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Book Printing with Linen Cover: The Art Journey of Sean Newman

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A4 Casebound Books
Cover onto Winters binding cloth ­
with foil blocking to outer. Foilco #483.
Wrapped over greyboard case

2x 4pp End Papers unprinted
onto 135gsm Colorplan Ebony Black

210 inside pages onto 150gsm Silk
Full colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and case bound

Embracing a World of Vivid Imaginations: A Critique of Sean Newman’s Pink II

Embark on a journey through the tactile and visual spectacle of Pink II, a book printing masterpiece with a linen cover, elegantly crafted by Ex Why Zed. This case study delves into the collaborative process with the illustrator Sean Newman, exploring the intricate choices that culminate in a hardback art book of exceptional quality. Witness the synergy of aesthetic design and print expertise that brings to life a publication destined to captivate the senses and ignite the imagination.

Printing a Book with Linen Cover

When one first lays eyes on Pink II, it’s the striking cover with foiling that halts the breath – a masterful demonstration of book printing on linen cover. Ex Why Zed’s choice to employ Winters binding cloth Buckram WBB544 in graphite lays a tactile foundation that is both luxurious and rugged. It is an invitation, a promise of the wonders contained within, sealed with the flourish of Foilco #483 pink foiling. This is a high class cover aesthetic.

A Journey in Palette and Line

As one delves into the heart of the book, Sean Newman’s illustrations erupt in a symphony of colour and form. Each of the 210 pages, printed on the velvety 150gsm Silk, is a testament to the art book printer’s skill. The full-colour print throughout does not just serve to display Newman’s work; it amplifies it, creating a tactile feast that leaps from the page and captivates the senses. It is a book not just seen, but felt.

The Binding Threads of Creativity and Quality

Binding these imaginative bursts is the robust yet elegant casebound hardcover. Ex Why Zed’s decision to wrap the end papers in 135gsm Colorplan Ebony Black is a stroke of genius, framing the art in darkness that makes the subsequent explosion of colour all the more profound. And yet, it is the unseen which rounds out the experience – the underlying quality of the binding cloth from Winter and Company, a silent guardian of the treasures it encloses.

Design Choices: Crafting the Narrative

The design choices made in the creation of “Pink 2” are not random but are as deliberate as the strokes of Newman’s pen. From the hardback cover’s subtle debossing, hinting at the depth of the stories within, to the coffee table-worthy size that demands display and discussion, every element is curated to enhance the storytelling experience. This is a book that does not just belong on a shelf; it belongs in the hands and hearts of those who treasure beauty.

Typographic Harmony and Layout

Even the typographic usage is a careful consideration, complementing the artwork rather than competing with it. The layout is a dance of visuals, with space and form playing off each other on every page. This is no printed hardcover photo book; it is a canvas where text and image waltz in perfect harmony, guided by the expert hands of Ex Why Zed.

Storytelling Through Every Sense

In “Pink II”, the story is not just in the visuals; it is in the very construction of the book itself. The tactile sensation of the hardback cover, the smooth glide of pages, and the visual delight of Newman’s illustrations are a triad that sings a siren’s song. This illustrated art book is not just a product of digital printing; it is the progeny of a marriage between traditional litho printing techniques and modern design sensibilities.

A Conduit of Magical Realism

With every turn of the page, “Pink II” transcends the ordinary, becoming a conduit for the magical realism that Sean Newman conjures. The reader is not merely an observer but a participant in a world that is as real as the linen cover they hold and as fantastical as the creatures that roam the pages.

Actionable Insights for Future Designers:

  • Employ tactile materials like linen for cover to engage the sense of touch.
  • Use high-quality paper to enhance visual artwork.
  • Consider the use of colour and contrast in endpapers to frame the content.
  • Integrate typography that complements rather than overpowers the visuals.
  • Ensure the binding and finish reflect the overall theme of the book.

In closing, “Pink 2” is not just a hardcover book; it is a physical manifestation of imagination, a beacon of print quality, and a benchmark for beautifully printed art books. It stands as a testament to Ex Why Zed’s commitment to creating premium hardback books that are not only seen but experienced.

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective collaboration between Sean Newman and Ex Why Zed in finalising print details.
  • Proactive solutions offered by Ex Why Zed for colour matching and design specifications.
  • Efficient communication, ensuring project completion within desired timelines.
  • Sean Newman’s satisfaction with the finished product and service.

Crafting “Pink 2”: A Seamless Client-Printer Collaboration

Ex Why Zed’s dialogue with Sean Newman showcases a customer-centric approach, pivoting around finding the perfect shade of pink for the cover of “Pink 2”. The conversation reveals Ex Why Zed’s dedication to precision, offering alternatives from Foilco for the desired effect, and seamlessly adjusting to the client’s vision for foiling the front cover and spine.

Tailored Solutions for Artistic Vision

The exchange highlights the client’s initial challenges in realising their artistic vision, particularly the intricacies of selecting the right colour and the technical aspects of the cover design. Ex Why Zed’s expertise shines through as they guide Sean with Indesign templates, simplify the foiling process, and provide a preflight check to ensure quality. This expert guidance underscores their role in not just printing but enhancing the project’s aesthetic.

Testimonial of Quality and Service

Sean Newman’s responses reflect a growing confidence in Ex Why Zed’s capabilities, culminating in a positive testimonial for the speed and quality of service. His approval of proofs and excitement for the final delivery are indicative of a successful client-service provider relationship.

Ex Why Zed’s approach demonstrates expertise, authoritative guidance on printing specifics, and a trustworthy process that delivers a high-quality product. The interaction is a testament to the positive and constructive partnership that Ex Why Zed fosters with its clients, ultimately leading to a successful print project that resonates with the client’s aspirations.


“Pink 2” stands as a paragon of art book printing, a confluence where Sean Newman’s vivid illustrations and Ex Why Zed’s printing prowess intersect. The email exchanges encapsulate a partnership defined by shared ambition, meticulous attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit of quality. This case study not only celebrates the successful realisation of a hardcover masterpiece but also Ex Why Zed’s pivotal role in transforming artistic vision into tangible, mesmerising reality.

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