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Beginner’s Guide to Hardback Photo Book Printing

Posted on 22 February 2022
Beginner’s Guide to Hardback Photo Book Printing Ex Why Zed

Companies offering hardback photo book printing have reduced the costs and other hurdles that used to be associated with self-publishing. As a result, people have come up with intriguing photo book varieties, and more artists are experimenting with photo books, making new formats and designs. This blog will guide you on the process of creating your own photo book, from conceptualisation all the way to hardback book printing.

1. Prepare your photos

The first thing you should do is to gather all your photos in one place. If your pictures are scattered across multiple devices or social media sites, doing this is a great way to stay organised.

Try moving all your image files to just one folder or sorting them based on your own criteria so you can easily go through them. This will come in handy in choosing photos for your book, which will be discussed in the next point.

2. Choose the best photos

Photographs are the star attraction in the best photo books UK-wide, similar to how storybooks would not be complete without the story. As such, we recommend that you select only the best pictures from your portfolio.

Not every photograph is created (or, in this point, taken) equally. There is bound to be a few really good shots that stand above the rest in terms of quality. Now that you have gathered all your photos in one place, it would be easy to go through them to find one photograph for each subject. In doing so, you should consider factors such as blurriness, focus, lighting, angle, and general presentability.

Some of these can be corrected with image editing software later on, but other things like angles are permanent. If a shot is great, but there are some parts that don’t look very good, always remember that you can crop or edit them out of the picture.

Beginner’s Guide to Hardback Photo Book Printing Ex Why Zed

3. Design your layout

The best photo books have a coherent storyline that is essentially told through pictures. As such, it is important that you have a consistent theme with your page design. This theme should be the same all throughout your photo book, from its front and back cover to the introduction and the content. The design should also relate to the nature of your photos.

Additionally, avoid using too much of the same layout in your photo book. Although the term “do not fix what is not broken” also applies in photo books, you could do well with more variety. They add flavour to your photo book and prevent a bland, repetitive appearance. You can do different page styles and layouts, like a single photo panorama on two pages, centring a big photo on a page, placing multiple pictures on one page, and other creative designs. You can also use text to your advantage by combining your photos with descriptive excerpts.

Where to Find Quality Hardback Photo Book Printing Online

Now that you are done planning a layout for your hardback photo book UK, it is time to find a place where you can have it printed. There are plenty of places online where you can find affordable hardback photo book printing in the UK.

You can do your research on the Internet by reading reviews and comparison articles that list the advantages, disadvantages, and prices of printing companies operating in the UK. You can also ask around online forums and message boards, especially those in the photography niche groups. Sometimes, you won’t even need to ask questions yourself since it is very likely that someone before you has asked about the top online photo book printing companies in the UK.

One such company is Ex Why Zed. We also print modern, beautifully designed perfect bound photo books that are guaranteed to be a hit. Plenty of people have found success with their photo books by working with us, and you could be one of them today.

Here on Ex Why Zed, we recognise that not all clients know the various terminologies, jargon, and other intricacies of the printing industry. As such, we strive to guide every customer through the printing process by providing informative content. We feature a video guide posted on this website that discusses the basics of what you need to know about hardback book printing, from paper size, binding method, paper type, and more.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via telephone at 01206 766647. You can also send your concerns directly to our email at hello@exwhyzed.com.


Beginner’s Guide to Hardback Photo Book Printing Ex Why Zed

Is a hardcover book worth it?

If you want your books to be enjoyed by the buyer for a long time, getting hardback art book printing is well worth the investment. However, it may be worth considering paperback photo book printing instead if you are on a tight budget. Hardback books can be sold for a higher cover price in comparison with their soft back equivalent.

How long does it take to print a book?

Once a contract has been signed, the time it takes for commercial book publishing ranges anywhere between 18 and 24 months. Take note that it might also take one to three months to complete a contract. You should also consider the fact that it might take you one to twelve months to find a publisher in the first place.

However, if you self-publish through Ex Why Zed, we will aim to deliver your finished, bound, ready-to-sell hardback book in 1-2 weeks. Yes, that’s right, 1-2 weeks not 18 months!

What is perfect binding in printing?

Binding is the last stage in converting multi-page content into a coherent book. Perfect binding refers to the process of binding several pages with an adhesive to produce a clean, crisp, and professional-looking printed item.

Hand binding and mechanical binding are the most popular methods. Perfect binding is another option that some professionals prefer because of its high-quality results.

How is a book printed and bound?

There are many options available when getting hardback printing for photography books. Some of the most popular options include perfect binding and case binding.

With perfect binding, pages are bound to your chosen book spine using strong glue. Meanwhile, case binding is used to create heavy-duty books, and the pages can either be stitched together or bound using adhesive.

What is the best printing method for books?

When it comes to short production runs, such as those involving anywhere between 200 and 300 books, digital printing will generally be the most cost-effective alternative. There are no set-up costs involved with a production run when using a digital printing press.

What material is used for hardcover books?

There are plenty of cover material choices when it comes to hardbound photo book printing. The most common option is binder’s board. However, you can also use paperboard that is covered with another type of material, such as leather, heavy paper, or cloth.

Beginner’s Guide to Hardback Photo Book Printing Ex Why Zed

Top Tips on Choosing a Printing Company

If your printed materials are of poor quality, your customers may believe that your services are of low quality as well. Because of this, your choice of printing services is crucial. Before hiring a printing service provider, first determine how they operate, ask questions, speak with the personnel, and generally get a feel for how they function. Looking up testimonials from previous clients would also help greatly.

If you would prefer to have certified experts work on your prints, just give Ex Why Zed a call!

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Printing Company

When selecting a printing business for your project, you don’t just want to pick the first one that comes to mind. You should ideally select a printing company that offers all of the things you require, be it paperback or hardcover photo book printing.

You want to hire a printing firm that will deliver high-quality work. The final print of your project will have a big influence on how your brand is seen, which is why you must first verify the quality of the printing services that you’re hiring.

To do this, the easiest way is to view a few samples from the business’ website. With that said, seeing and physically examining the samples is the best option.

Reasons Why Publishers Still Issue Hardbacks

The hardback is a sign of quality and an indication that a publisher is serious about selling it. A hardcover demonstrates to booksellers and customers that this is a book worth their attention.

Also, bookshops may only order a small number of copies of your book if it’s published in paperback but are likelier to stock more copies if it comes out in hardback.

Hardback vs Paperback

Hardback books look more beautiful and impressive than their paperback counterparts. There’s no doubting this. They are also far more durable, ensuring that anyone who buys the book is able to enjoy it for years on end.

On the other hand, paperbacks are much less expensive. For those looking to publish on a large scale for a lower price, paperback book printing is generally the way to go.

Overall, either is a fine choice for book printing. It all depends on your budget and personal preferences.

If you’ve been searching for “hardcover book printing near me”, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with Ex Why Zed today and learn how we can help turn your project into a reality.

Beginner’s Guide to Hardback Photo Book Printing Ex Why Zed
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