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Newspaper Printing Prices at Ex Why Zed

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Realise Your Dream and Become a Newspaper Editor

The bustling excitement of printing your own newspaper can be invigorating for any writer or publisher. We offer independent newspaper printing services that cater to all of your creative needs and budget requirements.

• All Sizes from A5 to A3.
• Choose Your Own Custom Size.
• 100gsm Paper, not Fish n Chip Wrapper.
• Sustainable FSC and 100% Recycled Papers
• Staple or Nest Up To 72pp.
• Free UK Delivery.
• Extensive Design and Styling Help.

On this page, we will delve deeper into the creative choices that can influence your printing costs. From selecting the perfect paper type to deciding on the number of pages, our team will guide you through it all.

We have a range of newspaper printing prices to suit your specific requirements. So, let’s get started on turning your dreams into reality with our indie newspaper printing services.

Highlighting Our Winning Newspaper Prices ?
? 380x289mm Newspapers
£4.39 / copy
Stapled and Ready To Distribute
24 Printed Pages
Full Colour Printing
100gsm Silk, Gloss or Uncoated
Order 100 for £439
Buy Now
? A3 Stapled Newspapers
£1.07 / Copy
Promote Your Brand to a New Audience
16 Printed Pages
Full Colour Printing
100gsm Silk, Gloss or Uncoated
Order 1000 for £1070
Buy Now
? 245x172mm Mini Papers
20 Papers for £124
Ideal for Student Hand Outs
32 Printed Pages
Full Colour Printing
100gsm Silk, Gloss or Uncoated
Free UK Delivery
Buy Now

Ex Why Zed Newspaper Printing Prices ?️

Get ready for some Maths…here is the complete list of our print costs.

Find your newspaper size and binding style on the left ⬅️
Scroll down for your number of pages ⬇️
Scan right for the quantity ➡️


Number of Pages1 Copy25 Copies50 Copies100 Copies200 Copies 500 Copies
SIZE 8 Printed Pages160180200248300498
Choose A3 or Digital Tabloid (380x289mm)12 Printed Pages164196226296408690
or ANY Custom size up to 420x297mm.16 Printed Pages168210252344516882
20 Printed Pages172225 2783926241074
PAPER 24 Printed Pages177240 3044397311265
100gsm Uncoated, Silk or Gloss.28 Printed Pages1822553284908301458
All of our papers are FSC and Sustainable.32 Printed Pages1862703535419301650
36 Printed Pages206 30039462810681860
BINDING STYLE40 Printed Pages22532943571612052072
Stapled (Saddle Stitched).44 Printed Pages23034446277213202242
48 Printed Pages23436048882614342412
52 Printed Pages23837451488015482582
56 Printed Pages24439054093616622752
60 Printed Pages24840656699017782922
64 Printed Pages252420592104618923090
68 Printed Pages256436618110020063262
72 Printed Pages260450644115621203430


Number of Pages1 Copy25 Copies50 Copies100 Copies200 Copies500 Copies
SIZE 8 Printed Pages140164184232330492
Choose A3 or Digital Tabloid (380x289mm)12 Printed Pages142176206276410676
or ANY Custom size up to 420x297mm. 16 Printed Pages143186228320492860
20 Printed Pages1441962503645821044
PAPER 24 Printed Pages1452082724086741228
Pick from 100gsm Uncoated, Silk or Gloss.28 Printed Pages1462202924527641410
All of our papers are FSC and Sustainable.32 Printed Pages1462303144988561594
36 Printed Pages1602563505609641792
BINDING STYLE40 Printed Pages17528238862610741990
Nested (Folded but not Bound)44 Printed Pages17629240867211642142
48 Printed Pages17630443071812562294
52 Printed Pages17631445276413462446
56 Printed Pages17632447281014362600
60 Printed Pages17833649485615262752
64 Printed Pages17834851690416182904
68 Printed Pages17835852895017083056
72 Printed Pages17836856099618003210


Number of Pages1 Copy25 Copies50 Copies100 Copies200 Copies500 Copies
SIZE 8 Printed Pages130134 142148180354
Choose A3 or Digital Tabloid (380x289mm)12 Printed Pages134140160176244488
or ANY Custom size up to 420x297mm. 16 Printed Pages138148178206308622
20 Printed Pages142160196234372756
PAPER 24 Printed Pages146170216262436890
Pick from 100gsm Uncoated, Silk or Gloss.28 Printed Pages1501802322924961026
All of our papers are FSC and Sustainable.32 Printed Pages1541922503245541162
36 Printed Pages1682162703806261308
BINDING STYLE40 Printed Pages1842402924407001456
Stapled (Saddle Stitched)44 Printed Pages1882483124707701576
48 Printed Pages1922583325008401696
52 Printed Pages1962683545329121816
56 Printed Pages2002763765629841936
60 Printed Pages20428639659210562054
64 Printed Pages20829641862411262180
68 Printed Pages21030643865411962290
72 Printed Pages21231646068412662420


Number of Pages1 Copy25 Copies50 Copies100 Copies200 Copies500 Copies1000 Copies
SIZE 8 Printed Pages212218248288472588638
Choose A3 or Digital Tabloid (380x289mm)12 Printed Pages218230280342562772852
or ANY Custom size up to 420x297mm. 16 Printed Pages2262423123986529561070
20 Printed Pages23226034245274211381280
PAPER 24 Printed Pages23827637450683013221492
Onto 100gsm Uncoated 100% Recycled28 Printed Pages24429440456492614861704
32 Printed Pages250312436622102016501914
BINDING STYLE36 Printed Pages272342484724119018542126
Stapled (Saddle Stitched)40 Printed Pages296374536824136020602338
44 Printed Pages304392568890146022122548
48 Printed Pages310410600950156423642760
52 Printed Pages3164286321012166625142972
56 Printed Pages3244466641076176826703180
60 Printed Pages3324646961140187028223394
64 Printed Pages3384847301202197229763610
68 Printed Pages3445027621264207431283820
72 Printed Pages3505207961326217632804030


Number of Pages1 Copy2 Copies5 Copies10 Copies20 Copies50 Copies100 Copies200 Copies500 Copies
SIZE 8pp6870747688108154244370
'Mini Newspaper' 245x172mm12pp7071748092118180282420
PAPER 20pp73748086104142238378596
100gsm Uncoated, Silk or Gloss.24pp 76788290110156270438720
All of our papers are FSC28pp78808694116168300470736
BINDING STYLE36pp818490100128196362508880
Stapled (Saddle Stitched)40pp8286941041342123905621008


Number of Pages1 Copy2 Copies5 Copies10 Copies20 Copies50 Copies100 Copies200 Copies500 Copies
SIZE 8pp444650546088126200354
Standard A4 Size. 297x210mm.12pp4446505664110160254478
PAPER 20pp4446507098152230352720
100gsm Uncoated, Silk or Gloss.24pp44465274114166262396838
All of our papers are FSC28pp44466084130188290456968
BINDING STYLE36pp4446741061642263405641196
Stapled (Saddle Stitched)40pp4446821181802403646101294


Number of Pages1 Copy2 Copies5 Copies10 Copies20 Copies50 Copies100 Copies200 Copies500 Copies
SIZE 8pp44465262668298122220
Standard A5 Size. 210x148mm.12pp444652626682108154276
PAPER 20pp4446526270100136216396
100gsm Uncoated, Silk or Gloss.24pp4446526278116154246460
All of our papers are FSC28pp4446525484130174272516
BINDING STYLE36pp4446525496152206316638
Stapled (Saddle Stitched)40pp44465258104160220336704

Enjoy The Buzz of Seeing Your Work in Print

Bring your ideas to life with our short-run newspaper printing services and experience the excitement of unboxing your own professionally printed tabloid style publication. Showcase your creativity and talent with Ex Why Zed and share your stories and ideas with the world. UK’s finest printing awaits you!

Independent Newspaper Printing at Ex Why Zed

Looking for high-quality, sustainable newspaper printing services in 2024? At Ex Why Zed, we specialise in printing for artists, self-publishers and creative businesses. We run Ex Why Zed for that moment when we open our inbox and find a super cool project or stunning PDF staring back.

Creative Choices That Influence Your Newspaper Printing Costs

Factors such as size, number of pages, binding type, and quantity can influence the cost of your print run. While full colour printing is visually stunning, black ink is slightly cheaper. Understanding these creative choices will help you make informed decisions about your newspaper printing costs.

We have a minimum order quantity of 1 copy, but the more copies you print the lower the price per copy will be.

Selecting Your Size from Mini to Tabloid and Beyond

Choose from A5 to A3 and all custom sizes up to 420x297mm. Consider an ergonomic size based on audience and intended use. For something more eye-catching, choose our Digital Tabloid 380x289mm or Mini 245x172mm.

Uncoated, Silk or Gloss: Which Suits Your Brand Best?

When choosing a paper type, consider what best aligns with your brand identity and target audience. Uncoated paper conveys the authenticity of newsprint and a personal touch, while silk paper gives a sophisticated and polished look. Gloss paper enhances colours and adds a high-end feel. Think about your brand’s image and message when deciding on the paper type.

Deciding your Number of Pages – How Much Content Do You Have?

Finding the right number of pages for your newspaper can be a tricky decision. Should you base it on the price or let the content determine the length? Prioritise your important content and plan ahead to fit your budget. Remember, adding more pages will increase printing costs. Check out our Newspaper Design and Styling guides for ideas on layout and content.

What is the Difference Between Full Colour and Black Ink?

There key distinction between full colour and black ink newspapers is that full colour newspapers are printed in CMYK ink.This is Cyan., Magenta, Yellow and Black ink making them visually appealing and vibrant. On the other hand, black ink newspapers have a classic and traditional appearance, while also being slightly more cost-effective. Consider your content, target audience, and budget when choosing between the two options.

Binding Types: Stapled or Nested?

Consider the functionality and aesthetics you desire when deciding on the binding type. Stapled binding keeps pages secure and allows easy page turning, while nested binding creates a sleek and seamless appearance. Take into account the number of pages and the overall look you want to achieve. Choose the binding type that best suits your newspaper’s needs.

The Impact of Binding on the Look and Feel of Your Newspaper

Choosing the right binding for your newspaper can have a significant impact on its overall look and feel. Stapled binding gives a traditional and functional appearance, while nested binding offers a seamless and sophisticated look. Consider your content, purpose, and target audience when deciding on the binding type to ensure it complements the design and enhances the reader experience.

How to Order Your Indie Newspaper

Ordering your indie newspaper is a breeze with our easy-to-follow Print Journey. Choose your size, number of pages, paper type, quantity, then you’re ready to upload your PDF artwork using WeTransfer.com to hello@exwhyzed.com

Send us your PDF Artwork and we’ll do the rest

We will preflight your artwork on arrival, contact you if there are any technical suggested changes to make it print ready. Then we’ll send a final proof and go ahead to print…exciting!

Delivery Information – UK and Global

Fast and reliable delivery for independent papers. We will pay your shipping to one UK address. Yes, that’s right, delivery within the UK is FREE. We send by courier so your delivery every step of the way.

International shipping, if required, will be charged at our cost price from the cheapest courier on the day. You can usually choose a next day or 48 hour service which tends to be more expensive than an economy 3-5 day option.

Any Questions? We’re Here To Help

Just wondering something? Our friendly team is here to help. Whether you need assistance with artwork, choosing the right ink and colour options, or a specific niche question, we’ve got you covered. You can rely on us to provide outstanding customer service throughout the entire process, from checkout all the way to delivery.

Get your print quote
All Sizes from A5 to A3.
Choose Your Own Custom Size.
Premium 100gsm Paper, not Fish n Chip Wrapper.
Sustainable FSC and 100% Recycled Papers
Choose from a Silk, Gloss or Uncoated Finish
Staple Binding or Nest Folding Up To 72pp.
Free UK Delivery. We'll Pick The Cost Up For You.
Extensive Design and Styling Help.

Newspaper Printing Prices FAQs

Just wondering something? We have all the answers.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below or do give us a shout on email, phone and live chat.

View all our FAQ's
Are there any discounts available for bulk orders?

Yes, Ex Why Zed offers discounts for bulk orders. Check our Price List matrixes and you’ll love seeing the cost per paper drop super quickly the more copies you order. If you’d like to print more than 1000 copies, get in touch on 01206 766647 or hello@exwhyzed.com for a bespoke price.

Are there any hidden costs associated with your newspaper printing prices?

No, there are no sneaky hidden costs with newspaper printing at Ex Why Zed. Our prices listed include all necessary setup fees, there is no Vat to pay and delivery is on us. We believe in transparency and providing our customers with clear pricing information upfront.

Can You Print onto Newsprint?

Authentic newsprint is a little too thin for our HP Indigo and Heidelberg litho machines. On smaller print runs choose 100gsm Uncoated, Gloss or Silk for a thin, easy-to-turn choice. For longer print runs, we can go for an even thinner 80gsm – think photocopier paper, flexible and light weight to give a newspaper charm.

Can You Help Me Design My Newspaper?

Yes, we have curated a frankly ridiculous set of amazing newspaper design articles that take an extensive look at the winning design techniques used by Newspapers around the World, how best to lay out pages to attract your audience and xxxx.

Grab your favourite drink and enjoy learning from icons of the newspaper world.

Do You Know Any Good Designers?
YES! If you are looking for a designer to artwork and layout the pages, then do take a look at these articles we have written:
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