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Unleashing Sonic Stories: Still Listening’s Triumph in Music Zine Printing

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A5 Booklets
4pp Cover onto 200gsm Uncoated
86pp Text onto 90gsm Uncoated
Full colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

???? Unleashing Sonic Stories: Still Listening’s Triumph in Music Zine Printing London ????

In the symphony of the music industry, zines strike a unique note, fostering intimate connections between artists and fans. The creation of “Still Listening” was a stellar performance in this domain, shining a spotlight on the prowess of music zine printing in London.

???? Setting the Stage

Our tale begins with Still Listening Magazine, a platform dedicated to echoing the voices of underground labels, record stores, and budding indie artists. Seeking to transpose their digital presence into a tangible medium, they sought the expertise of Ex Why Zed, a renowned zine printing maestro based in London.

print music magazine UK

???? The Encore Performance

The collaboration resulted in a captivating A5 booklet, a tactile experience that resonated with readers. The 4pp cover, printed onto 200gsm uncoated paper, and an 86pp text, printed onto 90gsm uncoated paper, reverberated with quality, embodying the excellence of zine printing from PDF. With full colour print throughout, the pages were trimmed, collated, and perfect bound, crafting a harmonious composition for the readers.

???? Ex Why Zed’s Symphony of Success

Ex Why Zed’s portfolio is a rich composition of successful projects that echo their excellence in music zine printing.

From the vibrant Wolf Alice tour zines to the inspiring Young Issue 20, Ex Why Zed has consistently struck the right chords in the realm of zine printing. The Bristol Germ Issue 2 Music Zine and the George Ezra Gold Rush Kid Album Zine further amplify their symphony of successful zine printing.

???? The Standing Ovation

“Still Listening” is more than just a zine—it’s a chorus of underground music reverberating through the tactile medium of print. It stands as a testament to Ex Why Zed’s unwavering commitment to delivering the perfect harmony of quality and service in the realm of music zine printing London. Whether you’re an indie artist looking to broadcast your sound or a music enthusiast eager to craft a zine, Ex Why Zed is the maestro you need to orchestrate your printing symphony.

A Great Back Catalogue

The breadth of our work extends to other equally successful projects, each one telling its unique story. The Shellsuit Zombie project, for instance, is a testament to their versatility and ability to cater to varied creative needs.

Moreover, ExWhyZed has proven their mastery in music-related zine printing with projects like 2009-2019: A Decade in Music Photography by Josh Jordan. Their commitment to delivering high-quality print products extends to the So Young Issue 29, a zine that captures the pulse of the music scene. Lastly, the Lost and Found Magazine project underscores Ex Why Zed’s ability to deliver vibrant and engaging printed zines that resonate with readers.

Each project underlines Ex Why Zed’s status as a leading name in the realm of music zine printing, making them the ideal partner for your next printing venture.

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