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Perforated Postcard printing for Sidewalk Zine Lobster Tales

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20pp Concertina Postcard Sets
150x1000mm concertina folded to 150x100mm
Full colour front, black reverse
Trimmed, creased and concertina folded to size
onto 280gsm One Sided Chromocard
(gloss front, uncoated reverse)
Perforation on each fold

A5 Booklets
4pp Cover onto 170gsm Silk
40pp Text onto 100gsm Silk
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed collated and wire stitched

Belly Band
Approx height 60mm x 360mm
to wrap around the folded leaflets
onto 120gsm Cairn Eco Kraft

Sidewalk Magazine – Lobster Tales: A Zine and Postcard Set That Captures the Spirit of Skateboarding ????

Sidewalk Magazine’s “Lobster Tales” is a unique zine and postcard set that captures the essence of skateboarding culture. This project is a creative set that stands out because of unique aesthetic. It demonstrates how tangible, printed materials can create a fun and engaging impact. The three items: postcards, zine and belly band combine brilliantly together.

A Skateboarding Journey in Print

“Lobster Tales” is a product of a week-long tour by the UK Converse crew and Sidewalk around several Northern seaside towns in the depths of January. The crew, consisting of Harry Lintell, Matlock Bennett-Jones, Ollie Lock, Dom Henry, and Mike Arnold, braved the bracing sea air and wintry delights of Blackpool, Whitby, Skegness, and Bridlington. Despite the harsh weather, they managed to find enough dry concrete to produce a fantastic clip showcasing the best these coastal gems have to offer.

The zine and postcard set is a tangible representation of this journey, capturing the spirit of the tour and the essence of skateboarding culture. The zine is available in select stores, proving that you don’t have to venture far for that illustrious skate spot gold.

The Print Specifications

The “Lobster Tales” zine and postcard set were printed with the following specifications:

  • 20pp Concertina Postcard Sets: 150x1000mm concertina folded to 150x100mm, full colour front, black reverse, trimmed, creased and concertina folded to size onto 280gsm One Sided Chromocard (gloss front, uncoated reverse). Perforation on each fold.
  • A5 Booklets: 4pp Cover onto 170gsm Silk, 40pp Text onto 100gsm Silk, four colour print throughout, trimmed, collated and wire stitched.
  • Belly Band: Approx height 60mm x 360mm to wrap around the folded leaflets onto 120gsm Cairn Eco Kraft.

The concertina postcards with a perforation on each fold create a wow factor as they open in front of the reader’s eyes to reveal and long set of visuals.

The Power of Print

ExWhyZed, a leading magazine print company, has a long history of producing high-quality printed materials for the creative industry. Their expertise in digital printing ensures that each project is executed to the highest standards.

The “Lobster Tales” project is just one example of ExWhyZed’s work. Other notable projects include the PAQ Works x Offspring x Nike Air Max, Dirt Mag 20 Year Anniversary Book, and Monochrome Monday by Vero, among others.

ExWhyZed’s work in the skateboarding niche is particularly noteworthy. Other skateboarding projects include Lost Art x Nike Skate Zine, Skate Pal Photo Zine, and Sidewalk Magazine Redux 1.

“Lobster Tales” is a testament to the power of print and the enduring appeal of skateboarding culture. It’s a project that captures the spirit of a journey, the thrill of the sport, and the camaraderie of the skateboarding community. It’s a reminder that in a digital age, there’s still a place for tangible, printed materials that you can hold, touch, and treasure.

Magazine Printing at Ex Why Zed

ExWhyZed’s expertise in magazine printing and their commitment to quality ensure that each project they undertake is executed to the highest standards. Whether it’s a zine, a postcard set, or a full-fledged magazine, ExWhyZed delivers products that make an impact.

So, whether you’re a skateboarder, a fan of the sport, or simply someone who appreciates the power of print, “Lobster Tales” is a project that deserves your attention. It’s a celebration of skateboarding, a tribute to a journey, and a testament to the power of print.

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