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In the bustling age of digital media, the tactile allure of newspapers continues to captivate readers and creators alike.
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Roll the Presses at Newspaper Printer Ex Why Zed

Printing a Newspaper is Still a Game Changer. Those brilliant beacons of ink on crisp paper that have been the cornerstone of information sharing for centuries. Put your phone down and enjoy reading something magnificent!

Welcome to Ex Why Zed. This page is jam packed with all the insight and information you need to start your newspaper printing journey from an initial idea to the exhilarating unboxing moment. Throughout are buttons which take you off to an ocean of blog posts, each taking a deep dive into one specific aspect: design, styling, sustainability and newspaper club printing. Enjoy the read, then come back here to continue your progress as you decide which options will work best for your paper.

Our Newspaper Printing guarantees you:

• Choose any Custom Size up to 420x297mm
• Premium 100gsm papers not tomorrow’s fish n chip wrapping
• Pick from a Silk, Gloss or Uncoated finish
• Staple or Nesting up to 72 Printed Pages
• The best print quality on our HP Indigo and Heidelberg litho presses
• Sustainable Papers and Vegetable Inks
• Expert, friendly customer service to guide you through the process
• FREE Delivery in the UK

Whether you’re looking to champion local stories, broadcast an art magazine, craft a vintage-styled wedding invitation or promote your University Society, printing your own newspaper is an exciting journey.

Newspaper Printing Prices at Ex Why Zed

Empower your creative side
Newspaper Design Masterclass

Designing your own newspaper offers an unparalleled canvas to express, inform, and influence. Understand the principles of design, typography, and layout to craft a memorable newspaper.

Feast your eyes on Ex Why Zed’s Newspaper Design for Print Masterclass. This comprehensive guide walks you through the nuances of creating newspapers that not only inform but also captivate. Elevate your design skills while soaking up inspiration from iconic publications like The Guardian, The New York Times, and Le Monde. Each has its unique design signature, from bold colours and innovative typography to masterful use of white space. Time to roll up those sleeves and turn your design dreams into tangible, print-ready realities!

Highlighting our Winning Newspaper Prices
389x289mm Newspapers
£4.39 per copy
Stapled and Ready to Distribute
24 Printed Pages
Full Colour Printing
100gsm Silk, Gloss or Uncoated
Order 100 for £439
Buy Now
A3 Stapled Newspapers
£1.07 per copy
Promote Your Brand to a New Audience
16 Printed Pages
Full Colour Printing
100gsm Silk, Gloss or Uncoated
Order 1000 for £1070
Buy Now
245x172mm Mini Papers
20 Papers for £124
Ideal for Students Hand Outs
32 Printed Pages
Full Colour Printing
100gsm Silk, Gloss or Uncoated
Free UK Delivery
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Extra Extra! Custom Newspaper Making

What Can You Print a Newspaper For?

  1. Local Stories: Capture the heartbeat of your community. From school games to local council decisions, give a voice to the voiceless.
  2. Events: Running a festival or a charity event? Newspapers are your megaphone, your spotlight, and your standing ovation all rolled into one.
  3. Brands and Businesses: Say hello to brand awareness! Reach a news audience with  your latest products or tips from your industry.
  4. Artistic Projects: Short stories, comics, photography—let your creativity run as wild as a print roller on a deadline.
  5. Special Occasions: Anniversaries, weddings, and milestones. Make it immortal with the touch and feel of a newspaper.

Who Can Benefit from Printing a Newspaper?

  1. Small Business Owners: Introduce your brand’s latest product lines and services.
  2. Non-profits: Advocate, educate, and fundraise like a print rockstar.
  3. Event Organisers: Create an event-specific paper that’s more memorable than any Facebook event page.
  4. Schools and Universities: From young novices to academic elites, a newspaper is a practical tool for education.
  5. Artists and Writers: Showcase your portfolio, upcoming exhibition or publish your literary gems.

No Fish & Chip Wrappers Here: Just Premium Papers

Why settle for newsprint when you can have lush, 100gsm paper that makes every word you print feel like a VIP? Choose between FSC Silk, FSC Gloss, FSC Uncoated or 100% Recycled Uncoated to print your work onto.

What does FSC mean? FSC is an acronym for the Forest Stewardship Council®, which is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation that was established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Styling Your Newspaper for Print Perfection

Ready to unleash your inner Fleet Street mogul? Say hello to our guides on Winning Newspaper Styles, our Newspaper Design Masterclass, Styling Your Newspaper and using a global icon as a Newspaper Template for your design. When you come to layout your pages, choose your size, create a masthead, select fonts and arrive at a design template then these pages are you best friend. Each decision impacts not just the aesthetics but also the reader’s experience and your budget. We walk you through the entire design process and take you on a whirlwind tour of international iconic designs, drawing inspiration from the modern styling of Die Ziet, the classic legends of The Times and The New York Times or the jam packed pages of Asahi Shimbun.

Elevate Your Graphic Design Game

Get your hands on a step-by-step guide to crafting Master Pages in Adobe InDesign, and discover why a grid layout could be your new best friend and a big time saver.

We discuss engaging your creative thinking, the key ingredients to crafting a winner and repurposing your existing artwork.

Enjoy each page then return here to continue your journey. These are your ultimate blueprint for breathing life into every page.

What Size Newspapers Are Possible?

We can print any size up to 420x297mm (A3). Our Digital Tabloid size is 380x289mm.

You can also try our 245x172mm Mini Size, classic A4 (297x210mm) or a Super Mini Newspaper at A5 (210x148mm).

(Broadsheet is a whopping 597x375mm and too large for our presses).

There are also two Canadian ‘tabloid’ formats Canadian tabloid at 260 x 368 mm (10.2″ x 14.5″) and Canadian tall tabloid at 260 x 413 mm (10.2″ x 16.3″) both of which are smaller than the British standard tabloid size and look great on our presses.

Sustainable Newspaper Printing

Why Sustainable Newspaper Printing Matters

Ever thought a newspaper could be more than just a daily dose of headlines? How about a daily dose of sustainability? At Ex Why Zed, we’re reinventing the wheel—or, should we say, the reel—of newspaper printing. Sustainability isn’t just an add-on; it’s a choice in the materials we use.

We’re not just talking about saving trees; we’re talking about a full-circle eco-conscious journey from ink to delivery. Our HP Indigo and Heidelberg Litho Presses are the Gandalfs of the printing realm—wise, resourceful, and kinder to Middle Earth. We use vegetable inks on our litho press and FSC and recycled papers.

Unveiling the Magic of HP Indigo

Ready for a touch of printing alchemy? HP Indigo transforms the mundane into the magical, and it’s greener than your grandma’s garden. Energy-efficient? Check. Waste-busting? Absolutely. When it comes to sustainable printing, HP Indigo is the wise elder we all listen to at the eco-council.

Heidelberg: The Green Giant of Printing

Imagine a printing press designed by Mother Nature herself—that’s our Heidelberg Litho Press. Every sheet that rolls out is a testament to sustainable tech. And we’re not just fans of green; our papers all sport the FSC badge of eco-honour.

All About that Paper: From Image Indigo to Revive Uncoated

Choosing a paper at Ex Why Zed is like shopping at an eco-friendly boutique. The FSC Certified Edixion, Galerie Art or the 100% Recycled Revive – we’ve got your sustainable cravings covered.

No Fish & Chips Wrappers Here: Just Premium 100gsm Paper

Why settle for newsprint when you can have a lush, 100gsm paper that makes every word you print feel like a VIP?


Hold onto your eco-hats, because there’s a whirlwind of wisdom waiting for you. Click through for a deep dive into how Ex Why Zed is making green the new black in sustainable newspaper printing!

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Join the Ex Why Zed Newspaper Club Printing

Ready for a journey from idea to ink? Dive into our blog post, “Ex Why Zed Newspaper Club, Printing for Creative Minds” a tantalising tour through the art and science of newspaper creation. Enjoy a narrative and the magic of unboxing a newspaper that’s practically a work of art, each page bursting with your club’s unique spirit. Whether you’re an eco-champion, tech aficionado, or sports fanatic, we’ve got you covered. This blog is your playbook for transforming a simple PDF into a tangible masterpiece.

• Ex Why Zed offers a comprehensive guide to newspaper making for university clubs, teams, and societies.

• The service is versatile, catering to a wide range of clubs from Art & Design to Tech & Coding, each with specific content ideas.

• Next-day UK delivery ensures your dream is just a click away. We also ship worldwide at cost price from Fedex, UPS and DHL.

• UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, love Ex Why Zed’s newspaper printing services.

Crafting the Core of Your Indie Newspaper: The Power of Research
Finding Your Newsprint Soul
Every legendary paper starts with a spark—an idea that resonates with readers and builds community. To make it unforgettable, first decide its essence. Will it capture a moment, grace coffee tables regularly, or immortalize a cause?
Research: The Bedrock of Relevance
Solid research defines your paper's impact. It's not just your interests, but what clicks with readers. Dive into market studies and reader surveys to find gaps in the media landscape and untold stories. This will guide whether to niche down or go broad.
Choosing a Layout Format
Choosing your publication's frequency is key. • One-offs: Ideal for events or unique themes, they become cherished keepsakes. • Regulars: Need ongoing content and planning but build a loyal readership.
Subject or Style?
Time for the magic touch. Your paper can have: • A Single Focus: Think indie music or sustainable living. Same theme, evolving stories. • Varied Themes, One Style: Like a poetry paper with issues on love, nature, or hope. Or a photography paper capturing urban to alpine scenes.


Answering Your Questions

With the plethora of information online, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fret not! Whether you’re puzzled about the format of the newspaper, curious about the paper type, or simply need guidance on design, Ex Why Zed’s team is here to assist. Remember, every great creation begins with a single idea. So, what’s yours?

Any further questions, do give us a shout, remember we are here to help on email, phone and live chat.

View all our FAQ's
Can I print my own newspaper in the UK?

Yes, you can print your own newspaper in the UK at Ex Why Zed. We offer a printing service that allows you to create and print your own newspaper every day. We offer free delivery to London and to one UK address. Yes, we’ll pay for the delivery! We also regularly ship to the United States, Germany, France and throughout Europe.

What sizes of newspapers do you print?

We offer various newspaper sizes, including an undersize UK tabloid size. You can choose the size that best suits your needs. Our printing press can print any size from a Super Mini, A5, 210x148mm right the way up to 420x297mm and ALL custom sizes in between. Produce a newspaper with your own dimensions or choose our Digital Tabloid 380x289mm or Mini at 245x172mm.

Broadsheet size is too large for our presses. I know, sorry.

Dive into Styling Your Newspaper guide.

So, do you print Tabloid and Broadsheet?

We can print any size up to 420x297mm. Tabloid is generally between 420x297mm and 431x279mm. Broadsheet is a whopping 597x375mm and too large for our presses. Tabloid is within our printing capabilities, but Broadsheet is not. size is actually not very different from A3 and thus a transition to printing tabloids on an A2 sheet (remember that newspaper sizes are the size of the folded pages) would be sensible in the longer term.

Our Digital Tabloid is 380x289mm or Mini at 245x172mm.

There are also two Canadian ‘tabloid’ formats Canadian tabloid at 260 x 368 mm (10.2″ x 14.5″) and Canadian tall tabloid at 260 x 413 mm (10.2″ x 16.3″) both of which are smaller than the British standard tabloid size.

What's the difference between a tabloid and a broadsheet?

A tabloid and a broadsheet are different types of newspaper formats. Tabloids are generally smaller in size and have a more compact layout compared to broadsheets. Broadsheets are typically more formal and have a larger layout.

What is the standard newspaper size?

The standard size for a tabloid newspaper is approximately 11.69 x 16.53 inches, while a broadsheet measures around 22.44 x 16.53 inches. However, the size can vary based on your specific needs and requirements.

How much does it cost to print newspapers?

The price to print newspapers varies depending on factors such as the quantity, number of pages, and printing technology used. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Our Newspaper Printing Price Guide is coming soon. Eyes peeled!

Do I need to provide my own artwork?

Yes, you will need to provide your own artwork in PDF format. We recommend using professional design software to ensure the best quality print.

Spend a few minutes reading our guide to the best design software.

Then take a look at these pages for ideas on designers to approach.





Can you staple the pages together?

Yes, we can staple the newspapers together for you or we can leave them loose and unbound – this is called ‘nested’. Just let us know which method you would prefer. We have printed some eye-catching nested newspapers where, if designed correctly, the sheets can be pulled out and each one used as a poster – very cool!

Can I print my local newsletter as a newspaper?

Yes, let’s do that! Make an impact on your local village, town or community by grouping a few creative minds together and producing a newspaper to celebrate a year in the area, a special event or just to keep people in the loop with recent news. Newspapers are a flexible medium that lends itself to numerous uses.

Do you offer colour printing online?

Yes, we offer full colour, CMYK for your printed newspaper. You can choose to print your newspapers in black and white or full colour. If you go for up to 500 copies then HP Indigo digital printing will be the most cost-effective route. For 500 or more than our litho press starts to become cheaper per unit.

Can you deliver my newspapers internationally?

Absolutely, we can ship your newspapers internationally. International shipping, if required, will be charged at our cost price from the cheapest courier on the day. You can usually choose a next-day or 48-hour service which tends to be more expensive than a 3-5 day option.

What is the turnaround to print and deliver the newspapers?

The printing and delivery time depends on factors such as the quantity of newspapers and your location. We strive to provide a quick and easy printing solution and aim to deliver your newspapers within a few working days.

For A5, Mini and A4 newspapers, we’ll aim to deliver small print runs (up to 500 copies) in 4 working days.

For A3, Digital Tabloid, Canadian Tabloid and longer print runs (500 copies+), best to allow 6/7 working days.

Can I print a single copy of my newspaper?

At Ex Why Zed we have no minimum quantity so you have the ability to print a single copy of a newspaper. This can be particularly useful for checking the final product or for individual needs.

Can my newspaper be delivered to my customers?

Absolutely. We can send in unbranded boxes direct to UK addresses. If you have more than 5 we’d prefer to ship them in bulk to you to then pack, add your own branding (maybe a cute sticker or a postcard), and forward onto your eager recipients.

Can I print a magazine instead of a newspaper?

Oh yes and at Ex Why Zed we’re magazine and zine printing specialists.

The process of creating a magazine is similarly to creating a newspaper – design your content, meet all the requirements set by the printing service, and upload your files online. The key difference is typically in the folding and possibly the binding – magazines often use glue or staple binding.

Our constantly growing YouTube channel is packed with showcase snippet videos to give you an insight into winning print specs.

Spend a few minutes looking around our portfolio to see what can be achieved:

Zine Printing Portfolio

How Much Does it Cost to Print A Newspaper?

From selecting the ideal paper type (Uncoated, Silk, or Gloss) to deciding on the size (ranging from A5 to A3, including unique sizes like Digital Tabloid and Mini), we’ve got you covered. Our detailed newspaper printing pricelist helps you navigate factors influencing cost, including binding type, ink choice, and page count. With full-colour and black ink options, and both stapled and nested binding styles, your content will shine in the best light.

How Do I Order My Newspaper with Ex Why Zed?

Ordering is effortless: simply choose your specifications, send your PDF artwork, and await your professionally printed newspaper, complete with free UK delivery! For those outside the UK, we offer cost-effective international shipping. Have queries? Our dedicated team is on standby to guide you.

How Can I Design My Newspaper?

Enjoy our Winning Newspaper Styles guide.

Understand the fundamentals of newspaper design: subheadings, layout and flow, crafting a unique voice, Global Inspiration, the anatomy of a winning newspaper.

Discover the world of captivating newspaper design with our comprehensive guide, tailored for both seasoned designers and newcomers. Delve deep into the essentials: from crafting compelling headlines and mastering inner page layouts to understanding the crucial role of typography. Learn from the iconic styles of global newspapers like The Telegraph and La Repubblica, and grasp the art of balancing text and visuals for a harmonious layout. Mistakes to avoid, strategies for success, and the transformative power of creativity are all explored. Whether it’s evoking nostalgia or embracing modern aesthetics, let us guide you in creating a newspaper that not only informs but truly captivates.

Do You Have Any Newspaper Templates?

Unlock the secrets of world-class newspaper design with our comprehensive guide on crafting captivating templates!

Dive deep into the design nuances of iconic newspapers like The Telegraph, La Repubblica, and The Hindu, and harness the artistry of magazines such as Monocle, Kinfolk, and The Gourmand. We equip you with tools and techniques, including a masterclass on Adobe InDesign’s Master Pages, and the transformative power of grid layouts. With a treasure trove of design inspirations, step-by-step guides, and insights from global design trends, you’re set to create newspapers that aren’t just visually stunning, but also reader-friendly. 

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