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Extra! Extra! Custom Newspaper Making with Ex Why Zed

Posted on 22 October 2023
Newspaper Making at Ex Why Zed

Do you have a passion for creating and designing your own newspaper? Look no further, as Ex Why Zed is here to help you bring your vision to life. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of creating a newspaper that truly reflects your creativity. We will share some tips on how to engage your creative thinking and repurpose existing artwork, design, and photography. Our newspaper printing journey with Ex Why Zed is a smooth and quick process. We provide unmatched customer support to ensure the highest quality of work. With our file set-up knowledge base, placing an order has never been easier. And when your printed project arrives, we guarantee nothing short of magic when you unbox it. Plus, there are many benefits to using Ex Why Zed such as choosing your own size and printing any quantity from 1 to 44,444. Join us on this exciting adventure and start transforming your ideas into print with Ex Why Zed today!

Getting Creative in your Newspaper Making ✨

Experiment with different fonts, layouts, and illustrations to create a visually appealing newspaper. Incorporate social media elements to engage readers online and create a captivating masthead that grabs attention. Embrace the global canvas of newspapers and bring your stories to life with graphics.

The Global Canvas of Newspapers

Imagine sipping a cappuccino in a quaint café in Paris, flipping through the delicate pages of Le Monde. Or perhaps you’re in a bustling Tokyo subway, catching a glimpse of the equally bustling page layout of Asahi Shimbun. Newspapers from around the world aren’t just news carriers; they’re storytellers, culture mirrors, and design masterpieces. Each offers a unique perspective, a distinct style, a different narrative rhythm. They inspire, they provoke, they captivate.

newspaper printing cover inspiration

Your Canvas Awaits at Ex Why Zed

But why remain a mere spectator when you can be the creator? At Ex Why Zed, we’ve demystified the newspaper-making process, making it as easy as pie. And not just any pie, but your favourite one, tailored to your taste buds! Dive deep into our resources, drink from the fountain of global inspirations, and start sketching your newspaper dreams. And as you wonder about the ‘how’, fret not. Our comprehensive print journey is here to guide you every step of the way.

Crafting and Editing a Winner: The Key Ingredients

What makes The Guardian different from The Times of India? Why does El País resonate differently than The New York Times? It’s all in the ingredients. A winning newspaper seamlessly blends content, design, typography, and imagery. It understands its audience, respects its culture, and yet isn’t afraid to push boundaries. It’s a delicate dance of tradition and innovation.

The Joy of Creation – Make a Newspaper Online

But beyond the logistics, beyond the design, and beyond the content, lies the pure, unadulterated joy of creation. Feeling the weight of the paper, seeing your words come to life, watching your visuals paint stories – it’s magical. At Ex Why Zed, we encourage you to immerse yourself in this process. Revel in it. Enjoy the symphony of ideas, the ballet of designs, and the opera of final print.

So, as you stand on the precipice of newspaper creation, take a deep breath. Look around at the world’s newspapers, draw inspiration, and remember – with Ex Why Zed by your side, you’re not just making a newspaper; you’re crafting a legacy. Ready to leave your print mark on the world?✨

5 Tips to Engage Creative Thinking

Unleash your creativity with these 5 tips for newspaper making inspiration: Embrace brainstorming for innovative ideas, try mind mapping or free writing techniques, collaborate for fresh perspectives, take breaks to incubate ideas, and embrace experimentation in your process. Let your creativity soar!

Ingredients for a Winning Newspaper Design

Coming Up With An Initial Idea

To create engaging newspaper content, start by identifying themes that interest your audience. Stay up-to-date with current trends and events for inspiration. Conduct surveys or interviews for unique story ideas. Explore different angles and perspectives to provide a fresh take. Remember to keep your audience in mind and deliver resonating content.

Easy Newspaper Creation with Ex Why Zed's Resources

Repurpose Your Existing Artwork, Design, Photography

Don’t let your existing artwork, design elements, or photography go to waste. Repurpose them for your school newspaper and give your articles a unique visual appeal. Experiment with different techniques like cropping, resizing, and colour adjustment. Combine images or graphics to create stunning collages. Get creative and have fun!

Embarking on Your Print Journey with Ex Why Zed

Ready to embark on your print journey? With Ex Why Zed, you can create your own newspaper using their user-friendly online template. They offer desktop publishing services for printing and publishing, along with a wide range of fonts and illustrations to inspire your creativity. Plus, their customer support is there to guide you throughout the printing process. Start your print journey today and unleash your creativity!

Step 1: Getting Inspired – Unleashing Your Creativity

Unleash your creativity with Ex Why Zed! Explore their extensive collection of fonts and illustrations for inspiring newspaper designs. Get ideas from their blog and social media platforms, and kickstart your creative process with a downloadable newspaper template. Let your imagination run wild and discover the endless possibilities of newspaper making.

Experimenting with Fonts, Layouts, and Illustrations for Newspapers

Step 2: Crunching the Numbers – The Cost Factor

Crunch the numbers by calculating the cost of printing your newspaper project with Ex Why Zed’s transparent pricing. Consider quantity, size, and paper quality to stay within your budget. Plan wisely using our cost calculator tool. Make informed decisions about your project.

Custom Newspaper Creation with Ex Why Zed

Step 3: Unmatched Customer Support – We’re Here to Help

Need assistance with your newspaper making? Our dedicated customer support team at Ex Why Zed is here for you every step of the way. From expert guidance to personalised support, we’ll ensure a smooth printing process. Reach out to us anytime for unmatched customer support!

Step 4: Gearing Up – File Set-Up Knowledge Base

Access Ex Why Zed’s extensive knowledge base for file set-up and learn through step-by-step tutorials. Gain insights into technical aspects and ensure your artwork meets printing requirements. Optimise your design with our file set-up guidelines.

Step 5: Ready for Lift-Off! Placing Your Order

Ready to go ahead and place an order for printing your newspaper? Ex Why Zed makes it seamless with their intuitive online platform. Customise print options, review your design, and enjoy a hassle-free ordering experience. Place your order confidently today!

Inspiration from Global Newspapers: Le Monde to Asahi Shimbun

Celebrating Your Success

Experience the thrill of unboxing your printed masterpiece from Ex Why Zed. Show off your professional school newspaper to colleagues, friends, and family. Celebrate with high-quality printing and inspire others to embark on their own print journey. Reflect on your creation and share your achievement online.

The Magic Moment: Unboxing Your Printed Project

Experience the magical joy of unboxing your professionally printed newspaper from Ex Why Zed. Hold it in your hands and admire the vibrant colours and crisp details. Share the excitement with others and cherish the memories created through your printed newspaper with Ex Why Zed’s magical printing services.

Ready to Transform Your Artwork into Print with Ex Why Zed?

Trust Ex Why Zed for professional, high-quality printing that brings your artwork to life. Take the next step in your creative journey by transforming your digital design into a tangible, professionally printed newspaper. Partner with Ex Why Zed and see your artistic vision come to life.

You’ll need to upload the files using WeTransfer.com (it’s super easy, you don’t need an account and it is free on the internet). In the comments box, do remind us of the print spec you are going for, the number of copies and the best address for us to deliver to.

Acrobat Pro Logo

We will download your PDF, then give your artwork a free preflight check to highlight any potential issues and will email any recommendations before going to production.

What are the benefits of using Ex Why Zed?

Discover the advantages of using Ex Why Zed for your newspaper making needs. Enjoy the flexibility to choose your own newspaper size, print any quantity from single copies to thousands, contribute to sustainable printing practices, and benefit from free delivery services. Experience the convenience of our user-friendly online newspaper template.

Choose Your Own Size

Customisation is key with Ex Why Zed. No creative restrictions here, choose any size from 210x148mm to 420x297mm including A5, B5, Tabloid and A3. Small, compact formats or large, attention-grabbing sizes – we’ve got it all. Tailor your newspaper’s size to suit your content and purpose. Get creative and experiment with different dimensions for a unique touch.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Newspaper in the UK

Print Any Quantity from 1 to 44,444

No matter the scale of your project, Ex Why Zed has you covered. Enjoy the convenience of on-demand printing with no minimum quantity requirements. Save costs by printing only the exact number of newspapers you need. Achieve your desired reach by printing any quantity, no matter how big or small.

Sustainable Printing with the UK

Contribute to the environment with Ex Why Zed’s sustainable printing methods. Minimise your carbon footprint by choosing recycled paper options and non-toxic vegetable-based inks. Showcase your commitment to sustainability with us.

ExWhyZed Sustainable Logo

Free Delivery

Get the added convenience of free delivery from Ex Why Zed. We’ll safely ship your newspapers, saving you time and money. No hassle, just prompt and secure delivery. Enjoy our complimentary service!


In conclusion, creating your own newspaper with Ex Why Zed is a fun and creative way to showcase your artwork, design, and photography. With our unmatched customer support, we’re here to help you every step of the way. From getting inspired and crunching the numbers to gearing up and taking the leap, our knowledgeable team will guide you through the entire process. And when it comes to celebrating your success, the magic moment of unboxing your printed project is truly special. Plus, with benefits like choosing your own size, printing any quantity you need, sustainable printing practices, and free delivery, Ex Why Zed stands out as the go-to newspaper printer. So why wait? Transform your artwork into print with Ex Why Zed today!

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