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Event programme printing for Leeds Digital Festival

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A5 Books
4pp Cover onto 300gsm Silk
Two colour double sided

52pp Text
32pp Text onto 130gsm Silk
Two colour print throughout
24pp Text onto 130gsm Silk
Five colour print throughout

Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

???? Leeds Digital Festival Event Programme

Welcome to our insightful case study on the Leeds Digital Festival Event Programme. In this article, we will explore the successful collaboration between Ex Why Zed and the Leeds Digital Festival to create a dynamic and informative event programme. Join us as we delve into the world of online printing and discover how this professionally crafted programme played a pivotal role in enhancing the festival experience for attendees. Learn why Ex Why Zed is the go-to printing company for event guide printing and marketing material printing.

Unveiling the Digital Festival

The Leeds Digital Festival is a vibrant celebration of the city’s thriving digital community. As part of their commitment to delivering a memorable experience, the festival organisers approached us to create an event programme that would capture the essence of the festival and provide attendees with essential information about the various events, speakers, and activities. Our goal was to design and print a programme that reflected the festival’s energy and showcased the diversity of its offerings.

Design and Customisation Process

Working closely with the Leeds Digital Festival team, we embarked on a collaborative design and customisation process. The programme featured a captivating design that incorporated vibrant colours and engaging visuals, representing the innovative spirit of the festival. Our expert team ensured that the layout and structure of the programme allowed attendees to easily navigate the festival schedule, making it a valuable resource throughout the event.

The print specification for the Leeds Digital Festival Event Programme highlighted our commitment to delivering high-quality printing services. The A5-sized programme consisted of a 4pp cover onto 300gsm silk paper, featuring a two-colour double-sided print that made a lasting impression. The 52pp main section of the programme was printed on 130gsm silk paper, utilising a two-colour print throughout. Additionally, a 24pp section was incorporated into the programme, printed on 130gsm silk paper with a five-colour print throughout. The programme was perfectly bound, trimmed, and collated to ensure a professional finish.

  • Book Size: A5
  • Cover: 4pp onto 300gsm Silk (Two-colour double-sided print)
  • Main Section: 52pp onto 130gsm Silk (Two-colour print throughout)
  • Additional Section: 24pp onto 130gsm Silk (Five-colour print throughout)
  • Binding: Perfect Bound

Spreading the Festival Experience

The Leeds Digital Festival Event Programme played a crucial role in enhancing the festival experience for attendees. It served as a comprehensive guide, providing valuable information about the diverse range of events, speakers, and activities happening throughout the festival. By leveraging online printing, the programme was easily accessible to attendees, allowing them to plan their schedule, explore different sessions, and make the most of their festival experience.

Highlighting Other Successful Projects

In addition to the Leeds Digital Festival Event Programme, Ex Why Zed has worked on various other successful projects. We take pride in our portfolio, which includes projects like the Keanu Con Zines by Matchbox Cineclub, Eric Fest x BBC Sport Promotional Booklets, Junipalooza Gin Festival Guide and Programme, Gottwood Festival, Sidewalk Magazine Lobster Tales, and Project Trademark Brand Booklets. These projects showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional marketing materials and professional printing solutions.

Elevate Your Event Printing Experience

At Ex Why Zed, we understand the importance of high-quality event printing. The Leeds Digital Festival Event Programme is a testament to our expertise in online printing and marketing material printing. Whether you need event guides, brochures, or marketing materials, our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Explore our Booklet Printing, Creative Industry Printing, and Litho Printing services to enhance your event printing endeavours.

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