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Large Format Booklet Printing – Showcasing Tiwi Artistry at JGM Gallery

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380x289mm Booklets
Full colour print throughout
52pp Self Cover
onto 100gsm 100% Recycled Uncoated
Trimmed, collated and wire stitched

Dive into the captivating world of “Yoi,” a stellar exhibition catalogue from JGM Gallery that showcases the enchanting artworks of the Munupi Arts and Crafts Association. Crafted by Ex Why Zed, this booklet is a large-format masterpiece, staple-bound and echoing the artistry of the Tiwi people through its immersive design. Expect a journey through thematic significance, artistic fervour, and a print specification that honours the integrity of the original works. Engage with a case study that delves deep into the collaborative synergy between JGM Gallery and Ex Why Zed, a testament to unparalleled booklet printing for art galleries.
Evaluating the vivid pages of “Yoi,” one cannot help but be swept into the profound narrative woven through the tactile presence of each artwork. This catalogue from JGM Gallery is an A3-sized testament to the cultural heartbeat of the Tiwi people, reflected in the Munupi Arts and Crafts Association’s powerful expressions. The full-colour prints draw the viewer into a dialogue with the soulful narratives depicted in each piece.

The Aesthetics of Culture and Craft

The imagery within “Yoi” transcends mere visual representation; it’s a chronicle of tradition and the resonant stories of the Tiwi people. The choice to dedicate entire double-page spreads to close-ups of the artworks is a bold one, allowing readers to appreciate the meticulous line work—a visual whisper of the creators’ hands at work. The raw, textured finish of the 100% recycled uncoated paper parallels the organic essence of the indigenous art it carries, emphasising the gallery’s commitment to authenticity.

Typographic Interplay and Narrative Design

Juxtaposed with the vibrant artworks are the typographic pages featuring interviews with the artists. These sections are masterclasses in minimalism, the sparseness of text allowing the voices of the artists to echo louder. The design choices here—subtle yet deliberate—serve to underscore the narrative strength of the spoken word, ensuring that the story of each piece is as compelling as the visual feast it accompanies.

Binding and Layout: A Structural Reflection of Content

The wire-stitched binding of “Yoi” is not merely a functional aspect of the booklet’s design; it’s a nod to the unity and interconnectedness inherent in Aboriginal art. Each stitch contributes to the narrative, symbolising the interconnected stories within the community. The layout choices—a mix of audacious artwork spreads and contemplative typographic pages—mirror the catalogue’s thematic dance between the bold and the introspective.

Actionable Insights for Future Designers:

• Embrace the power of whitespace and allow your content to breathe, ensuring the narrative impact is undiluted.
• Select materials that resonate with the artwork’s essence, reinforcing the thematic undertones of your content.
• Consider the structural elements of your design as extensions of your narrative, each choice adding depth to the story you’re telling.

The “Yoi” catalogue is an exemplary model of how design and content can coalesce to form not just a publication, but a cultural artefact. It serves as a blueprint for designers aiming to craft a publication that does more than display art—it preserves and narrates a rich tapestry of history and identity.

The Print Journey of JGM Gallery at Ex Why Zed

• JGM Gallery planned a new order for 50 catalogues with the anticipation of a precise delivery date.
• There was a proactive and responsive communication exchange with clear expectations set for the project timeline.
• Ex Why Zed demonstrated acute attention to detail, ensuring design quality, particularly concerning the trim and spine of the catalogue.
• Payment processes were handled smoothly, with Ex Why Zed following up diplomatically.

Client Aspirations and Journey:

Julius Killerby of JGM Gallery approached Ex Why Zed with a straightforward request for catalogue printing, indicating an imminent order and inquiring about the fastest possible turnaround. The correspondence displays Julius’s trust in Ex Why Zed, based on past successful collaborations, and his comfort in their ability to deliver quality promptly.

Ex Why Zed’s Expert Response and Guidance:

Harriet from Ex Why Zed engaged Julius with a warm and enthusiastic response, immediately addressing the logistical concerns of the project. Ex Why Zed, particularly Mike, showcased their expertise by advising on potential design issues that could affect the final product, indicating their commitment to excellence.

Positive Client Interaction Highlight:

Julius’s response to Ex Why Zed’s advice and his willingness to discuss potential issues further underscore a collaborative relationship built on mutual respect and a shared goal of high-quality outcomes.


“Yoi” stands as a testament to the profound storytelling power of visual art, beautifully captured and amplified by the meticulous booklet printing services of Ex Why Zed. From the full-colour, detailed representations of traditional Tiwi artwork to the seamless saddle-stitched binding, each page of this art gallery catalogue is a tribute to the enduring spirit of the Tiwi people. This case study has unfolded the narrative of a project where cultural reverence, artistic aspiration, and print excellence converge to create a publication that is not only a gallery of art but a piece of art in itself.
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