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What You Can Do to Make the Best Custom Notebooks

Posted on 18 January 2022

Custom notebooks can promote your business and provide your customers with something
to use and remember you by. If you want to run a campaign to increase brand recall,
notebooks may prove an excellent investment. Hardback notebook printing companies like
Ex Why Zed can provide you with various options that will fit your vision and budget.
Hardback book printing is a craft, and you should have a supportive and professional service
provider to do it for you.


If your company has created custom designs based on your branding, you can convert them
to wallpapers, icons, greeting cards, and company paraphernalia. Transferring the branding
to a notebook will also be a great way to promote and strengthen your brand.
Notebooks come in all shapes and sizes. You can design it in a way that will speak to
customers and be related to your brand.

You can choose any photo to put on the cover. You can also put your company logo, some
creative typography, or just about anything you can dream of. Ask your hardback notebook
company what types of customisations they can do for you.

Notebook Options


If you are thinking of printing notebooks, there is a wide range of options in terms of size,
cover design, and more. Below, we discuss the things you need to consider.

The most common sizes are A6, A5, A4, and 210×210 mm. When choosing sizes, consider
the intended purpose of the notebook, as well as its design. Smaller ones like A6 are ideal if
your target customers are on the go and want something handy to take along with them.

If you cater to people who work in the office and are always by their desk, a bigger A4 size
may be better. You can also make the notebook size completely unorthodox if you wish, but
take note that this may cost more.

Another consideration to make is the cover, and we’re not just talking about the design. The
weight of the cover page also varies. 300 gsm is typically a good weight for a notebook

Covers can also be coated with gloss, silk, or simply left uncoated. Lamination can also be
used to give the cover protection against scratches.

Inside pages are the most important parts of the notebook, which is why you should put
more thought and consideration into it. There are uncoated varieties, which have a brighter
and smoother finish. Some coatings can be used to make the pages appear off-white.

When it comes to the type of paper, you can choose between recycled paper or a house
blend. The weight of the paper usually ranges from 115 gsm to 170 gsm. The thicker the
paper, the better the ink, pencil, and crayon will stick.

You can have designs printed on the paper as well. There’s lined paper, graph paper, or
completely blank options, which each appeal to different people.

How to Make Better Notebooks for Your Company


The key to making good notebooks is to define the goal and key concepts you want to
convey within the campaign. To get the most out of your investment, you must decide what
your goals will be.

You have to make sure that the branding is on point and consistent with your company
guidelines. This means the colour scheme, font, logo, and the things that make up your
corporate logo are reflected in your design and output.

It can be quite tempting to go with a nice design you saw while researching, but nothing
beats a consistent and on-brand design to provide the best recall for your company.


Another thing that many companies tend to forget is to remember their own employees and
associates. Remember that your employees are your primary ambassadors. If your
employees use a customised and branded notebook when jotting down notes, they would
not just look smart, but they would also embody the brand’s overall appeal. In a sense,
branded notebooks are subtle posters that showcase your brand to others.

When giving away notebooks to your clients, customers, or suppliers, you are providing
them with a piece of your company, in a sense. Notebooks may be small, but they are also
like bricks that help build B2B relationships and forge loyalty among customers and clients.

What’s great about a notebook is that it is used every day for a variety of purposes other
than office work. People can use them in daily life as well. So, think about how they would
use them and design them accordingly.

If you want people to perceive your business or company in the best way possible,
remember to make high-quality products. This will send the message that you don’t
compromise on the things you give away, which is why they can also rely on you to provide
high-quality services.

People will not just appreciate the thought of receiving a great gift from you. Quality
promotional items will also improve brand recall, enhance your company’s image, and
promote it to a wider range of people.

Surely, notebooks may seem like small things, but with the right treatment and design, they
can greatly aid your branding campaign’s success.


Your Printing Partner

Hardback book printing can provide plenty of opportunities for companies, individuals, and
anyone who wants to promote their brand or simply make something to give away. To
ensure the best-quality prints, you need to seek out and work with a reliable printing

At Ex Why Zed, we use the latest printing materials, methods, and technology to provide
you with the best outputs possible. We carefully collaborate with our clients to ensure that
they receive the right products of their goals, whether they need custom notebooks or custom journals,
booklets, hardback or paperback books, and many more.

For enquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out or use the quotation button to get started.

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