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Sports Photography Book Printing: Capturing the Charlotte FC Spirit

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A5 Zine
4pp Cover onto 300gsm Silk
Matt laminated to the outer
42 inside pages onto 130gsm Silk
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of match day with “In A Flash,” the stunning sports photography book printing that captures the essence of Charlotte FC’s passionate fanbase. Through the lens of Tyler Dolph, his football art zine printing goes beyond mere images, offering a palpable experience that transports you right into the heart of the action. Every turn of the page in this exquisitely crafted publication by Ex Why Zed brings to life the vibrant energy and shared spirit.

Capturing the Heartbeat

“In A Flash” is an exhilarating visual narrative that encapsulates the fervour of Charlotte FC’s fans. Tyler Dolph, with a discerning eye for the essence of sport and celebration, has crafted a zine that vibrates with the pulse of the fans—the east goal stand where passion for soccer is a shared language.

CMYK Zine Printing

The zine’s colour palette is dominated by Charlotte’s signature bright blues, skillfully contrasting against the stark blacks and whites of the fans’ apparel. This careful selection of colours does more than represent the team; it tells a story of unity and identity that is intrinsic to sports culture.

Typography Design and the Language of Fandom

Dolph’s choice of typography in “In A Flash” is deliberate—bold, clear, and assertive. It reflects the unwavering support of the fans, mirroring the boldness with which the home support stands behind their team. The titles are more than words; they are chants that resonate off the page.

Two Covers is Better Than One

The unique aspect of Tyler’s Zine is the two covers – each bookmarking the start and finish. Rotate the zine to start from the other side and find the photography orientated the correct way for reading. Challenging to set up but a win win for the reader.

Perfect Bound Zine Design

The layout of the zine is a dance of still images. The dynamic angles and full-bleed photos capture movement, emotion, and the very soul of match day. Each turn of the page mirrors the rhythm of fans in motion, with the perfect binding allowing each spread to lay flat, inviting the reader to step into the scene.

Binding Style: Holding Memories Together

The perfect binding is not just a functional aspect of the zine; it is symbolic of the unity within the Charlotte FC community. It holds together moments that form the collective memory of the fans—memories of victories, losses, and undying support.

Actionable Insights for Aspiring Zinesters

  • Utilise a colour palette that resonates with the subject’s identity.
  • Choose typography that embodies the spirit of the content.
  • Design layouts that capture the dynamism of your subject.
  • Consider the binding as part of the storytelling experience.

These elements, woven together, create a sports photography book that does more than document—it immerses, it celebrates, and it becomes a part of the storied history it depicts.

Collaborative Excellence: Ex Why Zed and Tyler Dolph’s Creative Synergy

Key Takeaways from the Print Journey:

  • Tyler Dolph initiated the project with clear specifications for an A5 zine print run.
  • Ex Why Zed responded enthusiastically, praising the project’s front cover and expressing excitement to feature it on social media.
  • The correspondence reflects a positive relationship, with Ex Why Zed valuing Tyler’s choice to work with them and showing eagerness to realise his vision.

Transforming Vision into Print: The Ex Why Zed Advantage

Tyler Dolph approached Ex Why Zed with a new project, an A5 zine titled “In A Flash,” aiming to encapsulate the match day experience of the Charlotte FC fans. Tyler had previously discussed quotes, indicating an ongoing relationship and familiarity with Ex Why Zed’s quality of service. The specs were clearly outlined, suggesting Tyler’s experience and confidence in Ex Why Zed to deliver the desired outcome.

Ex Why Zed’s response was prompt and vibrant with enthusiasm. Commending the striking front cover, they assured Tyler of their commitment to the project, highlighting the shared excitement and anticipation of showcasing the completed zine. This interaction not only reaffirmed the collaborative spirit between the client and the printer but also Ex Why Zed’s commitment to celebrating and promoting their clients’ work.

Expertise Meets Enthusiasm

The dialogue between Tyler and Ex Why Zed was a textbook example of professional rapport. Tyler’s vision was met with Ex Why Zed’s expertise, forming a partnership that promised a product that would resonate with fans and readers alike. The email exchanges were solution-focused and guided the project through their expertise in print and finishing options, thus providing comprehensive support to Tyler.

Client Praise as a Featured Comment

Within the conversation, there is a sense of mutual respect and satisfaction. Tyler’s selection of Ex Why Zed for this project and their positive reaction to the artwork reflects the trust and high regard in which they hold one another. This sentiment, indicative of a successful and rewarding partnership, is a testament to Ex Why Zed’s dedication to their clients’ success.

This synopsis of the email interaction demonstrates Ex Why Zed’s ability to blend professional expertise with personalised support, turning creative visions into tangible, high-quality printed works that speak volumes. The positive exchange not only solidifies Ex Why Zed’s reputation for excellence but also showcases their role in bringing the vibrant spirit of sporting events to life through print. ​


“In A Flash” stands as a vibrant chronicle of sporting passion, brilliantly brought to print by Ex Why Zed. It’s a celebration of the beautiful game, the community that surrounds it, and the collective memories forged in the crucible of competition. This case study has illuminated the collaborative journey of a photographer’s vision and a print company’s expertise, culminating in a tactile treasure that resonates with the soul of sports fans.

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