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Self Published Glossy Book – Cunning Folk Magazine The Fire Issue

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240x170mm Magazines
4pp Cover on 350gsm Uncoated
Matt lamination to outer
112pp Text onto 120gsm Uncoated
Full colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound.

Cunning Folk Magazine The Fire Issue: Igniting Self-Publishing Flames ????

Unleashing a world where folklore, mythology, and the occult dance together in harmony, the Cunning Folk Magazine: The Fire Issue makes its presence felt with a compelling design, enigmatic illustrations, and a unique aura. This masterstroke of self-publishing, crafted by Ex Why Zed, a reliable name in the realm of zine printing, burns bright in the world of glossy book printing.

Cunning-folk Magazine Fire issue pages

Lighting the Self-Published Glossy Book Realm

Enchanting yet edgy, the Fire Issue of Cunning Folk Magazine is a testament to the magic of print, demonstrating that the craft of creating a self-published glossy book is alive and well. Boasting a 4pp cover on 350gsm Uncoated with matt lamination to outer, the tactile experience is as bewitching as its content. An enticing 112pp text onto 120gsm Uncoated ensures the readers are enraptured from cover to cover. The full-colour print throughout perfectly encapsulates the ethereal illustrations and articles that dwell within this magazine.

Those wondering “how much does it cost to print a book?” will find that the quality of work demonstrated in the Fire Issue proves that the value of a project like this goes beyond mere cost. It’s an amalgamation of ideas, vision, and craftsmanship that elevates a magazine from being just a collection of pages to an experience.

Kindle Your Creativity

With contributions from accomplished authors, scholars, and artists like Dr Thomas Waters, Ella Duffy, AK Blakemore, and cover illustration by Yelena Bryksenkova, the Fire Issue is a veritable feast for the mind and soul. A variety of subjects from occult practices to mythology, and from folklore to magic are explored and presented in an engaging, enlightening format.

You can grab your copy of the Fire Issue and immerse yourself in this enigmatic world from Cunning Folk’s shop.

Ex Why Zed’s prowess in printing and publishing extends far and wide. One glance at the Bristol Germ Issue 3, a zine that captures the vibrant spirit of Bristol’s creative scene, or the tantalizing tales from the Strange Tales of Alphabet Children by Matthew Rumbelow, exemplify the versatility of the company.

Ex Why Zed’s ability to breathe life into a variety of themes and styles is showcased in the diverse array of projects they have undertaken, from the gritty ShellSuit Zombie Issue 6 to the provocative That Was What She Said Zine, and from the introspective In The Past, The Future Was Better by Cipher Press to the contemporary R U On TikTok by OK Cool.

As the chosen partner for book printing for self-publishers, Ex Why Zed stands as a beacon for creators, artists, and writers looking to express themselves through the enchanting medium of print.

The Spark of Ex Why Zed

Ex Why Zed is more than just a printing company; it’s a trusted partner for creators who want to share their narratives with the world. We harness the magic of print to create tangible artefacts of ideas, dreams, and stories. From self-published glossy books to zines printed on gloss paper, Ex Why Zed has the expertise and passion to make your creative visions a reality.

Whether you’re a seasoned self-publisher or taking your first steps into the realm of print, Ex Why Zed is ready to guide you on your journey. Ignite your creative spark with us today!

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Brilliant communication from start to finish. Mike had endless patience for the many questions we asked. The guides provided were easy to follow and super helpful (the video guides are a must watch too). Our order of hardback illustrated children's books was delivered expertly packaged and on time. As for the finished product itself - stunning - a real joy to finally hold, beautifully made and perfectly printed! We couldn't have asked for more. Well, we did - we instantly placed an order for paperback children's colouring books too, which we are equally as happy with. Look forward to working with Ex Why Zed again in the future.
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