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Derek Bremner I Am Tourist Toronto

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A5 Books
4pp Cover onto 300sgm Unoated
90pp Text onto 140gsm Uncoated
Full colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Capturing the Vibrancy of Toronto: A Case Study on Derek Bremner’s “I Am Tourist Toronto” ????????

Derek Bremner’s “I Am Tourist Toronto” is a captivating visual journey that brings the spirit of Toronto to life. This A5 book, printed by Ex Why Zed, is a testament to the power of local photobook printing. The book’s 90 pages of text are printed onto 140gsm uncoated paper, with a 4pp cover onto 300sgm uncoated. The full-colour print throughout captures the vibrancy of Toronto, and the perfect binding gives the book a professional finish.

A Visual Journey Through Toronto ????

“I Am Tourist Toronto” is a photographic ode to Toronto, brought to life by the talented British photographer Derek Bremner. Known for his unique style filled with humour and the colour of everyday life, Bremner’s work is a celebration of the world around us. This book is no exception, offering readers a chance to experience Toronto through his lens.

We send stacks of jobs to the USA and Canada each week and we are regularly told that even with shipping costs, Ex Why Zed are a better price than local US Zine printers. Win win – you get a good deal and the best quality work delivered in a few days!

The Power of Local Photobook Printing ????️

Ex Why Zed’s role in bringing “I Am Tourist Toronto” to life showcases the potential of local photobook printing. The high-quality photobooks they produce allow photographers like Bremner to share their work in a tangible, lasting format. The quality of the print and the attention to detail in the binding process ensure that each page of “I Am Tourist Toronto” is a visual treat.

A Tapestry of Creative Endeavours ????

“I Am Tourist Toronto” is a single thread in the rich tapestry of creative projects that Ex Why Zed has brought to life. Each project, from the evocative Plant Portraits by Jerome Toole to the intriguing Rob Pinney Jungle, is a testament to the transformative power of photography and the tangible impact of high-quality photobook printing.

The diversity of Ex Why Zed’s portfolio is a reflection of their commitment to supporting a wide range of creative endeavours. The pulsating energy of the Wolf Alice Tour Zines and the poignant reflections in the NHS Photo Zine by Phelan Murphy are just a few examples of the breadth of their work.

A Celebration of Stories and Perspectives ????

Ex Why Zed’s portfolio is a celebration of stories and perspectives from around the world. Each project, whether it’s the vibrant Avanipok by Conor McDonnell, the serene Menorca by Francesco Bizzaro, or the nostalgic New York Subway Art 1973-1975 by Keith Baugh, brings a unique vision to life.

The Airlift Berlin Photography Zine captures a moment in history, while the Florida Club Photography Final Major Project offers a contemporary exploration of youth culture. Each project, including the Underpass Glasgow Perfect Bound Fashion FMP Book, is a testament to the power of photography and the importance of preserving these stories in print. ????

Conclusion ????

“I Am Tourist Toronto” is more than just a photobook; it’s a celebration of Toronto, of photography, and of the power of print. It’s a testament to Derek Bremner’s talent and vision, and to Ex Why Zed’s commitment to quality and creativity. Whether you’re a fan of photography, a lover of Toronto, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful books, “I Am Tourist Toronto” is a must-have.

For more information about Ex Why Zed’s photobook printing services, or to explore their portfolio of projects, visit their website. If you’re a photographer looking to bring your work to life in print, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. They’d be more than happy to help you create a photobook that captures the essence of your work. ????

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