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Exploring Size Options for Zine Printing: A Guide to Creative Freedom

Posted on 31 May 2023
Examples of A5 zines

Understanding Zine Sizes

When it comes to zine printing, size dictates how much content you can fit on a page, how much it costs to print and the cover price you can sell it for. At Ex Why Zed, we don’t believe in restrictions. You can choose any size from A6 portrait (148mmx105mm) right up to A4 portrait (297x210mm). And yes, we can even do A3 portrait as wire stitched zines, but these are in a higher price bracket, so we don’t discuss them as much. The point is, you have options. Lots of them!

Custom Zine Printing Options: Bespoke Sizes

Want to go for a size that’s slightly between A5 and A4? No problem. We offer a range of bespoke sizes up to A4. Whether you want to take a few millimetres or a centimetre off the height or the width, we’ve got you covered. Just prepare your artwork for that new size, and we’ll print it. You can explore our zine printing services for more information.

Examples of bespoke zine sizes

Comparing Zine Sizes

Let’s take a look at some examples. We have a few A5 zines on the image above and they are laid out and compared with a couple of niche bespoke sizes. Just taking a few millimetres or a centimetre off the height or the width really makes it stand out. It just catches the reader’s eye a little bit more because it’s not an A size. You can find more examples in our portfolio.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Zine

There are plenty of options between A5 and A4, and they are all in one price bracket. So anything larger than A5 up to A4 will all be the same price. We give you full freedom there. But if you’re still unsure about the size, our comprehensive video guide can help you make an informed decision.

Print a Newspaper Style Zine: A4 and Beyond

Thinking about going big? An A4 publication can be quite captivating, especially when compared with a few other bespoke sizes. Some of the most compelling zines we’ve seen have been slightly smaller than A4, with a Colorplan front cover. It’s a dynamic size that works well for a wire-stitched zine. For an authentic newspaper feel then we can just fold the sheets in half and not staple them. Here is an example of a newspaper style zine we printed for JGM Gallery.

An example of an A3 zine

A5 Zine Printing: The Go-To Size

Our go-to size for a zine would still be A5. It’s big enough to get some content on there, it’s neat enough and compact enough for people to put in their pocket, or for people to read on the way into work, take away from a shop without feeling like they’re having to take their luggage with them. A5 is nice and neat and a go-to size for an old-school style zine.</

Where Can I Print an A3 Zine?

Looking for something even bigger? We can print A3 wire stitched or a classicA5 photography zine too! While these are in a higher price bracket, they can make a big impact. If you’re interested in A3 zine printing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.


What Size Should I Make My Zine?

The size of your zine should be determined by your content and your creative vision. At Ex Why Zed, we offer a range of sizes from A6 to A4, as well as bespoke sizes. We encourage you to explore different sizes and choose the one that best suits your project. If you have a larger budget then we can produce wire stitched zines up to A3 portrait (420x297mm).

Front Door at the back is 345x245mm.

There There There is 270x215mm.

Leo Edler is A5 (210x148mm)

One Hundred Cool Things is A6 (148x105mm).

Choose a size that will work best with your subject matter and intended audience.

A comparison of different zine sizes

What Size is A4 Zine?

An A4 zine is 297x210mm. This size offers plenty of space for your content and can be quite captivating, especially when compared with smaller sizes.

What Size is A5 Zine?

An A5 zine is 148mmx105mm. It’s a neat and compact size that’s perfect for people to put in their pocket or read on the go. It’s our go-to size for an old-school style zine. Utopia Now (below) is A5 and Airlift to Berlin is a custom size of 200x141mm so 10mm off the height of A5 and 7mm off the width.

Example of custom size zines

How Many Pages is an A5 Zine?

The number of pages in an A5 zine can vary greatly depending on your content. Some zines are just a single sheet of paper folded into a booklet, while others can be dozens of pages long. The length of your zine should be determined by your content and your creative vision.

What Size is A3 Zine?

An A3 zine is 420x297mm. This size can make a big impact and is perfect for projects that require a lot of space for content. However, A3 zines are in a higher price bracket.

Choosing the perfect size for your zine is an important part of the creative process. Whether you’re an artist looking to share your work, a storyteller with a tale to tell, or simply someone with a passion for self-publishing, we hope this guide has given you some insight into the process of selecting the right size for your zine. Remember, at Ex Why Zed, we’re here to help you transform your ideas into print. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started on your zine printing journey today!

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