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Moof Magazine Issue 6

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A4 Portrait Books.
4pp Cover onto 160gsm Evolution Uncoated.
Printed full colour double sided.
82pp Text onto 90gsm Uncoated.
Black print throughout
Trimmed collated and perfect bound.

High-Fidelity Music and Arts Magazine Printing – Moof Mag Issue 6

Striking a high note in the world of music and arts, Moof Mag Issue 6 provides a compelling example of how magazine printing can deliver a harmonious blend of style, substance, and sophistication. Ex Why Zed, a leader in print solutions, played an instrumental role in translating Moof’s creative vision into a tangible form, demonstrating the enduring value of printed media in the digital age.

For Moof Mag Issue 6, the stage was set with an A4 Portrait format, with the cover orchestrated onto 160gsm Evolution Uncoated paper. It provided a sturdy yet tactile platform to showcase Pinky’s mesmerising cover art, setting the rhythm for what lies within. The body of the magazine was composed onto 90gsm Uncoated paper, ensuring durability and an excellent reading experience. Double-sided full-colour printing and perfect binding were the finishing touches that brought this symphony of creativity to life.

Leveraging its state-of-the-art digital press technology, Ex Why Zed delivered top-tier print results in a swift tempo, keeping pace with Moof’s distribution schedule without skipping a beat on quality.

As a tangible medium, printed magazines offer a sensory experience – the tactile joy of turning pages, the visual feast of vivid colours, the distinct aroma of print – that digital cannot replicate. This is perfectly illustrated by Moof Mag Issue 6, a testament to the magazine’s commitment to connecting with its audience through physical prints.

While Issue 6 is a standout performance, it’s part of a broader repertoire of music and arts magazines that Ex Why Zed has helped bring to life. Other examples include the vibrant ‘So Young Issue 20’, the typographic brilliance of ‘Shellsuit Zombie Issue 6’, the raw creative force of ‘No Cold Callers by Tapeecho’, the rebellious vibe of ‘Do I Look Like I Care Issue 1’, and the thought-provoking ‘Bristol Germ Issue 3’. Each project resonates with its readership, much like the harmonious notes of a well-composed song.

Moreover, Moof Mag Issue 6 underscores the powerful alliance between Ex Why Zed’s expertise in creative industry printing and the music and arts community’s drive to express their vision. This synergy transforms the magazine from a mere publication into a tactile artefact that instigates meaningful dialogues about music and art, adding depth and richness to the cultural landscape.

In the broader spectrum of music and arts magazine printing, similar works showcase the diversity of the industry and the broad range of styles Ex Why Zed can deliver on. The poetic visual journey of Lift The Lid Zine, the intricate musings of ‘Gut Flora: A Chapess Zine by Cherry Styles’, and the intricate craft of the ‘Leftovers Zine’ reflect the wide array of creative pursuits. The innovative ‘Shellsuit Zombie’ and the colourful and psychedelic MOOF Magazine’s Issue No. 8 mirror the extraordinary breadth of print design possibilities. One can also seek inspiration from other independent zines such as Ephemera Magazine for their unique visual language. Each magazine serves as a testament to the adaptability and diverse printing capabilities that Ex Why Zed provides, ensuring each unique creative vision finds its tangible form.

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