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Finding a Book Designer on Fiverr: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted on 10 September 2023
Finding a Book Designer for Self-Publishing

Navigating the world of self-publishing can be daunting, especially when it comes to design. A captivating book cover and well-laid-out pages are crucial for attracting readers. If you’re considering hiring a designer from Fiverr for your book design or illustration project, this guide will walk you through the process from start to finish.

We found over 16,000 book designer options when search on Fiverr – plenty for every type of style and budget. Do also take a look at our guide to finding a designer on PeoplePerHour and our article on Top Book Design Solutions.

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1. Start with a Clear Search

Begin your journey on Fiverr’s book design search page. Here, you’ll find a plethora of designers offering their services. Use filters like ‘Budget’, ‘Delivery Time’, and ‘Seller Level’ to narrow down your options.

2. Review Portfolios

Before approaching a designer, review their portfolio. This will give you an insight into their style, quality of work, and whether they align with your vision. Look for designers who have experience in your specific genre or type of book.

3. Read Reviews and Ratings

Fiverr provides a rating system and reviews from previous clients. This feedback can be invaluable in understanding the designer’s professionalism, communication skills, and reliability.

4. Approach the Designer: The Virtual Interview

Once you’ve shortlisted a few designers based on their portfolios and reviews, it’s time to approach them for what can be considered a virtual interview. Given the global nature of platforms like Fiverr, your chosen designer could be anywhere in the world. This geographical diversity is one of the platform’s strengths, but it also means you need to be thorough in your initial interactions to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Finding a Book Designer on Fiverr
Self-Publisher Online Meeting with Book Designer

Additional Considerations:

  • Platform Communication: Initially, it might be best to keep all communications on Fiverr’s messaging service. This ensures there’s a record of all interactions, which can be useful for reference or in case of any disputes.
  • Video Calls: As the project progresses and you build trust, consider moving to more direct forms of communication like phone calls, Google Meet, or Zoom. These platforms can be particularly useful when discussing intricate design details or when you need to provide real-time feedback.

Here are 10 essential questions to ask any potential designers:

  1. Experience and Expertise: “How long have you been working on book design projects, and do you have experience in my specific genre?”
  2. Design Process: “Can you walk me through your design process from understanding the brief to the final delivery?”
  3. Communication: “How do you prefer to communicate during the project? How often can I expect updates?”
  4. Revisions: “How many revisions are included in the quoted price? What’s the cost for additional revisions?”
  5. Inspiration: “Where do you draw inspiration from when starting a new book design project?”
  6. Challenges: “Can you describe a challenging book design project you’ve worked on and how you overcame the challenges?”
  7. File Formats: “In which file formats will the final designs be delivered?”
  8. Backup: “How do you ensure the work is backed up and won’t be lost?”
  9. Timeline: “What’s the typical turnaround time for a project like mine?”
  10. Confidentiality: “How do you ensure the content and design remain confidential, especially if the book hasn’t been published yet?”

Remember, this initial interaction is not just about assessing the designer’s skills but also about gauging their communication style, responsiveness, and professionalism. It’s essential to establish a rapport and ensure you’re both on the same page before embarking on the design journey together.

5. Provide a Detailed Brief

When you’re ready to proceed, provide the designer with a comprehensive brief. This should include:

  • The genre and target audience of your book.
  • Specific design elements you want (e.g. illustrations, typography style).
  • Any inspiration or reference designs.
  • The format and dimensions of the book.
  • Your preferred colour palette or any branding guidelines.

We have written some solid design briefs which you can copy and paste into an initial message to the designers you have identified as possibilities:

6. Discuss Budget and Timeline

Before finalising the project, discuss the budget and timeline. Ensure you’re clear about any additional costs, such as revisions or add-ons. Set milestones for the project, especially if it’s a larger or more complex design task.

7. Project Management

Once the project is underway:

  • Communication is Key: Regularly check in with the designer. Use Fiverr’s messaging system to keep all communications in one place.
  • Feedback: When the designer shares drafts, provide constructive feedback. Be specific about any changes you want.
  • Stay Organised: Keep track of all files, drafts, and communications. This will be helpful if there are revisions or if you need to refer back to something.

8. Finalise the Design

Once you’re satisfied with the design, the designer will provide you with the final files. Ensure you receive all necessary formats for both print and digital use.

9. Leave a Review

After the project’s completion, leave a review on the designer’s Fiverr profile. This helps future clients and also acknowledges the designer’s efforts.


Finding and managing a book design project on Fiverr can be a smooth process with the right approach. By being clear in your communication, setting expectations, and actively participating in the design process, you can ensure your book resonates with your target audience and stands out in the crowded marketplace.

Remember, a well-designed book not only attracts readers but also enhances the reading experience. So, invest the time and effort to get it right!

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