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How Much Does Size A5 Booklet Printing Cost in the UK?

Posted on 18 January 2022
how to find size a5 booklet printing services online,

A5 booklets have a lot of uses for businesses and organisations alike, typically as informational brochures, providing knowledge in bite-sized books. A5 booklets are also excellent for advertising new businesses, products, and services. If you want to have your own A5 booklets for whatever reason, you’ll need to work with an A5 booklet printing service provider. Continue reading below to learn more about A5 booklet printing, including how much it will cost you.

Uses of A5 sized booklets

1. Advertisements

As stated above, A5-sized booklets are best used as advertisements for businesses. They are large enough to contain crucial information about the services or products that a business offers. And, in case the information you want to convey doesn’t fit, you can always include more pages; unlike a brochure, which is limited to just a spread.

When given to customers, they can be easily put away in a bag for later reading, instead of going directly into the rubbish bin as is the case with larger, harder-to-carry posters. They can also be included on your help desk, so interested customers can simply procure one for themselves if they are interested.

2. Manuals

A lot of manuals, especially those that contain a variety of illustrations, are generally printed on size A5 booklets. A5 is one of the best sizes for manuals. It provides a good page size for detailed illustrations or figures, and their corresponding text instructions.

Since you can choose between coloured or black and white pages, you will not run out of options to print essential information. The booklets can be used as a training manual for your employees or as a manual for some of your more specialised equipment.

3. Product catalogues

If your business offers a wide variety of products, you can list them all in a product catalogue. A5 sized booklets are great for this purpose since they are small enough for portability. Moreover, they are also large enough to have more than enough space for product pictures and displays. You can have upwards of a hundred pages with an A5 size booklet, ensuring that you won’t run out of space to list most if not all of your best-sellers.

The option to switch to coloured pages is also handy if you really want to showcase how your products look. With an A5 size booklet, you can bring your products to life in a fun-sized package.

why should you get a5 booklet printing

Cost of printing A5 size booklets in the UK

There is no definite answer to the cost of A5 booklet printing UK, as the price of A5 booklet printing depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the type of cover you want for the booklet, the type of binding, the paper used, and different finishes like matte, gloss, or no finish. The colourisation of pages will also affect its price, with black and white costing less than full-coloured pages. Lastly, the number of pages will also factor in the total price – obviously, more pages will cost more.

Nevertheless, expect to spend at least £58 if you are printing 25 copies of a book that uses silk with 150 gsm thickness, a long edge bond, a basic silk cover, and no lamination.

If you are looking for a booklet printing service provider that offers quality A5 booklet printing at affordable rates, give us a try here on Ex Why Zed. We provide close support to our customers, and we aim to give accessible service to everyone.

We offer full customisation on our A5 booklets. You can choose how you want it to be, from the page colourisation, binding, page finish and materials, and cover type, you can customise it all. The price will be automatically adjusted depending on your configurations. By working with us, you can expect to pay reasonable prices that depend entirely on your preferences.

Use the printed project builder on this website to get an idea of how much a project is going to cost you. Just put in the size, page count, materials for both the cover and the paper, cover type and finish, colourisation, binding type, and other details about your project; we will get back to you with a price quote as soon as possible. If you are interested in our other services like A4 booklet printing, browse our website for more information. For your other questions or enquiries, you can contact us via telephone at 01206 766647. Alternatively, you can also write to us via email at hello@exwhyzed.com.


What is an A5 booklet?

A5 booklets are  148 mm wide and 210 mm long. There’s enough space for creative content to feature your brand’s products or services, despite A5 booklets being a bit smaller compared to A4 booklets. By going for A5 booklet printing, you would have several pages that can be utilised to convey vital information about your products or services.

Is A5 good for a book?

Yes! We at Ex Why Zed produce numerous books within the A5 size. A5 is great because it offers portability without compromising on space too much. From guidebooks to novels, and even to children’s books, you can’t go wrong with A5 books. This is the reason why 148 × 210 mm booklet printing is very popular in the industry.

How much does booklet printing cost?

Several factors can make a difference in booklet printing costs, including the materials used, as well as the rates offered by your chosen printing company. Booklet printing prices can be anywhere between £18 and £18,000. To learn how much your project would cost, ask us for a quote today

How many pages does it take to print a booklet?

You need at least four pages to make a booklet. Booklets are made by printing out four pages on one sheet of paper – two in the front and two in the back. Because of the way booklets are made, there can’t be an odd number of pages.

How long does it take to print an order of booklets?

An answer for the question how long does booklet printing take depends on several factors, including the complexity of the design and the size of your order. To get a rough estimate of when your order will be completed, feel free to speak with our printing specialists.

What is booklet printing?

Booklets are small bound books that have paper covers and a small number of pages compared to standard-sized books. Booklet printing is the process in which booklets are printed and bound. 

Because booklets can display a lot of information while still being small enough to be portable, booklet printing has become a popular choice for many different purposes.

Choosing the Right Printing Company

To obtain the best results possible for your printing project, it’s important to ensure that you’re hiring the best printing company out there.

Before hiring a prospective company, you need to make sure that they produce high-quality results. Your printed documents will represent your brand, and as such, they need to look professional. It’s best to ask your potential printing company about the projects that they’ve previously worked on and whether or not they’ve managed to deliver on their clients’ expectations.

Asking them about their services can also prove to be insightful. Ask if they offer any customisation options or what A5 booklet printing templates they use.

Practice your due diligence when choosing a printing company, and you definitely won’t regret it.

Why Booklet Printing Is Important for Marketing

Booklets are excellent ways to market your brand’s products or services. They work similarly to brochures and are perfect for small businesses that want to engage more with their customers.

Booklets have the flexibility to be utilised in many different ways. For example, they can be used to explain your company’s best-selling products or your most popular services. Booklets also have more space for content compared to postcards or leaflets.

The low costs of zine and booklet printing for 148 × 210 mm booklets are also a major benefit. You can provide more information to your intended audience at a lower price.

Qualities to Look for in a Good Printing Company

The printing industry has been growing more and more in recent years, with everyone having access to a wide range of printing services in the UK market. To ensure that you’ll acquire the best printing results, you should get printing services from a company that has the right qualities.

how to find size a5 booklet printing services online,

Look for companies that have shown creativity in their previous projects in printing for A5 sized booklets. Ask for samples of their work and determine if the quality is on par with your standards.

Above all else, you need to ensure that such companies provide high-quality services. Some companies have the latest printing machines and professional teams but cannot produce quality results. That’s why you should make sure your prospective printing company can exceed your expectations.

For all your printing needs, check out what we offer here at Ex Why Zed. You can rest assured that our printing experts can produce the best results for your project.

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