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How Much Do Hardcover Book Printing Services Cost In The UK?

Posted on 16 December 2021

Hardcover book printing is a common choice for a lot of people, especially if they’re going after quality and longevity. However, hardback book printing is priced differently compared to paperback printing. That’s because there are a lot of factors to consider in terms of cost.

On average, hardcover book printing in the UK can cost from £3 and up per book. The cost can most definitely go a lot higher, though, depending on a number of different factors.

Factors That Affect Hardcover Book Printing Costs

Compared to paperback books, hardcover books are more expensive to print. The material used for the cover alone can cause this, but that’s not the only thing that affects the cost of printing.

Here are some of the most important factors that affect printing costs:

  • Cover material

There are a number of choices when it comes to materials that can be used for hardback books. Boards are used as the base of the cover, and another material is wrapped over it, depending on your preference.

Some prefer using silk, for example. Others who want an edgier look may opt for leather. Depending on the materials to be used, the price will also increase or decrease.

  • Cover design

The more complicated a design is, the more expensive the total cost will also be. Evidently, having a simple group of words printed across a plain background will be the cheapest way to go. There are also over 50 possible choices in terms of the cover colour.

Some may opt to foil a few letters on the cover, which will mean additional costs. In some cases, you may want to print out a simple photo or have a colourful work of art splashed across the face of the book. The basic rule here is that the simpler the cover design, the cheaper it will probably be.

  • Number and size of pages

The more pages your book has, the higher the costs as well. Not only does the amount of paper required add up to the base cost, but it also becomes tougher to bind the thicker the book gets.

Some might think about making the pages bigger to lessen the number of pages, but that could affect the costs as well. That’s because bigger pages mean more printing on each piece of paper. So compare first, especially if you have quite a lot of coloured images on the pages.

  • Type of paper

Some hardcover book printing near me offers a number of different choices in terms of the type of paper to be used. Some paper is thicker, and some will feel smoother between your fingers. Different types of paper will have different costs.

The best way to determine what type of paper you’ll need for your project would be to request for some samples. There are great hardback book printing companies that provide these for free so that you can make informed decisions on how you want your book to be printed. The truth is, choosing to have your book or journal printed with a hardcover means that it’s a premium product. So, it should be the value that counts and not just the price. The good news is, working with a trusted printing professional can give you the best value for your money.

Printing Professionals Who Give Value For Your Money

The saddest thing that can happen is for you to find the cheapest printing options and end up with a sub-par product. Even sadder is if you shell out a lot of money and end up not getting any real value with for your investment.

That’s why it’s important to choose your hardcover book printing  partner well. Right off the bat, check how responsive they are to your enquiries. Do they answer questions in a timely manner? Do they work with you throughout the process? How well do they explain the printing process and what the pros and cons are for each option? The more informed you are, the better your choices and the final product will be.

Make sure you check on their portfolio, too. Look at the quality of their output and how satisfied past customers were with their entire experience, and not just on the final output.

Check also how flexible they are, especially if you want a few unique touches to your book. They have to understand your creative process well and not just stick to what they already know. Work with a company that also has a team of creatives working on your project.

Call us here at Ex Why Zed via 01206 766647, and let’s talk about how we could give you the best value for your money in printing your hardback book. You can also get an accurate quote for your printing project with our project builder here at https://exwhyzed.com/printed-project-builder.


How is hardcover different from paperback?

Hardcover book printing uses thick, firm cardboard and other materials that add to the book’s durability. Special covers are sometimes used to protect books and their pages from dust and frequent usage. Pages are also usually acid-free to preserve the paper and ink.

Paperbacks, meanwhile, have thin, flexible covers that are prone to wear and tear. However, they are cheaper.

Are hardcover books worth it?

Yes, they are. That’s because many readers prefer the quality and robustness of hardcover books. As they are made with high-class materials and processes, it is also easier to preserve them. Overall, hardcover books can provide a lot of value to readers who are willing to pay more money for them.

Why are books printed in hardcover first?

The primary reason why publishers opt for hard back book publishing is that hardcover books bring in more money. But apart from this, hardcover books are winners because they are highly appreciated by readers and booksellers, given that they offer better quality compared to paperback books.

Are hardcover books durable?

Yes, they are. To keep pages in place, they are sewn with a heavy thread at the spine. They are stain- and moisture-resistant because their cover is made from thick, sturdy paper board that is topped off with gloss-coated paper. These books have gone through a digital hard bind catalogue printing process that gives them their longevity and durability.

Why are printed books better than eBooks?

Many people believe that printed books are superior to eBooks for various reasons. Notably, studies have found that reading on paper is a far more rewarding experience compared to reading on a screen. Moreover, as physical books don’t emit any harmful blue light emissions, they will cause less eye strain and won’t interfere with one’s sleep.

Why are printed books still popular?

Printed books are still popular because readers enjoy the feeling of holding a physical book in hand and flipping through the pages. Moreover, printed books have numerous advantages over their digital counterparts. For instance, they help readers subconsciously absorb details better compared to reading on screen.

Difference Between Hardcover And Paperback

When it comes to durability, hardcovers are the winner. That’s because hardcovers involve the use of durable materials such as binder’s board, cloth, or leather. It may also come with jackets to shield the book from further damage. Though these books can be rather pricey, they have the power to draw in plenty of sales during release dates.

Paperbacks, however, are the winners when it comes to price. Since they only use soft paper and glue, they won’t cost as much. This makes paperbacks highly accessible for the masses as well. 

Reasons Why Hardcover Books Are Published First

Hardcover books are published first, primarily because many people still purchase them despite their high price tag. Hardbacks have an attractive quality to them that makes them appealing to display on library shelves or in bookstores.

Since book collectors are drawn to buying hardcover books at the onset of their release, publishers take advantage of this profitability. The income that publishers could get from selling hardcover books during first launches are often enough to give them a good return on their investment.

Tips Before Hiring A Printing Service

Before hiring a hardbound book printing service online, you have to consider your printing options first. The right company would offer multiple choices in sizes, colours, and materials.

The next essential step is to look at their sample works. Observe inks and layouts that have been used on previous print jobs so that you get a good feel for the quality that they produce. Another thing worth considering is the ability of the printing company to meet deadlines.

Lastly, verify if the company’s staff demonstrates professionalism and excellent customer service. All these would help you recognise which printing companies are worth hiring.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Printing Company

When hiring a printing company, onlookers must consider two main factors: reputation and experience. If a printing company has earned certifications and awards, these serve as proof of their capacities, professionalism, and dedication.

Chances are, they would give the same level of commitment to every client who has hired their services. Satisfied clients would, in turn, serve as active promoters of their business.

Companies that have been operating for years will have displayed expert skills, innovation, and efficient methods in their previous work. You can learn more about how well they perform by checking testimonials from their previous clients.

If you’re looking for exceptional services for hardback, paperback, booklet, brochure, and art book printing UK-wide at competitive prices, check out our range of offers right now at Ex Why Zed. Call one of our representatives today!

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