Postcards
Full colour double sided
onto 400gsm uncoated
and a whopping 130 versions!

For some glowing press coverage, check out:

Creative Review

The Design Museum

The Guardian

And also see nathansmith.design, samtsmith.co.uk and commonpractices.co.uk

We hope you have enjoyed looking around our website. Here are some extra reasons to trust Ex Why Zed with your next project:
The best customer service
Refreshingly responsive, friendly and patient customer service.
We are accessible and knowledgeable
Creativity doesn’t start at 9am and switch off at 5pm so ping us an email with your spec or order 24/7 and we’ll come back to you promptly.
Split your print run between multiple designs
If you have a few ideas for what to put on your postcards then we can print 2,4,8 or even more variations. For example, print 200 in total split between 4 designs giving you 50 of each type.
FREE UK delivery
Delivery within the UK is free. Yes, FREE! The portfolios will arrive the day after they leave us. We also deliver work around the world too and just charge the shipping at our cost price from the cheapest courier on the day.
Your go-to print supplier
We want to become a reliable cog in your supply mechanism. Send us your artwork, we’ll preflight it for no extra charge, then print it and deliver with no fuss allowing you to concentrate on running the creative aspects of your business.
Environmentally friendly papers
All of our papers are FSC Approved. These are arguably better than 100% recycled papers because there are less chemicals involved in making them. We also use vegetable inks on our litho press.
Free sample packs
While we’ve done our best on our paper choices page to make one sheet of white paper look different to another sheet of white paper, there’s nothing better than seeing them in reality so you can stroke, sniff and examine them in close up. Jump on our form and we will send out a pack out asap.
Transform your work into print
Hey, let’s be honest…sending out a printed postcard is way better than emailing someone a pdf isn’t it!?


A complete glossary to answer all your postcard printing questions

If you were “just wondering” about something, well “just wonder” no more, here are the answers!

View all our FAQ's
How long does it take?

We will aim to deliver the finished postcards in 3/4 working days after receiving your print-ready artwork.  If you are working to a crucial hand in deadline then we strongly advise leaving more time in case there are any artwork issues with your files or courier problems with delivery.

Additionally there can be a day or two of amends required to the artwork before it’s print ready which we’re more than happy to help with but you’ll need to factor that in to timings.

Remember, we’ll need a hi res pdf file with 3mm bleed and crop marks on each edge to go ahead please. Sending it over correctly first time means we can go straight to print. Do have a last check through our file set up guides to make sure all the boxes are ticked.


How do I place an order?

You will need to upload the files using www.wetransfer.com sending them to hello@exwhyzed.com and in the comments box let us know the number of copies you’re going for and the best address for delivery. We’ll then give your artwork a free preflight check to highlight any potential issues and will email with any advice or recommendations before going to production.

Once we receive your print ready artwork, we’ll aim to deliver in 3/4 working days (we do get busy at degree show time). If you are working to a crucial deadline PLEASE allow more time – there’s no harm in getting the artwork to us early so we can deliver a few days before the show starts 🙂

How do I add bleed on my files?

Here are our video guides:


The following page includes illustrated and video guides on how to set up bleed correctly:


How do I pay?

Once we have checked your artwork we will send over an invoice for you to pay by online bank transfer or credit card through Stripe.

Why are your prices not online?

We don’t advertise our prices online because we prefer to open up a conversation with you and find out a little bit about the project. Your artwork is unique and bespoke, so in turn, we will provide you a unique and bespoke print quote for your job.  I am sure you will take no fun in looking at a boring spreadsheet with rows of bemusing numbers so we don’t put you though that.

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