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Hardback music book printing for Lucy Rose No Words Left album

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190x220mm Landscape Case Bound Books.
Cover onto Wicotex Brillianta (Colour: Hellgrau)
White foiling to outer.
Wrapped over greyboard case.
2x 4pp End Papers Printed onto 170gsm Uncoated.
98 inside pages onto 170gsm Uncoated.
Four colour print throughout.
Trimmed, collated and case bound.

Harmonising Melodies with Print: The Lucy Rose ‘No Words Left’ Journey

In the world of music, the journey of an artist is often as captivating as their melodies. One such artist is Lucy Rose, whose album ‘No Words Left’ resonates with raw emotion and profound lyricism. This case study explores the process of transforming Lucy Rose’s musical journey into a tangible, printed form, highlighting the expertise of Ex Why Zed in music artist book printing.

The Project

Lucy Rose’s ‘No Words Left’ is an album that speaks volumes about her musical journey. The album, filled with soul-stirring tracks, needed a physical form that could match its emotional depth. This is where Ex Why Zed stepped in, turning the album into a beautifully printed hardcover art book that not only contained the lyrics but also captured the essence of Lucy’s journey.

The Process

The book was designed as a 190x220mm Landscape Case Bound Book. The cover was crafted onto Wicotex Brillianta (Colour: Hellgrau) with white foiling to the outer, wrapped over a greyboard case. The book contained 2x 4pp End Papers printed onto 170gsm Uncoated and 100 inside pages onto 170gsm Uncoated. The four-colour print throughout added vibrancy to the book, making it a visual treat.

No Words Left, is another brilliant photography book. This was produced by her company to accompany her recent UK tour. Lucy’s a brilliant musician, now onto multiple albums, very highly acclaimed and this was to accompany her No Words Left album. It depicts the process of recording the album, so the photography gets quite close and personal. It’s a really, really insightful look at what it takes to record an album. It’s a brilliant book for her fans. We’ve said this a number of times before, but printing black and white photography is always a battle. You either convert your images to greyscale in Photoshop and when they print, they do a print flatter. What we’ve done here is we’ve left them in CMYK and really tried to take down the cyan and left a touch of magenta in so that it gives it some warmth.

Fortunately, just in print in CMYK or in greyscale you’re never going to get the pictures looking the same as they do on screen where you’ve got a back lit monitor and the blacks are a lot punchier. They just never appear like that in print. You might want to go for full-colour images really. Having said that, this is an awesome way to do it. Like I said, it got a bit of a magenta glow. The front cover, the hardback is wrapped with WICOTEX Brillianta and they’ve gone for the Hellgrau colour. It’s a medium grey and we have white foiling over the front of it as well. You really have to dig the white foil into this to actually get any purchase because it’s quite a coarse material. It’s quite opaque and it’s effective. It works well. It’s a really neat front cover with the white on the grey. You open it up and you’ve got blank end papers this time.

The Result

The result was a beautifully crafted book that not only served as a physical form of Lucy Rose’s ‘No Words Left’ album but also as a testament to her musical journey. The high-quality print and the attention to detail in the book’s design made it a perfect keepsake for fans and a testament to Ex Why Zed’s expertise in music artist book printing.

The Big Crescendo

Ex Why Zed’s work on the ‘No Words Left’ book is a testament to their commitment to delivering high-quality print products. Whether it’s a music artist book, an art gallery printing project, or a fine art printing assignment, Ex Why Zed has proven time and again that they can transform ideas into beautiful print realities.


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