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News Paper Printer: Print Your Own Newspaper with Ex Why Zed

Posted on 22 October 2023
Guide to Printing Your Own Newspaper in the UK

Are you looking to print your very own newspaper in the UK? With today’s digital age, there’s something unique and special about holding a tangible entity that you can enjoy and engage with. In this blog, we will take you through everything you need to know about printing your own newspaper in the UK. From understanding the importance of newspaper printing in today’s world to designing your newspaper for optimal impact, we’ve got all bases covered. We’ll also share what newspapers can be used for – from promoting your brand to serving as a school leaver’s publication or an art catalogue. And if you’re wondering about sustainable printing, we’ve got that covered too! Our papers are FSC certified, and we use vegetable inks for printing 750 copies or more. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the world of newspaper printing and explore different sizes, quantities, paper options, designs, costs and more!

Understanding Newspaper Printing

Your work will be printed on our HP Indigo digital printing or Heidelberg Litho. The machine we will use depends on page count and quantity you choose. The distribution of news to a broad audience is possible through newspapers. Techniques are used to ensure clear text and images. Expertise and specialised equipment are required for the complex printing process.

Using HP Indigo Digital Printing for Newspapers

Importance of Newspaper Printing in Today’s Digital World

In the fast-paced digital age, the tangible charm of newspaper printing stands out by offering readers an immersive, uninterrupted experience. Unlike fleeting digital content that’s easily minimised or forgotten, newspapers command dedicated attention, transitioning from an immediate read to a cherished keepsake that’s folded and revisited multiple times. Amidst the digital deluge, the physicality of newspapers remains a poignant testament to the value of lasting engagement and the joy of tactile content consumption.

A Tangible Entity to Enjoy and Engage

Experience the joy of reading a physical newspaper, evoking nostalgia and connection. Interact with unique articles, puzzles, and advertisements. Enjoy focused reading, reducing digital distractions, and collect historical artefacts.

How to Print Your Own Newspaper in the UK

Printing your own newspaper in the UK requires careful planning and preparation. Choosing the right size for your newspaper is crucial for layout and distribution purposes. Designing your newspaper with attention to visual appeal and readability is essential. Ordering your newspapers from Ex Why Zed ensures quality and timely delivery. Understanding the expected delivery time for newspaper printing helps with scheduling and distribution. To find our how much it costs to print with us, get an instant price with our newspaper price lists.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Newspaper

Selecting the perfect size for your newspaper depends on various factors. Consider the intended purpose and target audience to make an informed decision. The size of your newspaper impacts printing costs, readability, and aesthetic appeal. In the UK, standard options include broadsheet and tabloid formats. Larger sizes offer more content and visual impact, while smaller ones are more portable. Consult a professional printer to determine the best size for your specific needs.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Newspaper in the UK

Designing Your Newspaper for Optimal Impact

When creating your newspaper, it’s important to design it in a way that leaves a lasting impact. Engaging headlines, clear section divisions, and appealing visuals can captivate readers right from the start. Using colour strategically to highlight important articles or visuals can also draw attention to key elements of your newspaper. Organise your content in a logical and visually pleasing manner to improve readability and make it easy for readers to navigate through different sections. Paying attention to typography, font size, and spacing ensures that your newspaper is legible, while including eye-catching images and informative charts or graphs can further enhance the overall impact. So, keep these design elements in mind and create a newspaper that grabs attention in all the right places.

What Can A Newspaper Be Used For?

Newspapers can be used to promote your brand and reach a wider audience, create unique marketing campaigns, advertise events in a creative and memorable way, publish school leavers’ publications, and showcase artwork through an art catalogue format.

Promote Your Brand with A Paper

In the digital-dominated era, offering customers a tangible brand experience via a beautifully designed newspaper stands out as a novel and impactful marketing strategy. This sensory delight not only resonates with traditionalists who value the tactile feel of print but also provides ample space to weave the brand’s story, ethos, and offerings. By turning this unique promotional tool into a collectible monthly or quarterly release, brands can foster a loyal community eagerly awaiting each edition, ensuring sustained engagement and a memorable brand presence in a sea of fleeting digital ads.

Incorporating Engaging Visuals into Your Newspaper Design
Promote Your Work With A Newspaper

Promotional Portfolio for a Designer or Agency

Create a visually appealing and memorable newspaper-style portfolio to showcase creativity.

Art Catalogue

Create a unique art catalogue, showcasing artwork with artist statements and contact information. Utilise newspaper printing to engage viewers and promote artwork effectively.

Unique Marketing for an Event

Create buzz for events with engaging newspapers, reaching a wider audience.

School Leaver’s Publication

Creating a keepsake for UK school leavers with newspaper printing. Cherish memories with classmates and teachers, distribute during graduation or farewell events.

What Makes Ex Why Zed a Trusted News Paper Printer

Ex Why Zed sets itself apart as a trusted newspaper printer through its exceptional quality, customisation options, and flexibility. With state-of-the-art printing technology, they deliver high-quality prints that captivate readers. Customers can choose from a range of sizes, paper stocks, and finishing options to create their unique and personalised newspapers. Ex Why Zed’s expertise in the industry ensures professional-looking results, backed by over 25 years of experience. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability makes them the right place for eco-conscious publishers.

Friendly, knowledgeable customer service

Throughout the printing process, you’ll receive friendly and helpful assistance. Our customer service team is knowledgeable and ready to provide expert advice on newspaper printing options and requirements. Any questions you have will be promptly and professionally addressed, ensuring a positive and enjoyable customer experience. We want you to feel confident in the support you receive from our team, knowing that you’re in the right place for all your newspaper printing needs.

You can trust our experienced professionals to address your concerns and ensure that you receive the right guidance and advice. At Ex Why Zed, we believe in delivering exceptional service and accessibility to our customers.

450+ Reviews on Trustpilot

Read why Ex Why Zed have received stacks of positive feedback on Trustpilot.

Sustainable Newspaper Printing

Choose eco-friendly paper, soy-based ink, digital printing to minimise waste. Embrace sustainable practices.

Eco-Friendly FSC Certified Papers for Newspaper Printing

Printing methods

Looking to print your own newspaper in the UK? Explore different printing methods like inkjet and digital. Choose what suits your budget and requirements, and make an informed decision for high-quality newsprint. Consider the pros and cons of each method to ensure you’re in the right place for your printing needs.

All of our papers are FSC Certified

Print your newspaper on FSC certified papers and demonstrate sustainable printing practices. Contribute to preserving forests and biodiversity while meeting the demand for environmentally friendly products. Enhance your brand image with FSC certified papers.

Choosing Recycled Papers

When it comes to newspaper printing, opting for recycled papers is the right choice. By choosing recycled materials, you can reduce your carbon footprint and support waste reduction efforts. Show your readers your commitment to sustainability and enjoy high-quality printing results with recycled papers.

Print 750 copies and use vegetable inks

For efficient production, determine your desired print quantity and choose environmentally-friendly vegetable inks. Achieve vibrant colours and sharp images while minimising harm to the environment. Reduce waste by printing the right number of copies.

Winning Newspaper Styles

Explore a creative gallery of innovative newspaper mastheads, layouts, and award-winning designs. Stay updated with the latest trends in newspaper styles.

Newspaper Design for Print: Le Monde

A Gallery of Creative Newspapers

Step into a visually stunning showcase of newspapers from various industries, exploring creative designs, typography, and engaging storytelling.

Newspaper Mastheads from Around the World

Explore diverse typography and designs of mastheads from newspapers worldwide. Be inspired!

Newspaper Design: Iconic Cover Examples

Choosing Size, Quantity and Paper

Consider the size, quantity, and paper type for your unique newspaper. Explore options for printing preferences and additional features that enhance its final look and feel.


Looking to make a big impact with your promotional materials or advertisements? The 420x297mm size is perfect. With ample space for detailed information and captivating visuals, this size can grab attention and make a bold statement. Whether it’s for outdoor display or eye-catching indoor signage, the 420x297mm is the right place for creating impactful promotional materials. So go ahead and print your own newspaper in the UK with this ideal size!


Looking for a versatile size that offers enough room for informative content and visuals? The 380x289mm is the right place for eye-catching brochures, event programs, small posters, and more. It allows you to display product catalogs or menus with impact.


Create pocket-sized booklets for travel guides, event invitations, newsletters, or product catalogs.


Ah, alas broadsheet is just to large for our machines. So save money, time and your arm muscles by choosing one of the smaller sizes listed above.

Designing Your News Paper

Choose software for a professional look, eye-catching graphics, engaging content, and customisable templates.

What is the best software for creating a newspaper?

When it comes to creating a newspaper, there are several design software options available. Adobe InDesign is a popular choice among professionals for its advanced design features. Canva offers user-friendly templates and design tools. Microsoft Publisher provides easy-to-use features for designing newspapers. Scribus is a free and open-source software for layout. Lucidpress offers cloud-based newspaper design with collaboration features. Choose the software that suits your needs and design preferences.

Dribbble Newspaper Design Ideas

Incorporating Graphics and Images

Enhance your newspaper design with high-quality graphics, infographics, photographs, illustrations, and icons. Experiment creatively.

Creating Engaging Content

Craft attention-grabbing headlines, provide informative articles, use storytelling techniques, and include interactive elements.

Exploring Different Newspaper Templates

Discover a range of newspaper templates, from traditional broadsheet to modern magazine-style options. Choose the right style for your newsprint creation.

Customising Templates for Various Themes: Art, Restaurant, Wedding and More

When it comes to customising templates, the possibilities are endless. for different themes such as art, restaurant, wedding, and more. You can add art-related elements like paintbrushes and palettes for an art-themed newspaper. If you’re creating a restaurant-themed newspaper, incorporating food-related graphics and images will set the right tone. For a wedding-themed newspaper, you can experiment with design elements like rings and flowers to create a romantic atmosphere. And don’t forget to play with colour schemes and fonts to bring the whole theme together. Be creative and let your imagination run wild!

How to Print a Newspaper from a PDF File

Converting a PDF into a printable newspaper format requires specific software. Ensure the PDF is properly formatted with the correct page size and orientation. Consider image quality and resolution for clear printing results. Use a reliable printing service that accepts PDF files. Consult online tutorials for step-by-step instructions.

Printing requirements

When it comes to printing your own newspaper in the UK, there are several printing requirements to consider. Familiarise yourself with the appropriate paper size, weight, and finish. Select the right colour options and additional features like folding or stapling. And make sure your printing file meets the printer’s specifications. With these considerations in mind, you can bring your newsprint to life in the right place and with the perfect colour.

How to Order Your Newspapers from Ex Why Zed

If you’ve designed your publication, then now comes the exciting part of the print journey – ordering your newspapers from Ex Why Zed. You’ll need to upload the files using WeTransfer.com (it’s super easy, you don’t need an account and it is free). In the comments box, remind us of the print spec you are going for, the number of copies and the best address for us to deliver to. That’s it!

We will then give your artwork a free preflight check to highlight any potential issues and will email any recommendations before going to production.

What is the Expected Delivery Time for Newspaper Printing?

Delivery time for newspaper printing varies based on factors like workload and order complexity. It’s important to discuss turnaround times with the printer to align expectations. Factors such as shipping distance and method also affect delivery. Communicate any specific deadlines or time-sensitive events to ensure timely delivery, and consider adding buffer time for unforeseen delays.

What are the Costs Involved in Newspaper Making?

The costs of newspaper making can vary depending on factors like printing, paper, distribution, and staffing. Budgeting carefully is crucial as digital newspapers may have lower costs without printing and distribution expenses. Consider all expenses before starting your own newspaper.

Breaking Down the Costs of Newspaper Printing

Unlocking the Hidden Expenses: Diving into the Economics of Newspaper Printing.

For a snapshot of how cheap it is to print your own newspaper, here are a few key prices.

The Back Page

In conclusion, printing your own newspaper in the UK offers a unique and tangible way to engage with your audience in today’s digital world. Whether you’re promoting your brand, hosting an event, creating a school publication, or showcasing artwork, a newspaper allows for creative and effective marketing. When choosing a newspaper printer, it’s important to consider factors such as friendly customer service, print expertise, and positive reviews. Opting for sustainable printing methods, such as using recycled papers and vegetable inks, helps minimise the environmental impact. With a wide range of sizes, quantities, and paper options, you can customise your newspaper to suit your needs. Designing engaging content with graphics and images is key to capturing your readers’ attention. To print a newspaper from a PDF file, follow a step-by-step guide and set up your printing press. Understanding the costs involved in newspaper making will help you plan your budget effectively. So, get creative, grab some humour, and start printing your own newspaper today!

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