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What Can We Print For You in 2024?

Find ideas, inspiration and winning print choices
trustpilot 5 star review
Excellent! Based on 480+ reviews
Outstanding on every level
Ex Why Zed is in a league of their own and your customer service is absolutely second to none. Your level of professionalism and patience with this band of first-timers deserves nothing but the height of praise. They went above and beyond and gave us their full attention at all times. Absolutely outstanding on every level. From the bottom of all our hearts THANK YOU ALL."
Tim Butler, GMIT Centre for Creative Arts and Media

8 more reasons to choose Ex Why Zed

Accessible Customer Service
Refreshingly responsive, friendly and patient customer service.
See your work in print!
Posting out your book is way better than emailing someone a pdf, isn't it?
Super Helpful Set up Guides
Our illustrated and video series will expand your knowledge on the options.
Free Paper Samples
Need to see the paper.
No problem we will send you a sample.
480+ Superb Reviews
Help from the start to finish of your print journey.
Use your imagination
There are almost infinite possibilities on size, finishing and papers.
Outstanding Portfolio
Get inspired by hundreds of real projects we have printed since 2006.
Environmentally friendly papers
All of our papers are FSC Approved, some are also 100% recycled.

The Ex Why Zed Print Journey

Which step can we help you with today?

Get Inspired

Our printing journey together starts with your kernel of a creative idea. So, what will your project be about?

This is the fun bit! Dive into our expansive portfolio of case studies, video showcase snippets and product pages to get inspired by what can be achieved in print. Digest and enjoy them, fill a notebook with a world of possibilities then emerge with the size, finish and binding style that will work for your initial idea.

If you prefer all the options on the table in front of you then we can send out a paper sample pack today.

How Much Does It Cost To Print?

Once you have narrowed down your choices and arrived at an aesthetic you like, jump on our Printed Project Builder to request a quote.

We avoid advertising all of our prices online because we prefer to start a conversation with you to find out more about the project. In turn, you will benefit from a far more engaged level of customer service from us than you get from a naff online spreadsheet. 

From the first point of contact with Ex Why Zed we give you a wealth of helpful, expert advice on how to prepare artwork for print.

We Are Here To Help

Let’s chat! We take great pride in giving beyond-the-call-of-duty levels of customer service to everyone from the complete novice to the rockstar designer. Our proactive approach ensures you will receive fast response emails that clearly and expertly answer any questions you have along the journey. In addition, our FAQs section answers many further questions in case you get stuck in the middle of the night with a deadline looming.

Reach us on hello@exwhyzed.com or by phone on 01206 766647. 

For an immediate response, our Live Chat is active during office hours. If you have precise visual details to discuss, then let's jump on a Zoom.

File Set-Up Knowledge Base

We are dedicated educators, passionate about sharing our knowledge to help you navigate the often complex world of print production. We give you all the tools you need to quickly and easily prepare print ready artwork.

Enjoy working through our illustrated, step by step guides and ever expanding collection of video guides. Which will you choose?

Placing An Order

Well done on getting your artwork ready for print! Now go ahead and upload the file/s using WeTransfer (it's super easy, you don’t need an account and it is free). In the comments box, remind us of the print spec have chosen, the number of copies and the best address for us to deliver to. We will then give your artwork a free preflight check to highlight any potential issues and will email any recommendations before going to production.

After a few days, you will experience that magical moment of opening the boxes and there it is, your book printed from your artwork, you really did it! We transformed your idea into print and now it is time for you to show the world. Congratulations :)
Quick response customer service
The best quality printing
Super helpful set up guides

Friendly, expert advice and always available.

Ex Why Zed has built a reputation for providing our customers with a level of customer service that is second to none. We care about your printing and take a keen interest in your job from the outset – whether you require a one off book for your final major project, a catalogue to promote the end of year show or a brochure to help spread the word nationally about your new business.
Printing isn't a daunting experience
It's 2024 and it has never been easier to self-publish your work than it is today at Ex Why Zed.
Just wondering about something?
Our friendly staff are always around to help and guide you into the right path.
Catch us on email, phone or live chat
We maybe an online company, but we are real people who are here to quickly answer your questions.

Your art looking the best it possibly can in print

We use the most advanced print presses to transform your ideas into print at the best possible quality - HP Indigo digital and Heidelberg Litho for all you print spotters out there :) Digital printing tends to be most cost-effective for up to 500 copies and on longer print runs, of 500/700 copies or more, we will litho print your work to achieve the maximum quality available.
Smile-inducing printing
Our presses are the best on the market invoking happiness and joy when you receive your printing.
Fair pricing
At Ex Why Zed, we enjoy helping you transform your ideas into print and price all our jobs fairly to make that idea into a reality.
A zillion options
We try our absolute best to say "Yes" and offer a solution to every request no matter how bespoke.

Become a file set-up genius

We give you all the tools you need to quickly and easily prepare print ready artwork.

When it is time to start artworking your final book take 5 minutes to read through our file set up guides and watch our video guides. We have made them as user friendly as possible but if you’re stuck drop us a call or email for a quick answer.
Action packed, comprehensive video guides
We have lovingly curated a series videos to showcase options for printing zines, degree show catalogues and hardback books.
Bite size, helpful snippets
In addition, there are also a number of five to ten minute guides on specific aspects of styling, design and FAQs.
Illustrated online guides
Relax and methodically work through our illustrated guides and your artwork will be set-up perfectly for print.


The answers to your last few questions
If you were "just wondering" about something, well “just wonder” no more, here are the answers! 

We have done our best to give you a huge wealth of information on this page and in our guides, but here are some frequently asked questions to help you get your work into print.
View all our FAQ's
How long does the printing take?
We will aim to deliver books in 4 or 5 working days after receiving your print-ready artwork. Bespoke solutions do take longer.  If you are working to a crucial hand in deadline then do leave more time in case there are any artwork issues with your files or courier problems with delivery.
Will it look like it does on screen?
Unfortunately what is seen on an RGB, backlit screen is never going to be the same as it appears on paper in CMYK.  It's just impossible to achieve that and no printer could.  You will have to allow for some difference in the colours between the two mediums but having something tangible in your hands and seeing the images on paper gives the publication a charm that just sending out a pdf wont do.
Why aren't your prices online?
If you just need a quick and cheap price then, great, there are a hundred companies online for that. If you are looking for someone who listens to your requirements, spends time working out a bespoke price just for YOUR project and then prints at the best possible quality...then welcome to Ex Why Zed. I am sure you will take no fun from looking at a boring spreadsheet with rows of bemusing numbers so we don't put you though that.
How do I place my order?
Please upload the files using www.wetransfer.com sending them to hello@exwhyzed.com and in the comments box let us know the number of copies you're going for and the best address for delivery. We'll then give your artwork a free preflight check to highlight any potential issues and will email with any advice or recommendations before going to production.
Where are you based?
We are in England's oldest recorded town and newest city, Colchester Essex.
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