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Hardcover Book Printing for Raven on the Jetty film

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200x250mm Landscape Books
Cover onto 170gsm Uncoated
Matt Lamination to outer
Wrapped over greyboard case
156pp text onto 120gsm Evolution Uncoated
Four colour print throughout
Unprinted end papers onto 170gsm Uncoated
Trimmed, collated and case bound

Case Study: Raven on the Jetty Hardback Scrapbooks

Welcome to our captivating case study on the Raven on the Jetty Hardback Scrapbooks. In this article, we will dive into the world of hardback scrapbook printing and explore how Ex Why Zed partnered with the creators of the film “The Raven on the Jetty” to bring this unique project to life. Join us as we uncover the meticulous process behind these beautifully crafted scrapbooks and discover how Ex Why Zed’s expertise in professional print services and sustainable printing solutions elevated the final product.

Our Hardback Cover Books Experience

In addition to the Raven on the Jetty Hardback Scrapbooks, Ex Why Zed has worked on various other successful projects. Our portfolio includes projects like Shoreline by David Southern, A Portrait of Isolation by David Smalley, Send-Off Session Snowboarding Hardback Photobook, Spectre James Bond Film Premiere Photobook by Sam Peat, and Adam Slama Strive Challenge Photo Books. These projects highlight our expertise in creative sector printing and our dedication to delivering professional print services.

Unleashing Creativity: The Raven on the Jetty

“The Raven on the Jetty” is a thought-provoking film that delves into themes of self-discovery and introspection. Inspired by the film’s narrative, the creators envisioned a tangible extension of the story through hardback scrapbooks. Ex Why Zed was entrusted with the task of translating the film’s essence into a physical medium that would captivate audiences and allow them to explore the depths of the story in a unique and interactive way.

Designing a Masterpiece

The design process for the Raven on the Jetty Hardback Scrapbooks was a collaborative endeavour between Ex Why Zed and the creators. We carefully crafted a landscape format of 200x250mm to provide ample space for creativity and self-expression. The cover, printed on 170gsm uncoated paper, featured a captivating design that reflected the film’s mood and aesthetic. A matte lamination was applied to the outer cover, providing a sophisticated and durable finish. The scrapbooks were wrapped over a sturdy greyboard case, ensuring longevity and protection.

The print specification for the Raven on the Jetty Hardback Scrapbooks highlighted our commitment to delivering professional printing services. The 156pp text was meticulously printed on 120gsm Evolution uncoated paper, allowing for effortless writing and drawing. The four-colour print throughout the scrapbooks ensured vibrant and visually appealing pages. Unprinted endpapers on 170gsm uncoated paper added a touch of elegance to the overall presentation. Each scrapbook was trimmed, collated, and expertly case bound to create a cohesive and high-quality final product.

  • Book Size: 200x250mm Landscape
  • Cover: 170gsm Uncoated with Matte Lamination
  • Greyboard Case: Sturdy and Protective
  • Text: 156pp onto 120gsm Evolution Uncoated (Four-colour print throughout)
  • Endpapers: Unprinted onto 170gsm Uncoated
  • Binding: Case Bound

Unveiling the Finished Masterpiece

The Raven on the Jetty Hardback Scrapbooks proved to be a resounding success. These beautifully crafted books provided an immersive and interactive experience for fans of the film. The combination of high-quality printing and thoughtful design elevated the scrapbooks to treasured keepsakes, allowing individuals to delve deeper into the film’s themes and reflect on their own journeys of self-discovery.

Unlock Your Creativity

Ex Why Zed is your trusted partner for hardback scrapbook printing and professional print services. The Raven on the Jetty Hardback Scrapbooks exemplify our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and captivating design. Discover the possibilities of hardback scrapbook printing and unleash your creativity with Ex Why Zed.

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