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Photobook Printing and Delivery to USA: Phoenix to San Antonio

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203x152mm Zines
4pp Cover onto 240gsm Uncoated
Matt laminated to the outer
120 inside pages onto 100gsm Uncoated Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Journey from Phoenix to San Antonio: A Photobook Adventure Across the American Southwest

A Tale of Two Photographers and Their Road Trip Zine

“Phoenix to San Antonio” is a captivating photobook that documents a road trip across the American Southwest. This is the fourth zine release from the dynamic duo, Melissa Dueñas and Valerie J. Bower, who are well-established, multifaceted creators. Their work reframes and explores the idea of Americana through a POC and female perspective, combining their road trip in to an A5 photography zine and Melissa’s musings into a physical object. The zine is a testament to their creativity and the power of self-publishing.

The photobook is a result of a marketing assignment that ran parallel with personal southwest intrigue. The pair embarked on a journey from Phoenix, Arizona to San Antonio, Texas, documenting their experiences along the way. The zine is filled with Valerie Bower’s creative work. It depicts a constant need to stop for animals, Melissa’s family connections to where the border bends, and much more. All these stories were shared over tea and a viewing of the movie Speed.

The photobook is a perfect example of how Ex Why Zed’s photobook printing services can bring such unique projects to life. We are proud to have been part of this creative journey, providing high-quality printing and delivery to the USA.

Jack Kerouac Would Be Proud

“Journey from Phoenix to San Antonio” by Melissa Dueñas and Valerie J. Bower is a riveting travel narrative that conjures up the spirit of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”. It transports readers on an exhilarating adventure across the American Southwest, capturing the raw, spontaneous freedom of the open road. Dueñas and Bower’s narrative is tinged with that quintessential Kerouac-esque blend of introspection, cultural exploration, and gritty realism. As their protagonists traverse the evocative landscapes of Phoenix and San Antonio, they encounter diverse characters, disparate societies, and experience the humbling vastness of the American terrain. Their journey becomes a metaphysical quest for self-discovery and authenticity, reminiscent of Kerouac’s iconic escapades. Filled with poetic descriptions and existential musing, their work is a homage to Kerouac’s spontaneous prose style and his celebration of the American landscape, freedom, and the human spirit.

Print Specifications

The zine is a custom 203x152mm or 8×6″ perfect bound book printed onto 100% recycled uncoated paper. The cover is 250gsm, providing a crisp snap, while the inside pages are 170gsm, giving the book a chunky feel. The choice of materials and print techniques used in this project showcases the versatility and quality of Ex Why Zed’s book printing services.

From the UK to the USA: Photobook Printing and Delivery

Ex Why Zed is not just a local photography book printer, we also offer international delivery. Whether you’re in the UK or planning to publish a book in the USA, we’ve got you covered. Our reliable and efficient delivery services ensure that your photobooks reach you in perfect condition, no matter where you are. We send book to the States, Canada and Europe on a daily basis, get in touch for your next Transatlantic self publishing jaunt.

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You can explore these and many other projects on our portfolio page. Each project showcases the creativity of our clients and the quality of our photobook printing services.

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At Ex Why Zed, we believe that self-publishing a book is a creative and uplifting experience. We’re here to guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the right print options to delivering the final product. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, we’re excited to help you bring your vision to life.

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Brilliant communication from start to finish. Mike had endless patience for the many questions we asked. The guides provided were easy to follow and super helpful (the video guides are a must watch too). Our order of hardback illustrated children's books was delivered expertly packaged and on time. As for the finished product itself - stunning - a real joy to finally hold, beautifully made and perfectly printed! We couldn't have asked for more. Well, we did - we instantly placed an order for paperback children's colouring books too, which we are equally as happy with. Look forward to working with Ex Why Zed again in the future.
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