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A Statement in Business Printing – Pulse Brands Unleashing the Feminine

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A5 Books
4pp Cover onto 300gsm Uncoated
Matt Lamination to outer
36pp Text onto 120gsm Uncoated
Full colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Business Printing to Reach A New Audience ⛺ Pulse Brands Unleashing the Feminine

Pulse Brands, a global brand transformation company, is known for its innovative approach to branding. Their work is centred around creating meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. One such project is the “Unleashing the Feminine” insight report, a powerful exploration of the role of femininity in today’s world. But how do they present this groundbreaking research? Enter Ex Why Zed, a trusted partner in creative business printing.

Over the last two years, Pulse has led a series of masterclasses around a set of leadership principles that can be deployed to help individuals, teams and organisations to be at their best. On March 7, Pulse held their sixth masterclass ‘Unleashing the Feminine’. With attendees from different backgrounds and industries, the session kick-fired discussion on how and why feminine qualities are critical to addressing issues from climate change to social exclusion. Co-hosted by Simon Milton from Pulse and Karen Downes from The Flourish Initiative the workshop ignited a discussion on how we can move away from the old-world patriarchal mind-set. We have picked out six major insights but in reality the event is part of a long journey for many in the audience covering multiple complex issues.

For more information about Pulse Brands and their work.

Exploring The Feminine

Exploring the Feminine provides a powerful lens to understand the largely masculine world we live in – and this understanding helps to create a useful insight into what needs to change. Since organisations have historically based themselves on masculine behaviours it’s not surprising people can struggle to be and feel wholly present. – There was a clear belief that both the masculine and feminine aspects of the 12 Purposeful Leadership Principles are equally important in addressing the issues we face. For example, our goal-driven world (masculine) needs to pay equal attention to the health of the system/ community/team (feminine). – Talking about the feminine and masculine qualities is only useful if it helps us become better versions of what we are. For example, an understanding that there are many different feminine and masculine qualities of courage or humility within us is important.

Crafting the Perfect Report

Pulse Brands approached Ex Why Zed with a vision: to create a series of A5 perfect bound books that would encapsulate their research findings and insights. The goal was to produce a tangible tool that could be distributed to clients and stakeholders, enhancing their understanding of the topic and driving meaningful conversations.

The specifications were clear: 4pp cover onto 300gsm uncoated paper, matt laminated to the outer, 32pp text onto 115gsm uncoated paper, and full colour print throughout. The books were to be perfect bound, resulting in a professional, easy-to-distribute format. Ex Why Zed, with its extensive experience in brochure printing and report printing, was more than up to the task.

The Power of Print

In the realm of research and insights, the power of print cannot be underestimated. A well-designed, professionally printed report can make a lasting impression, providing a tactile experience that digital platforms simply can’t replicate. Ex Why Zed, with its state-of-the-art HP Indigo Printer, was able to bring Pulse Brands’ vision to life, delivering high-quality books that perfectly represented the research findings.

A Bold Success

The result? A series of beautifully designed books featuring a superb combination of duo tone yellow and black graphics. The pages themselves were printed with a yellow background, a cost-effective alternative to specifying premium yellow paper. The books were a hit, enhancing the understanding of the research and contributing to the overall success of the project.

A Partnership in Business Printing

Pulse Brands’ partnership with Ex Why Zed proved to be a fruitful one, with Ex Why Zed delivering on their promise of quality, affordability, and excellent customer service. The success of this project is a testament to Ex Why Zed’s commitment to providing top-notch business printing services to its clients.

Want to learn more about Pulse Brands and their innovative approach to branding? Visit their website to explore their offerings. And if you’re in need of high-quality, affordable printing services, look no further than Ex Why Zed, your trusted partner in digital printing for business.

This case study is a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and high-quality printing. Whether you’re a brand strategist, a creative professional, or simply someone interested in the world of print, there’s something to learn from this success story. So, why not dive in and discover the power of print for yourself?

This is an ideal print spec for a promotional book whether it be for you or your business. A 300gsm Uncoated cover with matt lamination and 115gsm Uncoated inside pages works well. A 4 page cover and 36 inside pages is cost-effective and professional in appearance.

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