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Parhelion Photography Collective

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254x254mm (10×10″) Books
4pp Cover onto 350gsm Silk
Matt laminated to the outer
74 inside pages onto 150gsm Uncoated
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Capturing the Essence of the North and South Downs

Parhelion is more than just a photography art book; it’s a visual expedition. At Ex Why Zed, we are compelled to dive deep into its thematic significance and stylistic elements. This oversized square book, at 254x254mm, offers an immersive experience. It extends beyond the standard confines of traditional photography books, providing a broad canvas for its striking images.

A Symphony in Print: The Design and Aesthetic Choices

Each page of Parhelion is a testament to thoughtful design. The choice of 150gsm uncoated paper for the 74 inside pages accentuates the crisp, vivid nature of each photograph. The matt lamination of the 350gsm silk cover not only adds durability but also a subtle, tactile experience. It’s evident that every design decision, from the binding to the use of white space, is made to amplify the impact of the photographs.

The Palette of Nature: Colour and Contrast

The colour palette is a celebration of natural hues, with particular emphasis on the contrast in its black and white images. These monochromatic photos stand starkly against the white background, their blacks deep and absorbing, creating a compelling visual narrative. This is especially evident in the close-up images of animals, where the fine details are rendered with precision and clarity.

Typography and Layout: Enhancing Visual Narratives

The typographic choices are minimalist yet effective. The subtle placement of page numbers and photographer bios in a clean, unobtrusive font complements the imagery without overwhelming it. The layout, with its generous use of white space, guides the reader through the book in a way that is both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

The Binding: Perfectly Bound for Perfection

The perfect binding aligns with its overall ethos of quality and elegance. This binding style not only ensures durability but also allows the book to lay flat, providing an uninterrupted view of each spread. This is particularly advantageous for the double-page spreads, allowing the landscapes to be absorbed without the disruption of a seam.

Actionable Insights for Future Designers

• Embrace oversized formats for impactful visual storytelling.
• Use high-quality materials like silk and uncoated paper for a tactile experience.
• Implement minimalist typography to complement, not compete with, visual elements.
• Leverage white space effectively to enhance the focus on key images.
• Choose binding methods that align with the functional and aesthetic needs of the book.
Parhelion is a masterclass in photography book printing, where every element, from the paper choice to the binding style, is meticulously selected to enhance the visual narrative. This is not just a book; it’s an experience, a journey through the lenses of skilled photographers, presented in a format that does justice to their artistry.

The Print Journey Between Ex Why Zed and Parhelion Photography Group

Key Takeaways:
• Ex Why Zed demonstrated expert knowledge in photography book printing, offering tailored advice.
• Emphasis on the client’s understanding of the print process, particularly the rgb vs cmyk issue.
• Responsive and detailed communication, focusing on customer service and satisfaction.
• Adjustments and clarifications were handled promptly and professionally.
• The client expressed a strong preference for eco-friendly packaging.

Client’s Aims and Aspirations:

The Parhelion Photography Group, represented by David Southern, aspired to create a high-quality photography art book. They sought clarity on the printing process, particularly the paper type and the colour reproduction accuracy. The client’s preference for eco-friendly packaging reflects their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ex Why Zed’s Expertise and Assistance:

Ex Why Zed’s response showcased their proficiency in printing photography books. They provided detailed advice on paper types, print quality, and the RGB vs CMYK factor. The team offered a variety of options, from silk to uncoated paper, and provided clear instructions on artwork preparation. They emphasised their state-of-the-art HP Indigo and Heidelberg litho presses, ensuring the highest quality print.

Positive Client Interaction:

The communication was highly positive, with Ex Why Zed’s team, particularly Harriet, demonstrating patience, understanding, and expertise. The client appreciated the clear guidance and prompt responses, which helped in finalising the print specifications and moving the project forward efficiently.

Featured Comment

David Southern from Parhelion Photography Group expressed satisfaction and gratitude, highlighting Ex Why Zed’s responsiveness and expertise: “Thank you, Harriet. Looking forward to seeing the book.”
This email interaction exemplifies Ex Why Zed’s commitment to customer satisfaction, expert guidance, and high-quality printing services.


Parhelion stands as a testament to the art of photography and the precision of book printing. This case study delves into the collaborative effort between Parhelion Photography Group and Ex Why Zed, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail in creating a photography art book that captivates and inspires. From design aesthetics to the client-printer relationship, Parhelion exemplifies the pinnacle of photographic expression and print excellence.
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