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A5 Booklet Printing Made Easy for Illustrator Ollie Hirst

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Print Spec ?

  • Size: A5 Stapled Booklets
  • Cover: 4pp onto 300gsm Silk
  • Finish: Matt Lamination to outer
  • Page Count: 20pp Text
  • Paper: 130gsm Silk
  • Colour: Four colour print throughout
  • Binding: Trimmed, collated, and wire stitched

The Booklet’s Context and Purpose ?

Ollie Hirst’s latest publication is a visual feast that takes readers on a journey through the intricacies of modern art and design. Printed by Ex Why Zed, the A5 booklet printing serves as a portfolio, showcasing the artist’s unique style and subject matter.

Author Bio: Meet Ollie Hirst ?️

Ollie Hirst is an artist whose work is a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. His website showcases a variety of projects that span across different mediums, offering a glimpse into his versatile artistic abilities. His art is not just about aesthetics; it’s a narrative that engages the audience in a dialogue about modern culture and personal expression.

The Journey: From Concept to Print ?️

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Ollie’s initial goal was to create a portfolio that could serve as both a personal archive and a professional showcase. He aspired to produce something that was not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.

The Ex Why Zed Experience ?

Ex Why Zed assisted Ollie in bringing his vision to life. Challenges included selecting the right paper weight and finish to complement his art. Solutions provided were a 4pp cover onto 300gsm Silk with Matt Lamination to the outer and 20pp text onto 130gsm Silk.

In the email exchange that transpired between illustrator and author Ollie Hirst and Ex Why Zed, a comprehensive collaboration was vividly evident. The goal was nothing short of transforming Ollie’s creative opus into an arresting print product.

Ollie’s Aims and Aspirations:

Ollie was in search of a printing ally who could comprehend both the technical and creative dimensions of his work. He was zealous about quality and had an unwavering intent to have his artistic vision impeccably translated into print. For Ollie, the project transcended mere ink and paper; it was about crafting an artistic statement that could engage and resonate.

Ex Why Zed’s Portfolio and Brochure Solutions:

Ex Why Zed presented itself as a “specialist creative book printer,” immediately harmonising with Ollie’s requirements. The company didn’t merely offer to execute a print job; they committed to navigating Ollie “through the print journey with extensive help.” They directed him toward their portfolio, not just to validate their capabilities but to inspire confidence. Ex Why Zed was positioned not merely as a service provider but as a creative collaborator in Ollie’s artistic venture.

Ex Why Zed approached the project holistically, covering the gamut from aesthetics to logistics. They stood as experts capable of magnifying Ollie’s work via professional printing, effectively bridging the divide between his creative aspirations and the tangible end product.

The Synergy and Outcome

The conversation evolved into a mutually beneficial relationship. Ollie received his creative A5 Booklet Printing that stood as a testament to his artistry, and Ex Why Zed had the chance to reinforce its reputation as a purveyor of finely crafted creative prints.

In summary, the past interaction represented a perfect melding of artistic ambition and technical mastery. Ollie found in Ex Why Zed a partner capable of realising his creative vision in print, while Ex Why Zed leveraged the opportunity to showcase its niche expertise. It was a win-win scenario, fueled by mutual respect and a unified quest for quality and innovation.

Design Insights ?

Analyzing the publication with a keen eye on the print spec reveals a harmonious blend of aesthetics, subject matter, and functionality. The A5 format lends the booklet an easy-to-handle, reader-friendly size, while the 4pp cover onto 300gsm Silk provides a tactile experience that immediately elevates the publication’s perceived value. Matt lamination adds a subtle sophistication, inviting touch and improved durability. The cover lamination choice is always matt or gloss, matt arguably looks more professional for a self promotional portfolio, brochure printing or annual report.

The author’s style is evident in the choice of imagery and layout; it’s expressive yet refined. There’s a balanced mix of text and visual elements, which keep the reader engaged without overwhelming them. The 20pp text onto 130gsm silk ensures high-quality printing, allowing for vibrant colours and clear, crisp fonts. Speaking of fonts, the typography is clean and legible, a crucial element often overlooked.

Illustration Artist Print

The screaming colour printing throughout the booklet provides a dynamic visual experience. This choice enhances the subject matter by allowing for full colour illustrations, diagrams, or photographs. The colour palette is well-chosen, creating a cohesive look and feel throughout the publication. The colour tones are in sync with the subject matter, adding another layer of engagement for the reader.

Orientation-wise, I didn’t notice any landscape layouts, indicating a conscious choice to stick with portrait. This ensures that the flow of information is linear and easy to follow, which aligns well with the wire-stitched binding style—another nod to user-friendly design.

Promotional Portfolio Printing

In terms of reader appeal, the publication checks all the boxes: compelling visuals, easy-to-read text, and a clean, intuitive layout. The wire-stitched binding style adds to its accessibility, ensuring it can be laid flat or folded back without damaging the spine.

To sum it up, this publication is a masterclass in how to balance form and function. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about enhancing the reader’s experience from the moment they pick it up, to the time they turn the last page. Every design choice made here is strategic, aimed at maximizing impact and engagement.

Your Next Print Project Awaits! ?

Inspired by Ollie Hirst’s artistic journey? Ex Why Zed is here to help you bring your UK creative projects to life. Don’t just admire, create! Check out Ollie’s other works and get started on your own masterpiece today!

We don’t charge for delivery in the UK and booklets with staples or perfect bound, leaflets or catalogues do not have vat on. Send us your PDF and we will transform your idea into print too.

What do you mean by booklet in printing?

In printing, a booklet refers to a small, bound publication that contains multiple pages. It is typically created by folding and stapling sheets of paper together. Booklets are commonly used for brochures, catalogs, and informational materials, providing a compact and organized way to present content.

Are Stapled Booklets A Good Choice in A5 Size?

Yes, in fact, saddle stitching is our most popular booklet option. A5 saddle stitched booklets are created by layering sheets of paper over one another and stitching down the middle to create a book. This method is a great choice for shorter booklets, with 8 – 64 pages available for printing.

If you’re looking to print a larger booklet in A5 size with more contet, consider the perfect bound option. Perfect binding is ideal for booklets with 40-700 pages, as the text block is glue bound together at the spine and then wrapped around with a cover that’s glued to the spine. This provides a professional and neat finish. Additionally, perfect bound A5 books can have printing on the spine, making them great for display and stacking. There are many high-quality paper stocks and finishes available for A5 booklet printing, and Ex Why Zed will aim to deliver in 4-5 working days.

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