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Vlad and the Great Fire Kids Picture Books

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280x216mm Books
4pp Cover onto 300gsm Uncoated
Gloss Lamination to outer.
Full colour single sided.
32pp Text onto 140gsm Uncoated.
Perfect Bound

Exceptional Children’s Educational Book Printing: The Case of “Vlad and the Great Fire of London”

Welcome to another inspiring tale from our printing universe! We’re excited to showcase one of our proudest collaborations, “Vlad and the Great Fire of London”, a brilliant piece of children’s literature from the imaginative creators at Reading Riddle.

A Marvel of Engaging and Enlightening Literature

“Vlad and the Great Fire of London” is an exemplary addition to Reading Riddle’s array of rich and engaging children’s books. It takes children on a vivid journey back in time to the Great Fire of London, narrated by an adorable flea named Vlad. This wonderfully crafted story effortlessly combines fun and learning, instilling historical knowledge in young minds.

The Creative Minds Behind the Magic

Reading Riddle, a passionate and dynamic publishing group, is the driving force behind the book. They specialize in creating captivating children’s educational books that blend history and fun-filled narratives. Led by Kate Cunningham, an esteemed author and educational consultant, Reading Riddle consistently delivers quality content that delights both kids and adults.

Embracing the Power of Children’s Educational Book Printing

When Reading Riddle approached us with “Vlad and the Great Fire of London”, we knew it was an opportunity to showcase our prowess in children’s educational book printing. With their vibrant and illustrative content in hand, we set out to bring Vlad’s story to life.

Meticulous Attention to Details

Our collaboration began with choosing the perfect print specifications. The final decision was to go for a size of 280x216mm for the books, which offered ample space for the detailed illustrations.

The 4-page cover was printed onto 300gsm uncoated paper, giving it a sturdy and premium feel. We added gloss lamination to the outer cover, enhancing its vibrancy and making Vlad’s adventures pop visually. The 32-page text was printed onto 140gsm uncoated paper, ensuring a smooth, easy-to-read experience for the little readers.

Advanced Printing Technology for Perfect Results

Using our state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital press, we achieved full-colour CMYK prints throughout, accurately reproducing the colourful illustrations. The end result was a perfect bound, high-quality printed book that offered a fantastic tactile experience to the readers.

Watch the Vlad and the Great Fire of London book trailer.

Embarking on an Exciting Journey

The book’s success was undeniable. The story of Vlad leapt off the pages, capturing the hearts of young readers and igniting their interest in history. The successful outcome of this project reaffirms our expertise in children’s book printing and our commitment to quality.

Amplifying Reach through Social Media

Reading Riddle cleverly used platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote Vlad’s story. They even had the author herself, Kate Cunningham, read the book during a live session on Facebook! With the right social media strategies, authors can significantly increase their books’ reach.

A Win-Win Collaboration

Working with Reading Riddle on this project has been a fulfilling experience. We’re proud to have brought their creative vision to life, contributing to their mission of educating children through engaging literature.

Taking Children’s Book Printing to the Next Level with Ex Why Zed

At Ex Why Zed, we celebrate the power of print in education. Our expertise in children’s educational book printing has enabled us to help countless authors and publishers bring their visions to life.

Ready to turn your ideas into a beautifully printed reality? Start your journey with our printed project builder and be a part of our successful projects.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned author, we assure you a wealth of resources, friendly advice, and a seamless printing experience. Let’s transform your ideas into a tangible masterpiece that stands the test of time, just like “Vlad and the Great Fire of London”!

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