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Indie Music in Print: So Young Zine on Uncoated Paper

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245x172mm Zines
4pp Cover onto 200gsm Uncoated
52pp Text onto 120gsm Uncoated
Full colour throughout
Trimmed, collated and wire stitched.

So Young Issue 28: A Symphony of Illustrations and Music

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of indie music with the latest issue of So Young Magazine. Issue 28 stands as a vivid testament to the enduring charm of print media, interweaving a kaleidoscope of illustrations with the pulsating heart of the indie music scene. This edition, graced by the enigmatic Goat Girl on its cover, unfolds across 56 pages, each echoing the rhythm of the underground music world. Printed with precision and passion by the renowned Ex Why Zed, this issue is not just a zine printed on uncoated paper; it’s a collectible artefact that celebrates both music and art. Dive into the pages of So Young Magazine and experience the symphony of indie bands and artistry that awaits you.”

A New Tune in Music Zine Printing

So Young Magazine is more than just a music zine; it’s a platform for new music, a gallery for illustrative art, and a voice for the indie music scene. The magazine is printed by Ex Why Zed, a leading name in music zine printing in London. The 28th issue of So Young is a 245x172mm zine, with a 4pp cover printed onto 200gsm uncoated paper, and 52pp text onto 120gsm uncoated paper. The full-colour print throughout the zine is a visual treat, and the wire-stitched binding ensures the pages stay together, no matter how many times you flip through them.

A Melody of Indie Bands and Illustrations

The 28th issue of So Young Magazine is a symphony of indie bands and illustrations. Goat Girl, the cover stars, lead the way, followed by a host of other bands. The magazine is a great place to broaden your musical tastes or bring them up to date. Each page is a blend of music reviews, band interviews, and vibrant illustrations, making it a must-have for any indie music fan.

The Ex Why Zed Ensemble

Ex Why Zed is not just a printing company; it’s a creative ensemble that transforms ideas into print. They have a rich portfolio of projects, including the George Ezra Gold Rush Kid Album Zine, Same Old Skateboard Magazine, and Stella McCartney Sport Lookbooks. Each project showcases Ex Why Zed’s commitment to quality and creativity.

A Platform to Launch in the Music Business

So Young Magazine is a platform for indie bands to get seen and heard. It’s a collectable set that music fans look forward to with every new issue. And behind this successful print journey is Ex Why Zed, the music zine printing maestro. So, if you’re looking to start a zine or print the next issue of your much-loved one, Ex Why Zed is the place to go.

Ready to Compose Your Print Symphony?

If you’re inspired by So Young Magazine and want to start your own zine, Ex Why Zed is ready to help. With their expertise in zine printing and commitment to quality, your zine will be in good hands. So, are you ready to compose your print symphony?

A Note on Other Ex Why Zed Masterpieces

Ex Why Zed’s portfolio is a symphony of print masterpieces. From the No Cold Callers Tapeecho to the Bristol Germ Issue 2 Music Zine, each project is a testament to Ex Why Zed’s commitment to quality and creativity. The So Young Issue 29 is another example of their work, showcasing their expertise in music zine printing.

The Crescendo: Your Print Journey Awaits

So, are you ready to start your print journey at Ex Why Zed? Whether you’re looking to print a music zine like So Young or have another project in mind, Ex Why Zed is ready to help. With their expertise in zine printing and commitment to quality, your print journey will be a symphony of success. So, are you ready to compose your print masterpiece?

Encore: More from Ex Why Zed

If you enjoyed the So Young Issue 28 and want to see more of Ex Why Zed’s work, check out their portfolio. From music zines to skateboard magazines, their projects showcase their versatility and commitment to quality. So, are you ready for an encore?

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