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Perfect Bound Photobook Printing: ‘Colorado’ by Alex Matragos

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A5 Book
4pp Cover onto 250gsm Uncoated.
Matt Lamination to outer
94pp Text onto 170gsm Uncoated.
Four colour print throughout.
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

A Journey Through the Lens: ‘Colorado’ by Alex Matragos

In the realm of photography, the power of a single image to transport us to distant lands is unparalleled. This is the magic that Alex Matragos brings to life in his photobook, ‘Colorado’. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, Matragos takes us on a visual journey through the stunning landscapes of Colorado, capturing the essence of this magnificent state in a way that words alone could never do.

The Art of Perfect Bound Photobook Printing

The photobook was brought to life using perfect bound photobook printing, a technique that lends a professional and polished look to the finished product. The book was printed on 100% recycled uncoated paper, with a 250gsm cover for a crisp snap and 170gsm for a chunky inside page. The result is a high-quality photobook that not only showcases Matragos’ stunning photography but also stands as a testament to the power of print.

A Community of Creatives: Join the Ex Why Zed Family

Ex Why Zed has a rich portfolio of photobook printing projects, each unique in its concept and execution. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Avanipok by Conor McDonnell: This project showcases the beauty of nature through Conor’s lens. The photobook is a testament to the power of photography in capturing and preserving the beauty of our environment.
  2. Ameena Rojee: Ameena’s photobook is a visual journey through her personal experiences and observations. The book is a perfect blend of photography and storytelling, making it a captivating read.
  3. 45 Minutes North by Joe Griffiths: Joe’s photobook takes us on a journey to the north, capturing the essence of the region through his lens. The book is a testament to Joe’s skill in capturing the spirit of a place through his photography.
  4. Finland: The Happiness Project by MAP6: This photobook explores the concept of happiness through a series of photographs taken in Finland. The book is a visual exploration of what makes Finland one of the happiest countries in the world.
  5. Looking Around by Tomas Trnka: Tomas’s photobook is a visual exploration of his surroundings. The book captures the beauty of the mundane, turning everyday scenes into works of art.
  6. Will Elsom’s Nepal Photo Journal: This photobook is a visual diary of Will’s travels in Nepal. The book captures the beauty and diversity of Nepal, from its landscapes to its people.
  7. Menorca by Francesco Bizzaro: Francesco’s photobook captures the beauty of Menorca. The book is a visual journey through the island, capturing its landscapes, people, and culture.
  8. Super Alpine Chamonix: This photobook captures the beauty and grandeur of the Chamonix region. The book is a visual journey through one of the most beautiful regions in the world.
  9. You Can’t Get Lost in Berlin: This photobook guides the reader through a series of superb photography taken in and around the parts of Berlin you don’t find on the front cover of Lonely Planet. An intriguing city guide taken from a different angle.
  10. The Sun Will Come Out Again by Tom Krawczyk: Tom’s photobook is a blend of photography and written word. The book is a testament to Tom’s skill in combining visual and textual storytelling to create a captivating narrative.

These case studies are just a glimpse of the diverse range of photobook projects that Ex Why Zed has successfully executed. Each project is a testament to Ex Why Zed’s commitment to delivering high-quality photobook printing services.

The Power of Print: Bringing Stories to Life ✨

In a digital age, the tactile experience of holding a printed book in your hands is more precious than ever. At Ex Why Zed, we’re passionate about the power of print to tell stories, evoke emotions, and create connections. Whether you’re looking to publish a book, create a zine, or print a photobook, we’re here to help you bring your vision to life.

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