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Important Delivery Disclaimer

We understand that people have busy lives but please bare in mind that someone will need to be at the address to sign for the package.


We will dispatch your printing on time but if the courier can't find your address or they receive no reply at the door then this will cause a delay in delivery and your deadline could be missed.

Additionally couriers don't have the time to phone each customer so the address should be easy to locate and deliver to or, again, this will cause a delay. We do not pass on the courier's phone number because they will be unable to deal with anyone bar the account holder (us).

If you can't be in all day then it is best to choose an alternative address (friend, work, family) or request a pre9am or pre12noon delivery slot (these are £12 and £8 extra respectively). If a timed slot isn't requested at the time of order then we will dispatch on a standard 9-5.30pm delivery.

If you have a crucial deadline on the same day as delivery then PLEASE request a pre9 pr pre12 slot rather than hoping the courier arrives before 5.30pm. OR even better leave more time and receive the delivery the day before to take all the stress away!

APOLOGY: Sorry for spelling that out in such detail but a staggering number of jobs are delayed by because people just aren't in to receive the package. A little bit of forward planning means that the courier will be able to deliver without a problem and any last minute worries will be avoided.

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