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Wolf Alice tour zine printed at Ex Why Zed. Photos by Jono White.

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A5 Portrait Booklets
4pp Cover onto 160gsm Evolution Uncoated
56pp Text onto 100gsm Evolution Uncoated
Full colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and wire stitched

Music Tour Zine Printing

As massive fans of the band, we were honoured to be chosen to print Wolf Alice’s tour zine featuring photography by Jono White. The zine also features in our fun and helpful video guide.. The images depict their ‘My Love is Cool’ tour from 2015. For those of you who haven’t seen Wolf Alice live their gigs are spell bindingly brilliant with energy, sweat and tight musicianship all underpinned by two albums worth of  epic tunes!

This format forms the perfect companion for a band’s tour zine – lightweight, compact and with enough pages to depict the fun, adventures and debauchery of a music tour.

The self-cover choice where are all the pages are printed on to the same weight is a nod to old school zines produced on the college photocopier.


Taking pictures at gigs is harder than it looks. Jono White, who’s shot the likes of Wolf Alice from the middle of a moshpit, has some simple tips for success …

Pick your shot

Don’t rush things. Stop and wait for the photo to come to you. Too many music photographers frantically scurry around the pit to force a moment or chase a shot. The likelihood is, you’ve already lost it, so wait. If you’re constantly chasing a moment that’s already happened, you’re going to miss one that’s developing where you were stood originally. Having patience will also train your eye and enable you to take fewer but better photos. You can enjoy the performance, and after the show you won’t have to spend the next few hours sifting through hundreds of images to find one to post. You’ll have a concise number of good images, any one of which you’d be happy to share.

Be aware of your environment.

You may want to be as close as possible to your favourite artist, but their surroundings often paint a more interesting picture and give context to the photo. It could be a sign, architecture or complementary light coming through a window that makes a photo that much more memorable. If you go to watch a band play in a beautiful venue like the Albert Hall, Manchester, get a photo from the back of the room. It’s easier to get to because everyone else is pushing towards the front of the stage. From the back, you can show the space, the size of the show and the crowd. These will be the photos that people remember and find more compelling.

Believe in blur

Don’t be disheartened and erase a photo if it’s blurry. I often purposely shoot on a lower shutter speed as it gives a still image a sense of motion and emotion. Being able to see that movement tells more of a story than a freeze frame. It also injects more of a human feel to a 2D image. Sure, there are times when you absolutely want a photo to be crisp, but that doesn’t mean the ones that aren’t are garbage. A photo with some blur can be more aesthetically pleasing. We don’t see life in stills. None of the other people in the room are experiencing the show like that. This is when you can make a photo more of an art piece, rather than just a document of a moment in time.

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