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Perfect Bound Zine Printing: Bosh Magazine’s Jungle Edition

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254x203mm Zines
4pp Cover onto 240gsm Uncoated
60 inside pages onto 115gsm Uncoated
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

In the bustling realm of magazine printing, the recent edition of Bosh Magazine emerges as a paradigm of exemplary printing and design, thanks to the finesse of Ex Why Zed, a distinguished comic printer in the UK. This case study unravels the layers behind the magazine’s captivating appeal, from the tactile sensation of its uncoated paper to the vibrant allure of its four-colour print. Join us in exploring how the meticulous attention to detail in every aspect – be it the perfect binding, the judicious choice of paper, or the harmonious interplay of typography – coalesces to redefine the standards of perfect bound zine printing. This narrative is not just about a magazine’s production; it’s a voyage into the heart of design success, a testament to the profound impact of thoughtful printing choices on storytelling.

High Fives All Round

The team at Bosh Magazine couldn’t have been happier with the results. They took to social media to share their excitement, stating “ITS OFFICIAL – BOSHxJUNGLE VOLUME IS FINALLY HERE!… Another humongous thank you to all our incredible artists who got involved with this volume! And last but not least, big thanks to the peeps over at @exwhyzedprint for the amazing print job, you killed it!”

In the dynamic world of magazine printing, a piece like Bosh Magazine stands out, not just for its content but for the discernible quality that Ex Why Zed, as a comic printer in the UK, brings to perfect bound zine printing. The recently published issue of Bosh Magazine offers a lush visual feast that demands attention, and it’s my privilege to dissect the nuances that make it a masterpiece of print.

The cover, printed on a robust 240gsm uncoated stock, sets the tone with its vivid colour palette, beckoning readers into Bosh’s fantastical realm. The tactile feel of the paper is a subtle nod to the authenticity and care placed in every page. The choice of uncoated paper for both the cover and the 60 inside pages is a testament to the magazine’s commitment to a more organic reading experience, a departure from the glare of glossy finishes.

Diving into the content, one cannot help but admire the printing prowess that allows for such rich and consistent colour reproduction across the entire issue. The hues are not just bright; they’re purposeful, enhancing the storytelling with their vibrancy. The four-colour print throughout the magazine is a critical factor in bringing the illustrations to life, ensuring that the original artwork loses none of its potency in the transition from screen to print.

The 254x203mm size is comfortably handheld, inviting readers to delve into the worlds contained within without intimidation. It’s large enough to allow each panel and illustration room to breathe, yet not so large as to be unwieldy. This dimension choice underscores a deep understanding of the reader’s experience.

The publication’s typography deserves a special mention. It is a critical element that harmonises with the magazine’s offbeat and energetic vibe. The font selections are playful yet readable, ensuring that the narrative flows seamlessly with the visuals.

From a design perspective, the orientation and layout of Bosh Magazine are carefully crafted to guide the eye naturally across the page, allowing for an immersive reading experience. The reader’s journey through the kaleidoscopic pages is a smooth one, aided by the seamless perfect binding. This binding style not only contributes to the magazine’s sleek appearance but also speaks of durability that preserves the integrity of the reader’s experience over time.

The Bosh Print Journey

The email exchanges between Ex Why Zed and Bosh Magazine, represented by Amber and Jack, moved at pace and evolved around printing their magazine.

• Ex Why Zed, demonstrating expertise in magazine printing and perfect bound comic projects, initiated the conversation by thanking Amber for the opportunity to provide a quote.
• They offered a detailed quote for A5 Zines with specifications like soft-touch laminated covers, silk pages, and perfect binding. The quote included prices for different quantities, ensuring no extra costs beyond the quoted price, and promising delivery within 5 working days of receiving print-ready artwork.

Artwork Preparation and Submission:

• Ex Why Zed provided detailed instructions for preparing artwork, emphasising the importance of adding bleed and using high-quality PDF formats. They showcased their customer service by offering help with artwork setup.
• Amber and Jack, showing enthusiasm and a collaborative spirit, submitted their artwork for the magazine, adhering to the guidelines provided.

Finalising Details and Expressing Satisfaction:

• Ex Why Zed, after reviewing the submitted artwork, made some technical suggestions and confirmed the delivery address and payment details
• Amber and Jack expressed excitement and satisfaction with the process, confirming proof approval and payment. They eagerly anticipated the final product, highlighting Ex Why Zed’s creative book printing skills.

Completion and Delivery Confirmation:

• Ex Why Zed informed Bosh Magazine of the completion and imminent delivery of the printed magazines.
• Amber and Jack, excited and grateful, looked forward to receiving the magazines and promised to share photos upon arrival.

We demonstrated exceptional customer service, technical expertise, and flexibility throughout the project, transforming Bosh Magazine’s ideas into a tangible product.

Wrapping Up

For those looking to emulate such design success, it is clear that the devil is in the details. From the paper choice to the print quality, from the binding to the colour management, every aspect of Bosh Magazine’s production has been meticulously considered to create a cohesive and engaging product.

In summary, the design insights gleaned from Bosh Magazine are manifold: prioritise tactile experience with paper selection, don’t underestimate the power of colour in storytelling, ensure typography complements the magazine’s spirit, and consider reader comfort in size and binding. Such attention to detail is what positions Ex Why Zed at the forefront of perfect bound zine printing and what makes Bosh Magazine a shining beacon in the comic print landscape in the UK. ?

Q: What does perfect bind refer to in perfect bound book printing?

A: In perfect bound book printing, the term “perfect bind” refers to the method in which the pages of the booklet are bound together. This is accomplished using an adhesive along the spine, effectively holding together the single pages of the book and connecting them to the cover.

Q: How many pages are typically included in a perfect bound booklet?

A: The page count of perfect bound booklets can vary widely depending on the specific needs of the publishing party. However, because of the binding method, the perfect bound option works best for booklets with a considerably high number of pages. It’s ideal for booklets with anywhere from 28 to 500 pages.

Q: Is it possible to choose different paper types for perfect bound printing?

A: Yes, a selection of paper types can be chosen for perfect bound printing. Options often include a variety of weights and finishes, such as silk paper, to suit different needs and preferences.

Q: What is the difference between a brochure and a perfect bound books?

A: A brochure is a type of booklet that typically has fewer pages and is often saddle stitched. Perfect bound books, on the other hand, have a glue-sealed spine that enables them to accommodate a larger page count. Our Resource section is a great place to start with inspiration.

Q: How does the spine width impact the perfect bound booklets printing?

A: The spine width is directly related to the total page count of the booklet. A thicker booklet will require a wider spine. The spine width is important to ensure accurate binding and printing alignment.

Q: What is the significance of templates in perfect bound booklet printing?

A: Templates are beneficial in perfect bound booklet printing because they guide the design, layout, and formatting of the booklet. They typically include specifications for element placement, bleed area, and spine width, ensuring that important content does not get cut off or printed into the binding.

Q: Which binding options are likely to be recommended for high ink coverage booklets?

A: For high ink coverage booklets, PUR (polyurethane reactive) perfect bound binding is likely to be recommended. PUR binding offers excellent adhesion and strength, accommodating heavier paper types and high ink coverage.

Q: How does perfect bound booklets make a difference vs. saddle stitched booklets?

A: The perfect bound booklets make a professional and polished presentation which lends itself well to books, catalogs or premium brochures. Moreover, it can accommodate a higher page count than saddle stitched booklets. On the other hand, saddle stitched booklets are suitable for lower page counts and have a faster turnaround time.

Q: What is unique about perfect bound printing? How does it contribute to Bosh Magazine’s design story?

A: Perfect bound printing brings a level of sophistication and polish that can significantly enhance any publication. This binding method creates a flat spine that can be printed upon, allowing for additional design or identification options. Bosh Magazine uses perfect bound printing to present its rich content in a captivating, high-quality format – an essential part of its compelling design story.

Q: What role does the proof play in perfect bound printing?

A: A proof is a preliminary version of the booklet that is printed to check for any errors or issues before the final print. In perfect bound printing, the proof allows you to review and verify the alignment along the binding, accuracy of colours, page order, and other aspects of the booklet. This helps reduce the likelihood of mistakes in the final printed product.

Notable Testimonials and Examples

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s explore some notable testimonials and examples of Ex Why Zed’s exemplary work.

Shellsuit Zombie, for instance, lauds Ex Why Zed for their impeccable zine printing services. The Young Issue 20, another masterpiece printed by ExWhyZed, perfectly exhibits their prowess in high-quality comic printing. Their work on Triple Cooked Issue 3 showcases their finesse in producing vibrant illustrated magazines.

The “Bosh Magazine Jungle Edition” is just one example of how Ex Why Zed stands out amongst comic printers in the UK. Whether you’re based in London and are looking for local zine printing services or situated elsewhere, Ex Why Zed’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shines through.

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