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Architecture Show Catalogue Printing: Kent School of Architecture

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A5 Booklets
4pp Cover onto 300gsm Evolution Uncoated
Silver Foiled to outer
240pp Text onto 130gsm Silk
Four colour throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Case Study: Kent School of Architecture Degree Show Catalogues 2013

The Kent School of Architecture at the University of Kent showcases its students’ exceptional talents and architectural prowess through its annual degree show. The accompanying catalogues serve as a testament to the innovative designs and creative visions of the graduating cohort. In this case study, we delve into the collaboration between the Kent School of Architecture and Ex Why Zed Print, a renowned printing service, to bring the architectural show catalogues of 2013 to life. From meticulous print specifications to impeccable execution, this partnership demonstrates the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to excellence that defines London’s architecture show catalogue printing.

Showcasing Architectural Excellence

The degree show catalogues of the Kent School of Architecture provide a comprehensive overview of the exceptional design projects undertaken by the talented students. Ex Why Zed Print had the privilege of collaborating on this prestigious project, bringing their expertise in print production to amplify and enhance the architectural narratives.

To ensure an outstanding representation of the students’ work, Ex Why Zed Print meticulously selected print specifications and design elements for the degree show catalogues. The catalogues were produced in the popular A5 booklet format, striking a balance between portability and providing ample space for the architectural showcases. The cover, consisting of a 4-page spread, was printed on 300gsm Evolution Uncoated paper, offering a sturdy foundation with a tactile quality. To add a touch of elegance and distinction, a silver foil was applied to the outer cover, creating a subtle yet captivating effect.

Impeccable Execution

Ex Why Zed Print’s commitment to delivering top-quality results was evident in every stage of the printing process. The inner pages, spanning 240 pages, were printed on 130gsm Silk paper, ensuring a smooth and durable surface to showcase the intricate architectural designs. The four-color printing process was meticulously applied throughout the catalogues, capturing the depth and nuances of the projects with remarkable precision.

After printing, the catalogues were expertly trimmed, collated, and perfect bound to create a cohesive and professional finished product. Ex Why Zed Print’s attention to detail was showcased in the precision required to align the printed grid perfectly with the filed squares on the cover, resulting in a visually stunning and seamless design.

Architecture Show Catalogue Printing Expertise

Ex Why Zed Print’s expertise in printing architecture show catalogues has made them a trusted partner for esteemed institutions like the Kent School of Architecture. Their knowledge of the unique requirements of showcasing architectural designs, combined with their technical proficiency, positions them as leaders in the field of architecture show catalogue printing. Their collaboration with the Kent School of Architecture in 2013 is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

The Journey of Innovation

The catalogues of the Kent School of Architecture’s degree show represent the culmination of years of hard work, exploration, and innovation by the students. Ex Why Zed Print takes pride in playing a crucial role in preserving and presenting these exceptional projects to a wider audience. The collaboration between the Kent School of Architecture and Ex Why Zed Print ensures that the catalogues capture the essence and intricacy of each architectural creation, allowing viewers to embark on a captivating journey of imagination and innovation.

Other Noteworthy Case Studies

Ex Why Zed Print’s portfolio boasts an array of noteworthy case studies, showcasing their expertise in printing for architecture and design institutions. Some remarkable examples include the Kent School of Architecture degree show catalogues from 2016, Kingston Architecture 2013, Kent Architecture 2014, and the Glasgow School of Architecture. These case studies highlight Ex Why Zed Print’s versatility and commitment to delivering outstanding print materials for architecture and design showcases.

Stories and Anecdotes

The collaboration between the Kent School of Architecture and Ex Why Zed Print in 2013 resulted in intriguing stories and anecdotes. One noteworthy aspect was the exploration of various finishing options before settling on the use of silver foil in conjunction with grey print on a white background. This choice created a cover that alternated between subtle and dazzling depending on the light, adding an element of intrigue to the catalogues. The precision required to align the printed grid perfectly with the filed squares on the cover posed a challenge that Ex Why Zed Print enthusiastically tackled with NASA-like precision. The catalogues were delivered within the tight turnaround schedule, ensuring their availability for the end-of-year show’s launch.

Embracing Architectural Excellence

Ex Why Zed Print remains committed to supporting architectural excellence by collaborating with renowned institutions like the Kent School of Architecture. Their expertise in printing degree show catalogues and their dedication to delivering exceptional results contribute to the preservation and celebration of architectural innovation. Through their collaboration, the Kent School of Architecture and Ex Why Zed Print continue to inspire and showcase the extraordinary talent within the architectural community.

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