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Skyscanner custom notebooks

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269x229mm Notebooks
Front and Back covers onto GF Smith Plike Black 330gsm
Spot UV Varnish to outer

Insides: 118gsm Mohawk superfine white
smooth (40 leaves) – 80pp
Black print – common artwork throughout
Perforation to each page

Spot UV Varnish to outer
Wiro bound with black wire

We printed this stunning set of bespoke oversize, Wiro Bound notebooks for Skyscanner with a super slick gloss Spot UV varnished cover and dotted, patterned inside pages for their staff to use on daily note taking.

Next up we have some promotional notebooks for Skyscanner. You’ll have seen them at every website where you can pick the best price for your flights and holidays. Again, another bespoke size. These are 269 x 229 and they’re notebooks but they’ve got strong design ethic because they were trying to replicate the ones you can buy from a company called Action Method. Skyscanner used these for their staff to use internally and pass notes to each other to make notes from their desk. Really, really super lavish internal product for the company. The front cover is Plike 330gsm from GF Smith, of course. It’s got a velvet finish, feels absolutely amazing. Kind of plastic-y, kind of velvet, super, super smooth. Over the top of it, initially just looks black, but wait, it’s got spot UV varnish on this so when you tilt it towards the light … for travellers, by travellers, beautiful sentiment. You tilt it towards the light and then the spot UV varnish shimmers in the light a little bit. On the back cover, again, you’ve got a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stop. Skyscanner, absolutely classics for coming up with brilliant catchphrases.

The action method notebooks have 20 inside leaves. Skyscanner’s have 40, so it’s slightly bulkier, gives you about six, seven mil thickness. When you open them up, each leaf is also perforated so they can make a note, they can pass it onto a colleague. I could even stick some tape on it and put it on the wall. Inside a lot of people, for notebooks, they’ll leave the pages blank or they’ll do lined sheets. Skyscanner have gone for a cool dot pattern, so really, really faint, grey dots across the page. Just gives the writer a bit more freedom. You’re not constricted to lines. Really good method of making them even more bespoke. Finally, we’ve got wiro bound with a black wire down the spine so the pages open completely flat. Makes them really easy to use, really easy to write on, very ergonomic. You don’t have to worry about losing anything in the spine gutter.

The black obviously goes well with the Plike front cover as well. The inside pages are all Mohawk, super fine white, which we did go through the GF Smith’s swatch book, their orange brick and this was the paper that we choose. It’s really smooth so it will take a felt tip pen, take a biro and it will take a crayon. At the same time, it’s slightly off white, so it’s not really glaring in your face. Just a really, really nice notebook. If you want to print a similar one, we could definitely do that. If you wanted to save some money, you could definitely tone down the front cover material. You wouldn’t have to go for Plike, we could go for a house silk or a house uncoated and add soft touch lamination over the top. Obviously you can skip the spot UV varnish as well. We could just print the content. But, yes, this is definitely something we could do for your company.

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