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Sustainable Printing – Stella McCartney Sport x Adidas Lookbooks

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A4 Booklets
40pp Self Cover
onto 120gsm Evolution Uncoated
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and wire stitched

Stella McCartney Sport Lookbooks: A Sustainable Printing Triumph ????????????

Stella McCartney, a name synonymous with sustainable fashion, has once again made a statement with her sportswear line in collaboration with Adidas. The StellaSport collection, launched with much fanfare, is a vibrant mix of street-style sensibility and functionality, designed for the modern, eco-conscious woman. The collection’s lookbooks, printed by ExWhyZed, reflect the same ethos, combining sustainability with style.

The StellaSport collection is aimed at a younger crowd and features everything from leggings and sports bras to funkier items like onesies, knee socks, and trucker hats. The lookbooks, printed on 120gsm Evolution Uncoated paper, mirror the collection’s vibrant colours and patterns, bringing the designs to life. The A4 booklets, with 40 pages of four-colour print throughout, are trimmed, collated, and wire-stitched, providing a tactile experience that complements the visual appeal of the collection.

ExWhyZed’s commitment to sustainable printing solutions is perfectly aligned with Stella McCartney’s dedication to sustainable fashion. The lookbooks were printed using an HP Indigo Printer, known for its eco-friendly operations. The use of Evolution Uncoated paper, a recycled and recyclable material, further underscores the sustainability of the project.

Transforming the Idea into Print

Clubhouse Studios, the London design agency, were keen on reaching a new corporate demographic with zines for Stella McCartney and Adidas and printed an authentic old school Zine to promote the new range of sportswear.. We sent out one of our much loved sample packs and the Evolution Uncoated range was chosen for its lightweight, natural feel. To ensure the colours and layout worked as expected we ran a hard copy proof.

There were initial discussions about perfect binding the zines because of the number of pages but that would have not fitted with the overall aesthetic. The challenge was to retain the zine feel and appearance whilst accomodating the 40 pages. At this stage it was decided that perhaps 160gsm was too bulky so we suggested they might sit flatter if the paper weight was reduced to 120gsm. We eventually settled on 100gsm Evolution Uncoated for a really compact publication. The pages are substantial enough to take the high impact photography on both sides but plenty light enough to turn easily.

The layout is fresh, loose and completely without boundaries. Each page is a treat for the reader’s eyes with a barrage of fashion photography, clashing colours and cut n paste typography.

Printing for the Fashion Industry

The Stella McCartney Sport Lookbooks project is a testament to ExWhyZed’s expertise in professional printing for the fashion industry. The company’s ability to deliver high-quality, sustainable print solutions has made it a go-to choice for brands like Stella McCartney.

Ex Why Zed’s portfolio is filled with similar success stories. The company has worked with a diverse range of household name clients, from musicians to photographers, delivering bespoke printing solutions that meet their unique needs. For instance, the George Ezra Gold Rush Kid Album Zine and the Same Old Skateboard Magazine are other examples of Ex Why Zed’s expertise in zine printing.

The Lost Art X Nike Skate Zine is another project that showcases ExWhyZed’s ability to deliver high-quality, professional printing services. Like the Stella McCartney Sport Lookbooks, this project required a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the client’s vision.

Ex Why Zed’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the Stella McCartney project. The company’s work on the PAQ Works X Offspring X Nike Air Max project, for instance, also involved the use of eco-friendly materials and processes. All of our papers are FSC certified and some are also 100% Recycled. If you print a project on our litho press, it will also be printed using vegetable inks.

Any questions, do give us a shout, remember we are here to help on email, phone and live chat.

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