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Concertina promotional leaflet printing for Anise Gallery

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210x740mm Panels.
Trimmed, creased and folded to 210x148mm.
Full colour single sided onto 170gsm Unoated.

Case Study: Anise Gallery Promotional Concertina Leaflet

The Anise Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in London, needed a unique way to promote their exhibitions and events. They turned to ExWhyZed, a leader in professional print services, to create a promotional concertina leaflet that would stand out and capture the attention of art enthusiasts.

The leaflet was a massive concertina folded leaflet, printed in 16 sections and joined together to form a centrepiece at an Architecture Launch about the Old Kent Road history of London. This was not just a leaflet; it was a piece of art in itself, reflecting the innovative and creative spirit of the Anise Gallery.

The leaflet was printed on 210x740mm panels, trimmed, creased, and folded to 210x148mm. It was printed in full colour on one side onto 170gsm Uncoated. The result was a stunning, tactile piece of marketing material that not only provided information but also created a memorable experience for the recipient.

Concertina Folded Leaflets

The Anise Gallery’s promotional concertina leaflet is a prime example of how folded leaflet printing can be used creatively to make a significant impact. It demonstrates the power of print in the digital age and the potential of creative industry printing to produce marketing materials that are not just informative but also engaging and memorable.

The success of this project can be attributed to ExWhyZed’s expertise in professional printing and their commitment to delivering high-quality products. They understand the importance of creating marketing materials that reflect the brand’s identity and resonate with the target audience. This is evident in other case studies such as the Made Brunel A2 Folded A5 Posters, Sukie Studio Promotional Concertina Folded Leaflets, and Zines Resistance Soofiya.

For an eye-catching photography concertina postcard set, do enjoy our case study of Marianne Dissard’s ‘Hands Faces Kent’ promotional portfolio.

The Anise Gallery promotional concertina leaflet is a testament to the power of creative folded brochure printing and the impact it can have on a brand’s visibility and engagement. It’s a shining example of how ExWhyZed leverages its commercial printing capabilities to deliver innovative and impactful marketing materials.

This is a stunning use of a folded leaflet. We printed the huge length of the leaflet in multiple parts which were then joined together to achieve a length that spanned the entire exhibition building. It is a captivating piece which formed the centre of the exhibition.

PAST: Every Building on the Old Kent Road 3 June – 21 June 2019

A History of Old Kent Road

Every Building on the Old Kent Road, 2019, is on the one hand a photographic document of one of London’s iconic streets whilst on the other, a homage to Ed Ruscha and his unconventional photography of the 1960’s.

In 1966 Ed Ruscha photographed the entire length of the Sunset Strip from the back of a pickup truck. The images were then spliced together and presented as a concertina photo book.

In homage to Ruscha, Matthew White has adopted the same methodology in his documentation of the Old Kent Road. Revolutionary in its time, it successfully and beautifully presented a long stretch of road in a concise manner. A precursor perhaps to future technology such as Google Street View.

Traveling along the 1.8 miles of the Old Kent Road, at a steady speed, White took his shots at set intervals using a remote. It was as mechanical and pure as possible. Up until the editing and presenting of course!

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