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Step 1 - Orientation & Size

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The layout orientation can be portrait, landscape or square then let us know the finished size of your work. 
If you are unsure, dive into our help and resources on the right. 

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Step 2 - Pages and Paper

Choose Number of Pages and Paper Type

For the purposes of our quoting, we call 'a page' one side of content.

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Step 3 - Binding Options

Choose your Binding Style

There are 3 main binding methods for printing. We are displaying the relevant options for your number of pages. If no binding methods are available or are greyed out, please refer to the tips below and change the number of pages selected in the previous step.
Step 4 - Colour Options

Choose Full Colour or Black Ink printing

You can print your publication in full colour or in black & white (which includes shades of grey).
Step 5 - Copies

How many copies would you like to print?

If you are undecided, that's fine, select up to 3 amounts below and we will quote for all 3 options.
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Thank you for your choices. Finally, add your details below and our experts will email a quote asap. If you have skipped ahead to this section, do complete the details so we can contact you.
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