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Street Photography Books Printing: A Case Study in Excellence

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244×183 Case Bound Books
Cover onto 170gsm Silk
Wrapped over greyboard case
Matt laminated to the outer

2x 4pp End Papers unprinted onto 175gm Colorplan Ebony
100 inside pages onto 170gsm Silk
Black print throughout
Trimmed, collated and case bound.

Discover the art of capturing the essence of urban life in “Still More Immense,” a stunning street photography book by Theodore Zikos. Marvel at the detailed monochromatic imagery that earned a place as a Semi Finalist at the Urban Photo Awards 2023. This case study unfolds the intricate journey from conception to print, encapsulating Ex Why Zed’s commitment to excellence in hardback photo book printing, where every detail is a testament to quality and artistry.

Subtle Elegance in Hardcover Design

The first image opens with the title page, showcasing the book’s minimalist elegance. The choice of a simple, classic typeface against the stark white background echoes the purity of the photographic journey within. This unadorned approach speaks volumes, setting the stage for the visual narratives that follow.

A Monochromatic Journey Through Streets and Stories

Turning to the photographs themselves, we encounter a world in monochrome. Each photo tells a story, with street scenes captured in a moment of time, yet timeless in their appeal. The use of black and white photography not only emphasises the play of light and shadow but also transcends the distractions of colour, focusing the viewer’s attention on the subject’s essence.

Artful Composition and Print Quality

The layout and composition of the photos are meticulous, with each image given space to breathe. The high-quality print on silk paper allows for deep blacks and subtle greys to coalesce into images that are both sharp and nuanced, a testament to the photographer’s skill and the printer’s attention to detail.

Binding and Presentation: The Final Touches

The case binding, with its textured cover, endows the book with a presence that is both substantial and refined. This tactile aspect invites the reader to engage with the book as a physical object, enhancing the sensory experience of viewing the photographs.

Actionable Insights for Future Designers

  • Embrace minimalism in design to let content shine.
  • Choose a print medium that complements the visual intent.
  • Allow space in layouts for images to make an impact.
  • Consider the tactile aspects of book design to create a complete experience.

This review encapsulates the essence of Theodore Zikos’s “Still More Immense,” where every design choice serves to elevate the compelling street photography within. The book is an exemplar of how design and content can harmoniously intertwine to produce a publication that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thorough exploration of print options, with Ex Why Zed providing expertise on various binding and paper choices.
  • Responsive and personalised customer service, adapting to changes and specific needs.
  • Commitment to quality, ensuring the final product meets the artistic vision of the client.

The Outcome: A Harmony of Vision and Execution

The collaboration between Theodore Zikos and Ex Why Zed culminated in a premium hardback photo book that was not just a print product but a testament to their mutual dedication to excellence. The journey from conceptualization to final print was marked by informed decisions, adaptability, and a shared commitment to bringing an artistic vision to life.

In summary, “Still More Immense” stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when an artist’s creative vision is seamlessly integrated with the technical prowess and customer-focused approach of a leading print company like Ex Why Zed.

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Brilliant communication from start to finish. Mike had endless patience for the many questions we asked. The guides provided were easy to follow and super helpful (the video guides are a must watch too). Our order of hardback illustrated children's books was delivered expertly packaged and on time. As for the finished product itself - stunning - a real joy to finally hold, beautifully made and perfectly printed! We couldn't have asked for more. Well, we did - we instantly placed an order for paperback children's colouring books too, which we are equally as happy with. Look forward to working with Ex Why Zed again in the future.
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