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Perfect Bound Photobook Printing with delivery to Sweden

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285x205mm Perfect Bound Books.
4 page cover onto 250gsm Uncoated.
Matt lamination to the outer.
72 inside pages onto 115gsm Uncoated.
Full colour print throughout

A Symphony of Images: The Journey of ‘Jul Och Nyar’

The world of photobook printing is a realm of endless creativity, a testament to the power of visual storytelling. One such tale is beautifully encapsulated in ‘Jul Och Nyar’ by Astrid Robertson, a classic collection of photography, superbly curated into an engaging photobook. The images, taken in Switzerland during December 2019 and January 2020, are complemented by hand and digitally created illustrations, forming a harmonious blend of artistry and reality.

Astrid’s Instagram @astridrphoto offers a glimpse into her creative process and the journey of ‘Jul Och Nyar’. The dedicated page on her website further delves into the essence of the photobook, providing a comprehensive view of her work.

The Ex Why Zed Magic: Perfect Bound Photobook Printing

At Ex Why Zed, we take pride in bringing such creative visions to life. ‘Jul Och Nyar’ was transformed into a tangible masterpiece through our perfect bound photobook printing services. The book was crafted as a 285x205mm Perfect Bound Book, with a 4 page cover onto 250gsm Uncoated, Matt lamination to the outer, and 72 inside pages onto 115gsm Uncoated. The result? A photobook that not only showcases Astrid’s work but also stands as a testament to the quality and precision of Ex Why Zed’s printing services.

A Tapestry of Photobooks: The Ex Why Zed Portfolio

Jul Och Nyar’ is just one of the many photobooks we’ve had the privilege to print. Our portfolio is a rich tapestry of diverse projects, each with its unique narrative and creative vision. For instance, ‘New York’ by Sixstreetunder captures the vibrant energy of the Big Apple, while ‘Avanipok’ by Conor McDonnell takes you on a breathtaking journey through the natural landscapes of Iceland.

From ’45 Minutes North’ by Joe Griffiths that explores the serene beauty of the North to ‘Finland: The Happiness Project’ by Map6 that delves into the secret behind Finland’s happiness, our portfolio is a testament to the boundless creativity and diversity of photobooks.

Supporting Our Clients

At Ex Why Zed, we believe in more than just printing. We strive to provide a holistic experience, supporting our clients from the initial concept to the final product. Our self-published book printing and zine printing services are designed to cater to a wide range of creative needs, ensuring that every project we undertake is a reflection of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The World of Photobooks: A Creative Odyssey

The world of photobooks is an exciting realm of creativity and self-expression. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a budding artist, self-publishing a photobook is a rewarding and uplifting experience. With Ex Why Zed by your side, you can embark on your creative odyssey, assured of our unwavering support and expertise. So, are you ready to bring your vision to life? Join us on this exciting journey and let’s create something extraordinary together!

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Brilliant communication from start to finish. Mike had endless patience for the many questions we asked. The guides provided were easy to follow and super helpful (the video guides are a must watch too). Our order of hardback illustrated children's books was delivered expertly packaged and on time. As for the finished product itself - stunning - a real joy to finally hold, beautifully made and perfectly printed! We couldn't have asked for more. Well, we did - we instantly placed an order for paperback children's colouring books too, which we are equally as happy with. Look forward to working with Ex Why Zed again in the future.
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