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Forward Planning Your Printing in 2023

Posted on 8 September 2023
Forward Planning Your 2023 Printing

We do get super busy from October to December as everyone has hard deadlines before the year end.

We understand and appreciate the urgency so we deal with work in the order it arrives in our inbox. Lots of books are needed for Christmas markets, online sales and all self-publishers are keen to get their work on the shelves to secure big orders whilst buyers are active and looking for great presents.


Small to Medium Run Wire Stitched Booklets (1-500 copies)
3-4 Working Days

Small to Medium Run Perfect Bound Book (1-500 copies)
5 Working Days

Long Run Wire Stitched Booklets (1000 copies +) 6 Working Days

Long Run Perfect Bound Books (1000 copies + )
7/8 Working Days

Long Run, litho printed Hardback Books (750 copies+ or section-sewn inside pages)
As of 3rd October, we are currently booking in for delivery EARLY DECEMBER.

Our machinery for this type of work gets extremely busy. If you are planning 1000 copies or more of a case bound, hardback book and need it this year, best to book it in now. Thank you.

Ex Why Zed Print Turnaround Times 2023

Making Your Print Job Go Smoothly

• Send us a work in progress file a few days before the job goes live. We can preflight it and let you know issues to fix.

So, if you have a project going ahead in the next few months there are a few things we can do to make the job run more smoothly:

• Give us a heads up in advance that the artwork is coming.

Allow more time for production 

> an extra couple of days on digitally printed
> an extra 2-3 days on litho work
> Allow a lot longer for litho printed hardback books (750 copies or more, or those with section sewing).

We will work as quick and efficiently as we always do, but the volume of work does build. There is no harm in your work arriving well before the deadline rather than on it.

• If you are going for a Premium paper or foiling then we can order the material and dies before the artwork arrives if you book the job in.

• Couriers get overwhelmed too in the run up to Christmas and especially around Black Friday 24th November.

How Long Does It Take To Print A Book?

Any questions, do give us a shout, we are here to help on email, phone and live chat. We don’t bite, our customer service team are accessible, friendly and knowledgeable.

Allow more time and your important job will be a calm, fun project rather than a last minute scramble.

How Long Does It Take to Print a Book 2023
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