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Magazine Printing Expertise Unveiled. Cunning Folk at Ex Why Zed

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240x170mm Books
4pp Cover onto 350gsm Silk
Matt Lamination to outer
108pp Text onto 120gsm Uncoated
Four colour print throughout
Trimmed, collated and perfect bound

Step into the enigmatic world of “Cunning Folk: The Vampire Issue”, a masterpiece brought to life by the harmonious collaboration between the design-savvy minds of Cunning Folk and the magazine printing expertise of Ex Why Zed. This publication stands as a testament to the art of storytelling, blending evocative design with riveting content. From the urgency of a fast turnaround to the intricacies of digital vs. litho printing dynamics, this case study unveils the journey of transforming ideas into tangible artistry. Dive in, and let the tale of dedication, precision, and creativity captivate your senses.

Setting the Stage: A High-Stakes Print Project

When Cunning Folk Magazine reached out to us at Ex Why Zed, they were on the cusp of a new issue release. Elizabeth, their point person, was in a unique situation: She was juggling the magazine’s September launch and her upcoming maternity leave. Time was of the essence, and they needed a trusted printing company to handle their needs. The query was crystal clear: “Where can I print my magazine?”.

The Client’s Objectives:

  • Fast Turnaround: A mini Cunning Folk was due at the end of September. A quick turnaround was non-negotiable.
  • Quality Assurance: They had issues with damaged copies in a previous run and sought quality consistency.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Cunning Folk Magazine was looking for a new magazine printer that could offer competitive rates without sacrificing quality.
  • Digital vs Litho: They were perplexed about the cost dynamics between digital and litho printing.

How We Stepped Up: Solutions & Extensive Help

Clarifying the Confusion

  • Digital vs. Litho: We educated their team on the cost-effectiveness of digital printing for smaller runs and litho for larger runs. Although the digital price increases after 700 copies, litho printing becomes more cost-effective for higher volumes.

Quality & Extra Mile

  • Templates & Guides: To streamline the process, we provided InDesign templates and illustrated guides.

Timing & Deadlines

  • Production Timelines: We stressed the importance of sending the artwork in advance to avoid last-minute hiccups, especially considering the high-volume season approaching.
  • Delivery Windows: Though exact timing was out of our control, we ensured to keep Elizabeth updated.

Designing Artwork for Printing a Magazine

Taking in the evocative allure of “Cunning Folk: The Vampire Issue”, one is instantly whisked away to an eerie realm of folklore and mystery. This publication, a fine example of design elegance, entices readers both through its content and its exceptional design choices.

The cover, with its mesmerising forest and enigmatic creatures, serves as an invitation to delve into age-old tales. The dark shades of green, interlaced with fiery hues of red and ethereal whites, create an immersive atmosphere. The colour palette, predominantly dark, manages to strike a balance between the surreal and the ominous. ?

Typography has been wielded here with the finesse of a maestro’s brush. The title “Cunning Folk” is rendered in a whimsical script, adding a touch of fantasy. It contrasts brilliantly with the more structured fonts used in the subtext, balancing readability with artistic flair.

A deep dive into the pages reveals an unwavering commitment to maintaining visual consistency. The internal layout is spacious yet captivating. The monochrome illustrations, reminiscent of folklore sketches, add depth to the articles without overwhelming the reader. The image of Professor Ronald Hutton, rendered in a subdued hue, exemplifies this muted but impactful design strategy. The article titles, set against their respective images, grab attention without detracting from the content.

The choice of a vertical orientation enhances the reader’s ease and offers a comfortable grip. The binding style, although not entirely visible, seems seamless, ensuring durability while elevating the aesthetic quotient.

Ex Why Zed's Exceptional Magazine Printing Quality

The “Letter from the Editor” is another testament to the thoughtfulness put into this publication. The moonlit backdrop, with a solitary castle silhouette, coupled with the shimmering text, evokes curiosity and invites readers to embark on this folklore journey. 

At Ex Why Zed, we’ve seen countless publications, but Cunning Folk stands out not just for its rich content but for its thoughtful design elements that elevate the reading experience. For those looking to emulate such a design, focus on cohesion. Let your colour palette, typography, and visual aesthetics intertwine seamlessly. Stay true to the theme, ensuring that every design element, from cover to layout, resonates with the publication’s essence. ?✨

The Back Cover

In conclusion, “Cunning Folk” is a masterclass in design subtlety and storytelling cohesion. It reminds us that when done right, design can be the silent storyteller, making words come alive in readers’ minds.??

The Impact: Transforming Ideas into Print

  • Fast & Accurate: Despite the tight schedule and impending maternity leave, the project was executed flawlessly.
  • Informed Choices: Our in-depth guidance helped Cunning Folk make informed decisions about digital vs. litho printing.
  • Quality Delivered: With our meticulous attention to detail, the final product was free of the quality issues experienced in the past.

Key Takeaways: Ex Why Zed is Your Go-To Solution for UK Magazine Printing

  • Expertise in Digital and Litho Printing: Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, we break down complex printing jargons.
  • Unbeatable Turnaround Time: If you’re in a crunch, we’re the ones who can make it happen.
  • Quality You Can Trust: With Ex Why Zed, what you see is what you get—no nasty surprises.

So, if you’re “looking for a new magazine printer,” look no further. At Ex Why Zed, we don’t just print; we transform your work into art.

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We hope you find this case study inspirational.

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