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Adult Colouring Book Printing for PWANP’s Architectural Journey ?✏️

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210x210mm Booklets
4pp Cover onto 300gsm Uncoated
Full colour print to outer
28pp Text onto 115gsm Uncoated
Black print throughout
Wire Stitched (staple bound)

Unleashing Creativity: The Story of PWANP’s Adult Colouring Books

???? PWANP: A Canvas for Architecture Lovers

People Will Always Need Plates, or PWANP, is a brand that combines love for architecture with the joy of colouring. They offer a unique range of adult colouring books, each featuring a different iconic piece of architecture on each spread. These books provide architecture enthusiasts with a chance to marvel over, digest, and then bring to life these structures with pens or crayons.

???? The Colouring Book: A Blend of Art and Architecture

PWANP’s adult colouring books are not just a collection of images. They are a journey through the world of architecture, offering a unique way to explore and appreciate these structures. The books are printed in the UK, ensuring high quality and durability. Each book is 210x210mm in size, making them easy to carry around. The cover is printed in full colour onto 300gsm Uncoated paper, providing a professional and durable finish. Inside, there are 28 pages printed in black onto 115gsm Uncoated paper, perfect for colouring.

????‍♀️????????‍♀️ Expanding Horizons: Colouring Book Printing for a Global Audience

The adult colouring books are not just for personal use. They’re also perfect for platforms like Etsy. With the rise of adult colouring book printing, brands like PWANP can reach a global audience with their creations. If you’re a brand looking to print a colouring book for Etsy, Ex Why Zed can help bring your vision to life.

????✏️ Success Stories: The Impact of Custom Printed Colouring Books

PWANP’s project is just one of many success stories in colouring book printing. Ex Why Zed has worked with a variety of clients, each with their unique requirements and creative visions. The colouring book range of Colouring Planet, the notebook printing for Castrads, the custom notebooks for Skyscanner, the People Will Always Need Plates project, and the illustrated sketchbooks by Lujan Cordaro are all examples of how custom printed colouring books can make a significant impact.

???? Enjoy our Notebook and Colouring Book Video Guide

For those interested in the intricacies of colouring book printing, Ex Why Zed offers a comprehensive video that takes a deep dive into all aspects of the process. From choosing the right paper and finish to understanding binding options, the video is a valuable resource for anyone looking to print their own colouring books.

The Adult Colouring Books by PWANP are a perfect example of how custom printed colouring books can serve as a powerful tool for creativity and expression. 

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