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Popshot Magazine: A Tale of Poetry Zine Printing Revolution

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240x170mm Booklet
4pp Cover onto 350sgm Uncoated
64pp Text onto 170gsm Uncoated
Full Colour Throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Pen Meets Paintbrush: The Popshot Magazine Story

In the realm of independent publishing, there exists a vibrant intersection of poetry and illustration, best exemplified by Popshot Magazine. This creative endeavour fuses the rhythm of words with the vivacity of images, a marriage of arts that brings to life the shared spirit of creativity and expression. Ex Why Zed, your favourite Zine printing service, takes great pride in being a part of this transformative journey.

As an Indie zine printer, we have helped launch new poetry zines like Popshot, Shellsuit Zombie Issue 6 and Cunning Folk Magazine – The Air Issue, each with its unique narrative and aesthetic. Popshot Magazine is one such notable project that aligns with our mission to promote independent and innovative publishing.

Making Waves in the Literary World

The inception of Popshot Magazine in April 2009 challenged the prevailing notions about poetry. Its refreshing format, complete with black pages, a sans-serif typeface, and vibrant illustration work, strayed from the traditional poetry zine aesthetics. The idea, born from a need to disrupt an elitist and fusty literary trend, soon gained traction and captured the attention of significant press outlets, such as Dazed & Confused, The Observer, and The Independent.

Popshot’s unique combination of illustration and poetry is further complemented by the high-quality printing process. Each 240x170mm booklet features a 4pp cover onto 350sgm Uncoated, and a 64pp text onto 170gsm Uncoated. This makes the text and illustrations truly come alive, enveloping the reader in a rich tapestry of verse and visuals.

The Ex Why Zed Connection: More than Just Poetry Zine Printing

Ex Why Zed’s engagement with the world of zine printing is as varied as it is deep. Our journey with projects like the surreal Delusions of Grandeur by David Parkin, the contemplative In the Past, The Future Was Better by Cipher Press, the evocative There Will Always Be Nights Like This by Cipher Press, and the psychedelic Moof Magazine Issue 6 shows our dedication to diverse voices and stories.

Celebrating Poetry and More

Popshot Magazine’s journey hasn’t been confined to the realm of poetry. Since its 7th issue, the magazine has branched out to include short stories and flash fiction, positioning itself as a platform championing new writing worldwide. Its reputation as a hub for quality writing is aptly summarised by Dazed & Confused calling it ‘a who isn’t yet who of contemporary literature’.

Through our dedication to quality and innovation, we at Ex Why Zed help breathe life into these literary pursuits, supporting self-publishers like Shooter Literary Zine, Swirl Zine, and Burnt Roti Issue 2.

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