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Design Brief for Photography Book Artwork for Printing

Posted on 10 September 2023
Write Design Brief for Photography Book

Your Cut and Paste Design Brief to a Photobook Designer

You have reached at the stage where you have identified a book designer or a few possible graphic designers on Fiverr or PeoplePerHour for your upcoming project. You would now like to reach out and see if they have availability, if their pricing structure matches your budget and if they have experience of similar projects.

Here is an initial email you can copy and paste in as an initial design brief for photography book artwork for printing at Ex Why Zed. Use the structure and adapt the details for your own book title and expectations.

Project Overview:

Hello [Designer’s Name],

I trust this message finds you well. I am a photographer who has spent years capturing moments, landscapes, and emotions through my lens. After curating thousands of images, I’ve selected a set that I believe tells a compelling visual story. I’m now looking to transition from the digital realm to the tactile experience of a celebratory and promotional photography book. I’m seeking a designer with a keen eye for detail and a minimalist aesthetic to help bring this vision to life.

Book Details:

  • Title: “Luminous Moments: A Photographic Journey”
  • Dimensions: 10 x 12 inches
  • Number of Pages: Approx. 120 (including front and back cover)

Design Requirements:

  1. Cover Design: A professional and sleek cover that hints at the visual journey within. I have a few images in mind for the cover but am open to your suggestions.
  2. Introductory Pages:
    • Title Page: Simple and elegant with the book’s title and my name.
    • Author’s Bio: A brief bio with a portrait photo.
    • Overview: A short introduction providing context and the inspiration behind the photographs.
  3. Layout: The design should be minimalistic, allowing the photographs to be the focal point. Each page or double-page spread will predominantly feature a single photograph.
  4. Typography: A clean and modern font for the introductory pages, captions, and index. The font should complement the images without drawing attention away from them.
  5. Captions & Page Numbers: I’m considering subtle page numbers and captions under each image. However, I’m also contemplating an index at the end of the book that lists the captions and corresponding page numbers. I’d love your input on which approach would be more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.
  6. Print-Ready Format: The final design should be optimised for high-quality printing, ensuring that the photographs retain their clarity and vibrancy.

Reference Material:

I will provide:

  • High-resolution files of all selected photographs.
  • Text content for the title page, author’s bio, and overview.
  • Notes on specific images that I feel strongly about in terms of placement or presentation.

Communication & Feedback:

Open communication is vital for this project. I’d appreciate regular updates, especially when making decisions about image placement, layout, and design elements. While I have a clear vision for the photobook, I value your expertise and am open to suggestions that enhance the final product.

Timeline & Budget:

I aim to have the design finalized within [specific time frame, e.g., “5 weeks”]. Kindly let me know if this is feasible for you. Additionally, please provide a detailed quote, including any potential costs for revisions or design modifications.

Thank you for considering this collaboration. Your online portfolio showcases a sensitivity to visual storytelling that I believe aligns perfectly with my project. I’m excited about the possibility of working together to create a photobook that not only showcases my work but also stands as a testament to the power of visual narratives.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

What’s next?

Well, fingers crossed they come back to you in a few hours or days with an enthusiastic response that helps you complete the next step on your print journey and one of the designers you approached can be chosen as the winning candidate.


Q: What is a design brief for photography book artwork?

A: A design brief for photography book artwork is a document that outlines the goals, requirements, and expectations for the design of a book cover or artwork related to photography.

Q: Why is a design brief important for photography book artwork?

A: A design brief is important because it helps communicate the vision and goals for the design to both the photographer and the book cover designer. It ensures that everyone involved is on the same page and working towards a common goal.

Q: How can I write a photography brief?

A: When writing a photography brief, you should start by outlining the project’s goals and target audience. You can then provide details about the type of photography you’re looking for, the desired mood or style, and any specific requirements or guidelines. Reading the content above is a great place to start.

Q: What should be included in a design brief for photography book artwork?

A: A design brief for photography book artwork should include information about the target audience, the desired style or mood of the design, any specific requirements or guidelines, and examples of book covers or artwork that you like.

Q: Should I include examples of book cover images or artwork in the brief?

A: Yes, including examples of book covers and illustrations or sketches of page layouts that you like can be helpful for the book cover designer to understand your preferences and style preferences. Photobooks can be hardback or paperback / softback. Softback encompasses wire stitching and perfect binding.

Q: Do I need to be a professional designer to write a design brief?

A: No, you don’t need to be a professional designer to write a design brief for a freelancer. However, having a basic understanding of design concepts, imagery, terminology and a vision for your photobook can be helpful in effectively communicating your message to the designer.

Q: Can I use a template and illustrations for writing a design brief?

A: Yes, using a template or brief template can be a great way to get started and ensure that you include all the necessary information in your design brief. Copy and paste our one above and change the information to suit your self publishing project.

Q: What are some tips on writing a design brief for self-publishing photobooks?

A: Some tips on how to write a design brief for photography book artwork include being clear and concise, providing specific details and examples, and being open to collaboration and feedback from the book cover designer.

Q: Does the book cover design need to be in colour?

A: No, the book cover design can be in colour or black and white depending on your preferences and the overall style of the book.

Q: Can I find the right book cover designer for my photography book artwork?

A: Yes, there are many talented book cover designers out there specialising in photography book artwork. You can search online platforms or ask for recommendations to find the right designer for your project. Enjoy reading our articles on finding a designer on Fiverr, identifying a great designer on PeoplePerHour and the Best Book Design Solutions.

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