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Climate Change Book for Children – A Melting Planet by Yasmin Kinsey

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203x273mm Landscape Books.
4pp Cover onto 170gsm FSC Silk.
Matt Lamination to outer.
Wrapped over grey board case.
28pp Text onto 170gsm FSC Gloss.
Printed endpapers onto 150gsm FSC Woodfree Uncoated.
Four colour print throughout.
Trimmed, collated and case bound.

The softback version was:

203x273mm Landscape Books.
4pp Cover onto 300gsm FSC Silk. Matt Lamination to outer.
28pp Text onto 170gsm FSC Gloss.
Four colour print throughout.
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound.

???? A Melting Planet by Yasmin Kinsey: An Engaging Climate Change Book for Children

‘A Melting Planet’ is more than just a hardback children’s book—it’s a journey through the impacts of climate change that enlightens young minds about the world they inhabit. Yasmin Kinsey masterfully weaves an engaging narrative that both educates and entertains. ???? ????

Artful Illustration and Sustainable Printing

The book stands out not only for its compelling narrative but also for its environmentally conscious production. The printing process incorporated sustainable options, making the book an embodiment of the message it carries. Printed onto Woodfree papers with vegetable inks, the book is as eco-friendly as it is educational. ???? ????️

Hardback Children’s Book with a Heartwarming Message

The story at the heart of ‘A Melting Planet’ is one of awareness and understanding. It is an invitation for children to learn about the importance of caring for the environment and the consequences of climate change. It’s a climate change book for children that carries a timely and essential message for the younger generation. ???? ????

A Unique Addition to Children’s Book Printing

‘A Melting Planet’ was printed as a 203x273mm landscape book, with a four-page cover on 170gsm FSC Silk. The outer cover is adorned with a matte lamination, wrapped over a grey board case. The book consists of 28 pages of text printed on 170gsm FSC Gloss, including printed endpapers on 150gsm FSC Woodfree Uncoated. The entire book boasts of four-colour print throughout, trimmed, collated, and case bound to perfection. ????

A Perfect Blend of Art and Message

Every page of ‘A Melting Planet’ is a testament to the possibilities of illustrated art book printing. It’s a stunning example of how art and literature can come together to create a meaningful and impactful narrative. The book beautifully presents the realities of climate change to children in a format they can understand and enjoy.

Children’s Book Binding Options

We actually printed two versions of the Melting Plant – one hardback, one softback. They both have their own aesthetic, are a different price to produce and in turn can be retailed at two price points to target multiple audiences.

Childrens Book Binding Options

???? A Step Towards Greener Planet

Printing ‘A Melting Planet’ was an exercise in embodying the principles it teaches. The use of vegetable ink printing and other sustainable practices makes it a part of the solution it advocates. It’s not just a book—it’s a step towards a greener planet. ???? ????

Ex Why Zed: Illuminating the Path for Sustainable Printing

At Ex Why Zed, we’re proud to have been a part of bringing ‘A Melting Planet’ to life. We believe in the power of print to educate, inspire, and make a difference. This project perfectly aligns with our mission, and we’re thrilled to see it enlighten young minds about the pressing issue of climate change. As we continue to explore sustainable printing options, we look forward to more projects that combine creativity and care for our planet. ????

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Through our work, we hope to inspire more authors to consider sustainable printing options and continue to create books that are not just enjoyable to read but also kind to our planet. Join us on this journey to make a difference, one book at a time!

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Brilliant communication from start to finish. Mike had endless patience for the many questions we asked. The guides provided were easy to follow and super helpful (the video guides are a must watch too). Our order of hardback illustrated children's books was delivered expertly packaged and on time. As for the finished product itself - stunning - a real joy to finally hold, beautifully made and perfectly printed! We couldn't have asked for more. Well, we did - we instantly placed an order for paperback children's colouring books too, which we are equally as happy with. Look forward to working with Ex Why Zed again in the future.
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